My city was named, and I was kicked from a party by a person who wasn't the party leader, nor was he in the party.

by throwawayforprivacy4. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    12

Hi, I have a question. Someone joined our party. 1. He said my city, state and I live in a smaller city that goes to a big city, so to name my specific city is scary to say the least. 2. He kept kicking us out of the party despite the fact that he was not the party leader. This was most definitely being done by a kid. So, what am I supposed to do when this happens? Other than report it, is there any other recourse?


mordinxx 1

No big deal, he got your IP address because he was in your party. With that he can find out the area you live in but nothing more. Where you actually being kicked out of the party or just losing connection? The worst he could do with you IP is a DDos attack to knock you off line.

Highrevz 3

Report, block and reset your modem.

  throwawayforprivacy4 1

The problem is I'm on a shared modem with about 100 other people. It's not like they could find me exactly, but still. Yikes.

littlebignim 3

Like you say, probably just a kid thinking they are clever.

Yes it will scare uneducated people, but getting a rough location from your IP is nothing to worry about and can be done with any IP address if you know it.

They can't pinpoint you.

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Yeah I'm in a very large...I'll just say place...where lots and lots of people live. I didn't think he could do anything with my location. What bothers me is what he can possibly do with my xbox account. I've googled his username & found a few videos of him admitting to hacking COD.

littlebignim 1

Does he have your email and password?

He can't do anything to your account with only your IP address.

If you are worried at all about your account, change password and add 2FA to your account.

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No I don't guess he has that info. I already have 2fa turned on.

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this x2


Defo add 2fa

The-Vision 6

Only join parties with those you can trust .


I was in a party with people I trusted. It wasn't their fault some rando joined the party chat.

The-Vision 6

It’s on the party leader to set the party up correctly to be invite only etc


Yeah I know. Hindsight 20/20.