My ideas for a Game Of Thrones AAA video game [criticism or ideas and feedback is welcome]

by Heir2No1. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    7

So this is going to be somewhat long however I'm going to break it down into categories to ease the reading itself, this is simply an idea format for a massive Game of thrones game I've had in mind for awhile now, let me know what everyone thinks

Producer- WB Games /Developer[s] Warhorse studios/CD Projekt

Timeline/Story- first off to get this out of the way the game would feature timelines in different ERAS of the lore, for example Targaryens would be featured prior to viserion/Daenerys, however for the most part I'm going with Song if ice and fire as the main premise

World/structure- westeros in its entirety and Dorne would be featured as well as the isles, traveling via horseback, foot, and dragon riding, cities would be made in their respective forms as they appear in illustrations with RR Martin's original vision albeit creative liberties can be taken, I mean the entire map is available on google so take that for whatever it's worth

Gameplay- so theres a few systems in play here, first off you would create a character from scratch and the idea is too rewrite the history of song if ice and fire, for example you take part in every major story arc and can either choose to leave it be and play out or alter it or change it entirely, [Perhaps the Red wedding turns out differently? Maybe stennis wins the war? Etc, you choose and influence this story as it plays out much like you're an author of this entire Lore, decision making and conversations are dynamic as you pick what to say, how to react etc, similar to cyberpunks interruption system you can dynamically react abruptly or stay calm etc, take part in political debates in the kingdom, draw a sword at a banquet etc,

Combat and exploration- combat I believe should be similar to 3 games but a hybrid of the 3 without being too intricate so its confusing, a limb targeting system with weapons is in play, similar to Kingdom come deliverance or the surge, target areas with weak or armor etc, weapons vary from any medieval weapons found in the GOT lore with upgrades and minor magical elements 1 and 2 handed weapons, arbalest crossbows longbow etc, I would feature a kingdom siege system similar to that if mount and blades or shadow of war albeit more story elements interspersed, Massive battles like battle of the bastards etc, White walkers? Of course, land of always winter is featured and dragon glass weapons are required you can even craft dragon glass spears and arrows etc

Exploring is much like any open world rpg, plenty of books crannies that feature armor sets or recipes etc, I mean its an open world rpg folks not much to go in depth here

Lastly I would have a Heraldry system, my idea if a heraldry system is when you create a character the heraldry is which House you're background is, house strak, targaryen, baratheon,.Lannister, Tully it's all here, this is similar to skyrims system or even cyberpunks life path, how this ties into gameplay is very dynamic as it ties into how you're treated by other houses, conversations, political throne debates etc,

Anyhow I've bore you guys long enough, any feedback? Ideas? Howd I do thus far?



If anyone did a AAA game version of a book series I would 100% want The Dark Tower before GOT


Very cool concept, however the GOT ip is kinda dead after the last season, however is weird that WB games never tried to do a AAA GOT game.

justliest 2

So basically Elden Ring


No elden ring is gonna likely be a souls skyrim but worse

giants888 2

Could just use the AC Odyssey engine. They even do large battles.

FancyKilerWales 4

I don’t think anyone cares about Game of Thrones anymore though


I still do, many people in my social circle and online liked the ending (even if most admit it wasn’t the strongest possible)

If House of The Dragon is a Hit that may rekindle interest as well