New co op game

by JamonGrande2612. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    1    11

Me and my friend were looking for a new game that can be 2 player co op that is a survival genre where you need to make a shelter etc. Any suggestions


bastugubbar 1

The Forest. survive in a forest with some cannibals hunting you. has some good base building and some horror.

  JamonGrande2612 1

Yeah got that one too. Very good game ty

Ger_Zerky 1

Deadside :)

  JamonGrande2612 1

Cool I’ll check it out

Azure_Fang 1

No Man's Sky has slowly become respectable in that regard. I've been having a great time of it lately with a pair of friends.

dingo_deano 2


  JamonGrande2612 1

Got that one. Trying to branch out as I have 637 hours on that. Thanks for the suggestion

tugfaxd55 2

Grounded is a game that launched recently. Is a game developed by Obsidian (the guys behind Outter Worlds and the good Fallouts). Maybe you want to check about it.

  JamonGrande2612 1

Nice. Thanks for the suggestion. Will check it out

Alien-Veilan 1

if you want, you can try it out via xbox gamepass for pc. it's a subscription service for games from microsoft. very first month is $1, following months will be $5. way better deal than trying it out at $30 a pop.

  JamonGrande2612 1

Ok cool ty