My new personal Terraforming Mars high score: 444

by swni. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    7    5

(solo, to be clear)

victory screen

Starting the game with Martian Zoo, Meat Industries, Earth Catapult, and several decent earth cards, makes for a very strong start.

I played something like 100 cards in the last generation and yet ended it with more money (515) than I started it with. Key was having all four draw-card-on-play-card abilities: Point Luna, Mars University, Olympus Conference, and Spin-Off Department.


SurprisinglyOriginal 1

Please tell me this was solo....

  swni 2

Yes, I thought I put it in the title but I forgot!

ErikTwice 1

I've played hundreds of games and I can't imagine how things must go for something like this to happen! I think my best is 140 or 150. Congrats!

  swni 2

Yes it needed a massive amount of luck! Also, I was using all expansions and promo cards, which I find boosts the highest possible score quite a lot. Without Colonies or Turmoil I can't imagine reaching 200 points.

JohnnyInScatola 2

congratulations on your score!