My Xbox gets hot in minutes.

by sudden03. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    14

If i turn my Xbox one on then it will be pretty hot in 10 mins and the longest i have dared to have it on has been 1 hour, i have removed all dust on, under and all around the console and i have even tried to cool it down! This started over 1 month ago and i haven't tried in mabye two weeks. I was told to use a vaccum on the console but i don"t know if that is a good idea. What should i do?

Edit: alright i am about to start teardown the console but i have a external harddrive attached! Can i detach the external harddrive and when am done just attach it? Will the data be lost or will the data still be there?


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If you’re using a normal Xbox it’s getting hot because of how the cooling system works, basically it just pushes hot air out of the vents on the side of your Xbox which will get really hot after a while, just make sure the vents aren’t being blocked and you should be fine


It pushes hot air out of the top of the xbox and the vents on the side are air intakes


Yes but before this started happnening it took mabye 90 mins before i even felt any heat but now it takes a few mins too be hot enough to hear the vents working!

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The vents aren't blocked.

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Then you’re fine it’s normal for it to get hot


Check if is a xbox, they can be a Playstation or
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As others have stated, ridding the inside of dust is a good place to start. Please don’t use a vacuum inside the console unless it features anti-static technology, as you could potentially damage the components inside. If you don’t have an anti-static vacuum, you can use a can of compressed air to blow out the dust and collect it with a normal vacuum as long as it’s not actually touching the components.

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Does it malfunction or anything?

Your console will get warm to the touch and you will feel a lot of heat being blown out.


As long as it's not causing your console to shut down through overheating then you probably have nothing to worry about.

Just hoover the vents regularly to keep airflow going

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Open it up and actually clean it, it's probably clogged with dust on the inside

Idk which model you have but should have a teardown guide

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u/sativaslut i just checked what model i have nd it's model 1540

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Alright im gonna go see if that works and i'll come back later to update

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Good luck! Just remember to take it slow, and if you get stuck on something you can cross reference a video guide on youtube

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Great site, great help. Best for tools and parts too