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by giraffeheid. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    14    37

From earlier interviews it appears this is not Descent 3rd edition. We will likely find out more about it either July 31 @ 3pm or August 2 @ 9am (CDT)

But while we have a couple days to speculate.
It says 'Act I' in the lower right (which is daunting...).
The two designers look to be Kara Centell-Dunk and someone initials 'N........ H...'
(Krathicus already pointed out it is "Nathan Hajek")

I'm trying to read the side of the box and I think I read:
'A ... ... game of
... ... ...'

It might say:
'A co-op adventure game of
... ... ...'

The side striping looks like a city on fire in something akin to 'map art'?
White dude (he is really white not caucasian) with a sickle, Possible dragon lady with skulls on her chest, and another personage riding a white mount (definitely not a horse)

What do you guys and gals see?

Reddit post about a laid off employee

Interview with Andrew Navaro



Super lame. Done to death. Why they never use their other IPs is beyond me. L5R dungeon crawl, Keyforge, Android, twilight imperium.

Lurtemis 1

Yeah... i mean they did imperial assault, but that was a while ago, and also it was star wars, which ff seems fo love


I'm hoping this is a full implementation of an app driven Descent. Basically taking Road to Legend and making it more integrated like Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition.

I tried Road to Legend and thought it was okay, but like the Imperial Assault app, I think it didn't quite embody the entirety of the game in a co-op experience like Mansions does. I'm hoping for a less euro, more thematic, exploration oriented Gloomhaven from this thing.

actmoon 1

If it’s a new line it might be interesting to see what system they came up with

MrButtermancer 1

This is meant to be a Gloomhaven competitor.

However, Gloomhaven's success is in no small part due to the absurd amount of content it had. It got expansions which a considerable amount of the playerbase simply laughed at because after a hundred hours they were only partway through the main campaign.

FFG has hugely defined their products, especially recently, by selling games piecemeal intending to sell expansions. Arkham LCG, Arkham Horror 3e, and Star Wars: The Outer Rim have all had complaints leveled against them that the base games simply feel incomplete.

A Gloomhaven analogue from Fantasy Flight would be a similar thing. A hub, meant to be expanded outwards with expensive expansions in the vein of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. The base game would be unlikely to feel complete, probably more episodic such as Arkham LCG intending you to buy more missions every few months on essentially a subscription.

I would be very surprised if this ended up really feeling like Gloomhaven because of the way FFG's corporate policy has deeply impacted their design philosophy. It's just not going to feel like Gloomhaven's box overflowing with promise, rather a system you can buy additional promise for. Gloomhaven felt 100% complete with numerous unlockables and "pay $25 for an additional 25%." This is going to include unlockables, but feel 40% complete with "Pay $50 to get 20% of the missing 60% in 3-6 months." Monster packs with unique minis, character unlocks with unique minis, mission packs, big boxes, small boxes, total collection cost $1500 over the next 5 years at which point it will be the size of an entire closet, impossible to store, transport, sort, or explain to wives or guests. Half of which is chronically out of stock and impossible to find for latecomers.

This is going to hit uncomfortably close to home for some of you. I really really want to be wrong, but this is what my gut is saying. I will be keeping an eye on it as things develop, but if you're looking for a hype vaccination, here it is.

  giraffeheid 1

While Gloomhaven certainly had a lot of content there have been many after it that have similar overflowing content. What made Gloomhaven so enjoyable was the euro mechanics to a dungeon crawl and how each character changed the play completely.

I don't think you are wrong about FF's business model (especially since there is a big 'Act I' on the cover), but if the game's mechanics are great, I will happily pay for it. But if the mechanics don't bring anything new, then you can just throw it on the pile of games trying to chase Gloomhaven.

MrButtermancer 1

...I think there's a lot wrong with saying Gloomhaven somehow added "euro" mechanics to make it better, but I I guess if that's how you want to look at the rest of this. There have been a few projects which have tried to chase Gloomhaven, Tainted Grail coming to mind most easily... but nothing has really contested its ranking.

93-334 1

Damn that sounds belivable. I really hope you are wrong, though I wouldn't be surprised if all of that became true. I was really hyped until I read about the "Act 1" part :/

MrButtermancer 1

This is what they do. I'm here for Twilight Imperium because it's the single example from recent memory which feels complete by itself. It's their exception which proves the rule though. What I described is basically their modus operandi at this point.

DarQraven 1

I'm really curious what direction they want to take this in terms of gameplay focus. 1e had a lot of positioning, line of sight, range play: to protect weaker party members, to prevent new monsters from spawning, to focus big enemies down, etc.

2e seemed to focus more on the objectives and campaign side of things. Building your class, acquiring gear, racing for asymmetrical objectives that affected the story, etc.
At the same time, its minis combat was quite a bit weaker IMO. The line of sight rules were really unintuitive, battles seemed to devolve into "clump up the choke point" really quickly, etc.

With where this style of game has been going lately, I wonder if they want to make a return to 1e style play or double down on the overarching elements and simplify combat even further (or maybe even do a whole other type of system entirely).

Dice_and_Dragons 3

Based on Nathan being part of the design and Descent 2e gaining so much life and popularity i would guess it will je something like Journeys in Middle Earth and Mansions of Madness. This makes sense since it lets them keep selling Descent 2e and make a new game without angering people by releasing 3e

  giraffeheid 2

Based on the designers it would appear to be a mix of Mansions of Madness and Journeys in Middle Earth. But in the interview with Andrew Navaro it appears that they are trying to make a new generation dungeon crawl.

I believe the term 'dungeon crawl' is why they are keeping the Decent name, but my guess is that this will be a wholly new beast from 2e.

Dice_and_Dragons 1

Thats great I love 2e and hope they do more with the app and having a new game would make both viable!

Nulenvoid 3

I’m all for big self contained acts if it makes for an epic adventure without the need to have tiles from xx expansion, I just hope there’s no episodic legacy element.

MrButtermancer 1

Not only are there almost certainly going to be big box expansions probably released episodically like Arkham LCG, I'll be amazed if there aren't mini monster boxes and "micro DLC" champions and monster groups similar to Imperial Assault.

  giraffeheid 3

I'm also wondering why they decided to go with a cube. Seems a strange choice. Why not Kingdom Death Monster or Gloomhaven box. What does a cube offer?

sonofisadore 2

In the future all COMCs will be be with 1 boardgame per cubby in kallax shelves. Each boardgame could be an r/perfectfit entry

sonofisadore 7

Perfect kallax fit

Notfaye 6

A kallax shaped cube labeled Act 1...

Hoo boy.

4Teebee4 5

Super interested in but not much to talk about yet. Can't wait Sunday.

Lavoisier21 3

Are they confirmed to be releasing new info on Sunday?

smartazjb0y 2

There were 2 spots on their schedule for "unannounced games" but they just updated it and it doesn't look like they're going to be talking about it

  giraffeheid 2

Lame, so this will be held for later.

TurboCooler 7

Watching some massively funded crowd funding projects, my guess, they will go the path of Tainted Grail type of games -- long branching narrative. I bet they borrow a lot of mechanics from The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth. They will take the story line from the latest Genesys RPG set in the same world this way they have tie in to all their property sets.

It will be Descent only in name and setting.

Bierzgal 13

I think it will be a spiritual succesor. If I had to guess I'd say it will be indeed a 3rd edition of Descent, just with a very big overhaul. Feeling like a completely new game, simmilar to what they did with Arkham 3ed. Full coop, no GM or app. To compete with Gloom/Frosthaven. This way it would also make sense to still keep the second edition around.

sna_fu 1

Honestly, I hope they do not go full coop. There are already so many full coop adventuring-party games / dungeon crawlers. I would prefer a 1-vs-many or even assymetric-free-for-all. Ideally with interesting scenarios that are neither only race nor only combat..

Bierzgal 2

I don't mind any idea really if it's well implemented. I'd only wish for Descent 2ed. owners to not feel bummed about this one. The more different it will be the better I think. My friend owns Descent 2 and I know how happy he gets with each new expansion he buys. Personally I own Imperial Assault so I'm "safe" from feeling I got a "worse" version now that a new one comes out.

Dice_and_Dragons 2

If the version is different enough than Descent i won’t feel bummed out if they keep making app campaigns o will be able to keep playing my 2e stuff for years to come.

Waervyn 18

I hope it will be less of a race and more exploration. I'm cautiously excited.

JoshisJoshingyou 1

I want more combat, other than to clear a path, there was no reason to attack in most 2nd edition missions. While I liked the rest of the mechanics more in 2nd ed. 1st ed. had a better feel.

xiontawa 1

When using the app we just ignore the "deadly perils" that put a timer on the quests.

  giraffeheid 1

How do you ignore the 'you lose' peril?

xiontawa 1

There isn't a "you lose" peril, it just continually says "your party takes 48 <3 collectively" over and over.

  giraffeheid 1

Hmm, I seemed to remember a count down to death, but perhaps they did just do obscene damage and we didn't properly ignore it like you suggested.

sonofisadore 7

Yeah this killed descent 2e for me

SouthestNinJa 3

It’s why I wound up completing my 1st edition set over grabbing 2nd.

BlakeSteel 2

If they could take the class building and campaign features (and the option for no DM) of 2nd edition and everything else from 1st and combine them, you'd have a great game. 2nd ed. fixed the few problems that 1st had but did the opposite of everything that was great about it.