New Super Lucky's Tale will be released on August 21st, 2020!!

by st4554619. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    66    40

Playful have announced the release date of NSLT on Xbox One and PlayStation 4




Hopefully you can't fall off levels this time. 3D platforming games where you can fall off the levels all the time lose my interest quickly.




People that want to play the game. Seriously, why even make this comment?

Lupinthrope 1

Will patiently wait for it to be on gamepass lol

striker_256 2

I guess the new version isn’t a play anywhere title then either? Sounds like a downgrade then.

HIVnotAdeathSentence 2

Will probably wait for it to go on sale for $10, even better since it has DLC included.

notsurewhatiam 2

Game Pass?

  st4554619 1

Not on day one, as it's not a Microsoft published game. Maybe in a few months or a year.

longneck89 2

There’s day one games on gamepass that arena Microsoft games

  st4554619 1

Yes true, but this time the Game is being published by PQube, and will be a digital only release for Xbox One.

viper6464 5

Is this a sequel or just a ‘definitive edition’?


Neither. They’re just allowing you to buy the same game twice.


It's technically a remake since they rebuilt everything but I guess you could call it a 'definitive edition' too.

NotFromMilkyWay 11

Definitive Edition. The studio collected 23 million in funds ten months ago, then laid off 50 of their 75 employees earlier this year, now asks for people to rebuy their game for what is basically a patch. It's all pretty scammy.


You keep saying it’s basically a patch but they said that they rebuilt the entire game. It’s a remake. Not that I don’t think there should be an upgrade price for owners of the original. However, this is a Persona 5 Royale situation, not a Ori Definitive Edition situation.

TheVictor1st 7

“Definitive edition”, has QOL changes to it

kevlarockstar59 11

It just fixed bugs and improved some aspects of the games, oh and you need to buy for that update.

segagamer 30

Meh. They screwed over Xbox customers with this, so unless this comes to Gamepass like the original, I'll be skipping.


How did they screw over Xbox customers?


I'm going to assume because the first game was initially an Xbox exclusive and now it's on all platforms. Not sure how that's screwing Xbox customers over unless there's more I'm missing.

segagamer 2

They released all of those fixes etc for non-Xbox customers. Then eventually decided that they should maybe release it on the platform that gave them the spotlight in the first place, only to charge full price so that we have ti pay twice.

It was terribly handled by their team.

The7ruth 7

The new version comes with several fixes and quality of life improvements.

Instead of releasing it as an update for the fixes and improvements, Xbox players are expected to buy the entire game again.

supa14x 1

Not even a discount for people to upgrade

MNBrileyman 8

This is just an upgraded version of the original. Not a sequel. It fixed some stuff and added some more stuff

revengexgamer 7

Because it should be an upgrade for the Xbox version. Instead they are charging more for this then they did for the original.

NotFromMilkyWay 26

The new version has the camera fixes from the Switch version. But you only get those if you buy the game again.


I think camera issues was one of the reasons I never finished this. I actually bought it early on too. This is a blatant cash grab, the dev laid off a lot of people (before the pandemic even) and they are releasing this probably to keep treading water.

ArchDucky 21

What the fuck? Ok, Seriously screw these people. Paying full price for a bug fix on a camera? Fuck you.

french_panpan 1

What was wrong with the camera ? I finished that game without running into issues.

chyld989 1

They also changed the run animation to be stupid.

DoomOW 2

Yeh it's messed up, though it's odd that they remade the entire game so close to it's original release so this is sort of a remake.

klaykid123 5

It's not a "bug fix".. it's a remake. The levels are different and the character controller was remade to utilize a full 3D camera in line with something like Mario Odyssey. The presentation, story, etc are all reworked.

segagamer 4

It's a remake which they're charging again for, which they chose to make on a different system from the original just to rub salt in the wound.

I won't be buying day 1 anyway.


"They chose to make", you say as if they just willingly have the budget to make the game for Xbox. SLT was published by MS, meaning MS helped fund it.

NSLT was self published in partnership with Nintendo (no involvement with MS) which is why they went to that platform exclusively at first. Now, as a way to stretch that investment they are porting it over to PS4 and Xbox.

NotFromMilkyWay 16

Yeah. On the one hand you have the Superhot devs that just give their sequel away for free to everybody that bought the first game - and then you have Playful who want you to buy the game once more for a patch with some DLC. Not even an upgrade option, I'd give them $5 for that.

ArchDucky 1

Why give them anything? Seriously... we should not have to pay for a patch. Thats dumb.


Don’t get it then.

velvetdarkling 18

The fixes should've been patched in. They think we're idiots buying the game again.

french_panpan 1

I also wish that they kept on doing VR versions, like their original Lucky's Tale game.

I really loved it in VR.

chyld989 5

They redesigned a bunch of the levels (I think there are even new ones) and the story, and redid a bunch of animations too. Closer to a remake than a patch. It still would have been nice to give current owners a $10-15 upgrade option though; I'd absolutely do that, but I have no intention of paying full price for the game again