My alt account is banned by VAC for cheating,so if i log back in with my main to play the games that i cheat with my alt account will i receive a VAC ban on my main for playing with the same system i use for cheating with my alt account

by Xeanite. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    10

So,i was raging at teamfortress 2 so i decide to cheat on the game,and of course my alt account has been banned by VAC for CHEATING after that VAC ban i stop using any cheating softweres will i got a ban on my main account for using the same system that i use to cheat on my alt account that has been VAC banned?

I am changed,i will never cheat again



So? have anyone got an answer?


If the anti cheat system checks the IP address (some do, some dont) any account from that IP address will be banned


They don't ban based on IP like that, to problematic.

At least Steam doesn't.

  Xeanite 1

So? am i safe to play on my main account with the same system?

Jondycz 1

Wrong. What about dynamic IPs? Valve just can't ban everyone from the same ISP because they recycle IPs in the pool

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lol never cheat


i cheat 2 months ago


If the accounts are linked by anything like, Phone Number, Email, Card Details, Family Sharing, then yes it might get banned as well. Not much you can do to stop that now.

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I dont link the alt accounts with my email,phone,family sharing i got the email from Tempmail or cathook steam account generator and i only change the profile tag