My xbox is getting very hot and loud

by James_Macdermid. Posted on May 23, 2020    1    8

I have heard that used the smaller part of the hoover/vacuum can remove dust from the inside and fix this problem. I am worried this will damage the internals e.g warp the motherboard or something. I have the original xbox one by the way. Thanks.



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anonymous_meatbag 1

I was having the same problem. I didn’t completely open it up, but I did take off the two side vents and remove clumps of dust. Now it never overheats and runs like the day I bought it. Can’t recommend it enough.

GrouchyEnd 3

Open it up. Use a compressed air can to blow the dust away. Don't put the nozzle too close though.

  James_Macdermid 2

I am not really comfortable doing that but thank you.

GrouchyEnd 2

Well then don't open it up but only do it through the air vents.

  James_Macdermid 2

I do not have compressed air and cannot get it rn. So will the hoover work? Or break it thank you

GrouchyEnd 2

It won't break it. It will work. Put it on medium setting.

  James_Macdermid 1

Ok perfect thank you