NAT Type is open for me and my friend but we can't join eachother, and it's only on certain games.

by iParaddox. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    10    6

Title. Me and my friend have tried to clear our cache on our xbox's and that did absolutely nothing. From what I've seen online, we need to do something with a uPnP or something, but I have no clue what that is. What's strange is awhile ago my friend got a new router, and we could connect fine. But then one day we randomly couldn't join eachother, and we hadn't changed anything with our internet.


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I had moderate NAT and had to make Xbox fixed IP and open ports (TCP and UDP) to sort it. Now connecting (match making) is much quicker. Just followed a YouTube video for my router.

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Do either of you have Xfinity?

Comcast has been rolling out something called Xfi Advanced Security. I’ve seen it cause problems for a few different things, like specific Xbox games, party chat, and Plex remote access. Try checking to see if it’s recently been turned on and then disable it.

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What games? Do you live together? What router?

I ask because me and my roommates have similar issues. Nighthawk routers (net gear)always gave us issues. Did everything under the sun to try to fix it. Nothing worked besides one thing: Energy Saving Mode on the console. (And eventually getting a different router).

It only affected Ubisoft games and Apex for us, but that's really all we played.

Console settings and energy saver mode. It'll take you longer to boot up but it's better than not being able to play with friends!

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Me and my friend both have a Spectrum router (same one I believe) and the games that have issues are Minecraft, Modern Warfare 2019, For Honor, R6 Siege, Remnant: From the Ashes and Destiny 2, but weirdly enough me and my friend can join eachother on D2 but there is major desync, like watching my friend walk in a straight line off a cliff, even though it didn't happen.

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Have you restarted your routers and did a hard reset on the xboxes?

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Yeah we've tried that many times.