New World June 2020 Alpha Review

by Gold-Ad-9135. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    11

The following is my honest review of New World as an alpha tester as of 6/27/2020. These are my opinions and thoughts about the game while not revealing any content covered under Amazon's NDA.

Graphics 10/10 - The trailers do not do New World justice. The game Is Beautiful.

PvP Combat 8/10 - Very smooth and similar to dark souls.

PvE Combat 4/10 - White it's fun at first, it quickly becomes extremity repetitive due to long cooldowns and only 3 active skills.

Enemy AI 6/10 - It's challenging and engaging in solo play. Some of the best AI in an MMORPG but when you're in a group it's too easy and not well programmed.

Lore 3/10 - The lore is severely lacking and not interesting.

Storytelling 0/10 - There literally is no story telling in New World.

Lifeskilling 7/10 - The animations and gameplay loop is fun but the lack of variety is an issue.

Quests 2/10 - The quests are extremely repetitive and uninteresting. Worse than most MMORPGs.

Endgame Content 4/10 - Wars and a few PvE events are fun but become repetitive quickly. There is a lack or variety here.

General Progression 5/10 - Very fun at first but due to the lack of variety the progression is mediocre.

Player housing 7/10 - Decent amount of variety but a few issues prevent it from being perfect.

Character Customization 1/10 - This is barely even a feature of the game. It needs serious improvements.

Bugs 9/10 - The game feels polished and mostly bug free

Overall Score 5/10 - New World was very fun at first but quickly became repetitive and uninteresting due to a lack of content and features. I think the game is somewhat interesting in some ways but overall Mediocre. The lumberyard engine has proven itself to be very capable as well as AGS. There could be a bright future for New World but don't expect it to come any time soon. New World is a good example of a game being a "mile wide but only an inch deep". I am moderately disappointed and will be canceling my pre-order and plans to run a guild but I will continue to watch New World as it develops in the years to come. I would urge anyone who's uncertain about this game to cancel their pre orders and watch the beta/release gameplay, impressions, and reviews. New World is NOT the savior MMORPGs fans are awaiting.


GreatJobMike 2

While it might not be "the savior", it's still worth the preorder to have closed beta access for people to try themselves. Watching/reading isn't the same as playing for this game in my experience. I look forward to the game going live in August and seeing the progress AGS makes afterwards.

  Gold-Ad-9135 3

I disagree, hence why my friends and I just canceled our pre orders after playing the full game.

killingerr 3

I played the Alpha over a year ago and seems like it was a much better game back then. They seemed to have neutered it.

  Gold-Ad-9135 3

My review is of the current version of the game. The version that will be released soon. There won't be any large changes or content additions before the full release.

killingerr 3

I know, I was responding to the other guy.

HarkARC 5

"nEvER PrEoRDeR"

  Gold-Ad-9135 4

Yup, I canceled it. In fact, I believe most people will cancel their pre orders once they play the beta. There's a reason why Amazon has extended the NDA so far into development.

McFickleDish 3

Once I learned this games endgame is all about gettiing twitch subs. Its off my radar.

phillukin 2

When you say lack of character customization what do you mean? Is character creation lacking also?

  Gold-Ad-9135 3

In character creation there are 8 faces and about 40 hair styles. You can choose skin and hair color and gender. There are no other options. It's beyond basic. Same goes for costumes in game. Extremely bare bones.

Sorlex 2

Just what everyone wants out of an mmo. Shame.