My Love/Hate Relationship with Xbox One X

by ChrisGonc420. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    10

The Xbox One X is my strangest console I’ve ever had. For positives, it has good storage, and has supports 4K HDR, and makes games look really good, especially the Xbox One X enhanced games. But on the other hand, it has competition with the PlayStation 4 of being the loudest console. It sounds like a jet engine, especially when playing Xbox One X enhanced games, and when playing these games (for example Red Dead Redemption 2) it crashes telling me I need to make sure my Xbox has proper ventilation, although their is no dust as I clean it once a week and that it is on a wide open space. This makes the console really irritating and forced me to sometimes play with the console without 4K HDR, making my purchase of it only be made because of storage. Any thoughts on your experience with the Xbox One X?



I have the X as well and it’s still quieter than my PS4 pro. I would say the biggest problem is the console exclusives. PS4 has those 2 or 3 games that make you want it. Or at least until the started forcing all the gay and other political statement BD in their exclusives.

Will get the Series X console for Fable. That has to be one of the best series ever. But yeah for the money they are still loud. Also mine randomly freezes during gameplay every once I a while and that is annoying as sin as well

lec0rsaire 3

That’s strange. My Xbox One X has been the quietest console I’ve owned since the PS2. I can barely hear it unlike my PS4 which sounds like a jet engine with TLOU 2, Doom and pretty much any recent AAA game.

cardonator 2

Same. My One X is quiet. Even when it was overheating and getting loud, it was still way quieter than my PS4 Pro. I replaced the thermal paste and now it's even quieter than it was before.

Eluder99 2

I’d say your One X is buggered. Like others, my One X is vastly quieter than my PS4 Pro, which sounds more like a jet engine than my One X. I have a Scorpio edition One X and had both the launch PS4 Pro and the upgraded revision, which thankfully was quieter than the launch one. Both models however were louder than my One X.

The_Chosen_Come 2

I’m the same as everyone else, my Xbox one x is wayyy quieter than all my other consoles (all the main ones) and my pc. I sometimes forget the thing is on sometimes

ITCHYisVegeta 3

Mine is very quiet

bryanisinfynite 5

Sounds like a problem with your Xbox. My Ps4 pro is way louder than my One X.

bandwidthsloth 5

I think you need to provide better ventilation for your console.

nevergoingtopost1683 7

I literally never even heard mine, even when I had it sitting next to me and playing at my desk. It's damn silent.

Might wanna get it repaired?

  ChrisGonc420 1

I might just wait for series x at this rate lol. I’m gonna get it checked out regardless.