New blade mail

by MicroKiss. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    16    15

The new Blade mail looks really good. 20% + 20 damage return to attacker.
I can already see that Spectre loves this update.


Mainulll 1

Why even buy right click items on spec, just buy 5 blademail and bkb and enemy team won't even hit u lol

Lxilind 1

Necrobook got nerfed tho...

  MicroKiss 1

yeah thats great because it nerfes lycan who is a great problem

ReemNizzle 1

It also nerfs spectre, as it was her best early farming item.

Arepusiron 1

3 blademail on spec and centaur warrior

DnDGregC 5

Meanwhile Huskar nerfed again with even less lifesteal and hp regen

opaqueperson 2

tbh I'd just rather play with or against the old huskar

  MicroKiss 2

wow strange, in my games i felt that huskar was way less effective then back a year ago

not_PJ 5

I can wholeheartedly say, on behalf of most of the community;


me89xx 3

Core on bristle now

sunalter13 1

Add the new cheap spell lifesteal item. I think bb is on pretty good state rn.

srs96 3

Wtf that seems way too much.

shotgun_shaun 6

What about strength heroes that needed the mana from the int gain tho?

Tsury 11

Cries in Ginger...

TheSlowestManAlive 7

dw her Arcana will release soon so the hero patch will probably buff her immensely.