Now that you have seen more gameplay from Cyberpunk 2077 is your anticipation the same?

by Rob_Cram. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    1354    1041

CDPR have shown a fair bit now when we put all the pieces together. There's probably about 90 minutes worth of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay to look at and 15 minutes of trailers. So before we start the discussion here are all the bits to remind yourselves:



Obviously 7 years ago when that first trailer dropped got people real excited and then too much time passed and it most likely diminished. However, I think the E3 2018 trailer really put the game into the mainstream. It was a great trailer and still is. The gameplay 48 minutes whilst informative, left a lot of questions unanswered. The deep dive 15 minutes that followed simply didn't show too much especially compared to the 50 minute demo I saw at Gamescom 2019 it was based on.

This latest gameplay showing the starting areas of three backstories looks vastly different which is great, but there are some sections of the gameplay that don't appear so good (driving especially). Some people suggest the gunplay looks like it needs tightening (not sure how difficulty settings affect gameplay).

I realized after seeing the 2019 gameplay demo first hand, I needed to temper expectations simply because they were going into overdrive. There's a lot to like about this game, but some things shown need a bit of refinement. Voice-acting could be better in some instances (that really stood out for me after viewing the Gamescom 50 minute demo last year) and people noticed the lack of people/cars in the streets when driving around (that seems to have not changed since the 48 minute gameplay reveal).

CDPR says what is shown isn't final as a caveat, but the game releasing on current gen and next gen systems puts it in an awkward middle-ground. Hopefully, next gen versions don't just get a resolution bump or fps increase but rather additional props and levels of detailing as well.

For me, I am excited for the game and it seems those who played it recently remain fairly impressed with it after four hours. But we need to see what Joe average thinks.

So I appreciate people on this sub likely haven't played the game to get a real feel for it, but I am wondering now that more media is available for this title are you as excited as before or has that excitement diminished somewhat?


eidorianc 29

Anyone find the art style cliche and uninspired?

Myxamatosis92 10

It just looks like GTA V with lots more neon lights to me.

Justify_87 10

It looks like the cyberpunk dream of a 14 yo

turtlespace 41

It just doesn't make use of it's setting in a very interesting way - there's so much potential there but it still ends up looking pretty much like a regular city with some extra neon and some cool cars.

I haven't seen anything that really goes all in and makes a bold visual statement, like the gigantic pyramids and plumes of fire in blade runner, the bold use of color in 2049, the massive holograms in ghost in the shell, etc.

They kind of reference some of these elements in a usually understated way, but it feels like aren't really going for it 100%, and it just doesn't look that interesting overall as a result.

buddyretard 10

A lot more excited. As a huge fan of Bethesda's games, this seems to fix the technical shortcomings of those games and then utilizes this for storytelling really well.

In Bethesda games, the story is generally told by NPCs standing directly still and talking to you, often with a complete lack of expression. Motion in these scenes is rare, sometimes someone would hold a gun up or walk to a lever or something but generally this wasn't the case. Cyberpunk's gameplay shows so much more motion and interaction with the environment by both the NPCs and the player, to a ridiculous degree.

A run-in with the police in Skyrim or Fallout is both parties standing completely still at a dialogue menu - in Cyberpunk, the gameplay has the police holding you and your partner to the ground and later beating you with batons. A tense stand-off in Cyberpunk has guns held directly to your face and vice-versa (rather than just standing 6 feet apart with the default gun position) and an actual sense of tension exists in these scenes that's a lot more useful from a storytelling perspective. I remember one stand-off from the gameplay was full of tense moments, like a character refusing to sit down and getting threatened which reinforced their personality really smartly as well. These scenes are animated as well as movies, and are probably the real reason first person was chosen - the immersion here is going to be ridiculous.

I know the Bethesda stuff can be attributed to their age, which is fine. I still love those games, but the excellent stories kept getting crippled by the lack of unique animations and world interaction on the scale of Cyberpunk. We know the game is going to have the tools to tell a story really well - hopefully the writing meets the same standard. The only thing that's worried me is the Redditor-esque marketing focused around Elon Musk and plastic figurines and the like, which doesn't bode well with the anti-corporate themes of the genre. I hope that's just PR stuff and Mike Pondsmith keeps the real game's themes closer to something like Deus Ex.

aestus 3

I think it's going to be like the Witcher 3 in that it'll be rather unrefined in many aspects of but the scope of the game will be huge with so much to do and explore and that's what is going to win people over.

returnsfourohfour 3

I hope the brain dancing sections are using sparingly. The section they showed off just looks boring as shit to do. Other than that though, game is looking really good. Still the only game on my radar for this year.

cS47f496tmQHavSR 3

The world looks great, the sneaky gameplay looks great, the verticality looks great. The gunplay looks very light-weight and the gunplay while driving reminds me very much of the newer Far Cry games. I am very sad they didn't leave in 3rd person at least while being in cover like Deus Ex has, but it doesn't look like it ruined the game too much.

So far, very happy to spend $30 on it when it drops to that price.

Sabbathius 3

Cautiously optimistic. I expect it to be in line with Witcher 3 - good writing and storytelling, but weak everything else.

I mean, in Witcher 3, the loot and itemization were crazy stupid bad (remember having Hanzo make you a sword only to immediately sell it?). Character controls were awful, took them months after release to add an alternative control scheme that still felt like driving an 18-wheeler. Combat is pretty primitive when compared to many other games, and mechanics of boss battles (such as they were) were also simplistic. The UI was a mess, with a lot of dead space on PC because of consoles, and applying oils was a pain in the ass, but required for some builds.

So that's more or less what I'm expecting in Cyberpunk also. But it'll still likely easily be game of the year for me, based on what came out so far and what is planned.

factsprovider2 3

Doesnt look like anything close to what was originally teased in 2013. Gameplay doesn't look that good either. Hope to be proven wrong tho

PyraThana 3

Absolutely. Wasn't anticipating anything because the universe doesn't speak to me. Still doesn't. Time will tell.

Gungnir111 3

The melee combat looks pretty mediocre buuuut if the story and characters are interesting enough I'd be very forgiving of that.

Gatseul 20

I want to play it eventually, but I'm not THAT excited for it. The character creator seems really bare-bones, the voice-acting is a bit iffy, the gamplay looks fun, but seems like it lacks polish and isn't that tight. I don't really dig V as the protagonist either. The city doesn't seem populated as I hoped, looks a bit empty in some footage, and I think it's missing that urban sprawl feel. Also, I believe the lead quest designer, Pawl Sasko, confirmed like yesterday that there wont be any vehicle customization after all, so that's pretty disappointing:

I think it will be a good game, but I've tempered my expectations to the point where I feel as if it will be just pretty good, but not fantastic.

I don't think I'll get it at release, mostly because my PC probably can't run it and though I have a PS4 I have a feeling the experience on current gen base consoles will be so gimped it just wont be that enjoyable for me

Dtodaizzle 14

Agreed. I was wowed by the initial preview seeing the city come alive. Maybe it is the art direction, but it feels a lot like Saints Row now.

torrentialsnow 17

> there wont be any vehicle customization after all, so that's pretty disappointing:

That's majorly disappointing. They removed a third person option so you cant even see your character customization and now the one thing we can see in thrid person is also scrapped of customization?

Gatseul 14

Yeah, it sorta feels like every time there's more news about this game it's disappointing and about something they've cut from the game.

obeseninjao7 8

I don't have super high hopes for the gameplay itself, as many others in here I think it will be serviceable.

My personal biggest concern is the world. CDPR is great at writing stories through quests and world design, but one of my biggest problems with Witcher 3 was that the world felt so dead because nothing in the game happened organically. By the time I finished the prologue I could basically recite that song the kid sings in White Orchard perfectly. People saying the same things, the exact same people doing the same things every time no matter what you do. Every location in the Witcher 3 felt alive the first time you go there. But go back to a location and most places were stuck where they were last time.

So when I see the gameplay of CP2077 showing that guy boxing with a robot, I wonder is that a thing NPCs can sometimes organically do sometimes? Or is that guy going to be boxing with that robot, saying the exact same thing, day in, day out, for the rest of time?

My biggest concern is that Night City isn't going to feel like a city, it's going to feel like a tourist attraction or a theme park ride.

Games like Watch Dogs 2 got it right. NPCs have a rudimentary personality system which dictates their basic responses to stimuli, and then there is also a rudimentary emotions system that can influence different personality types in different ways, so things can evolve and happen organically as different NPCs meet or interact with the world around them. That open world feels more truly alive than most.

wolfpack_charlie 105

I'm confused as to why everyone is obsessing over the fluidity and juiciness of the combat, when we all know that's not really what we're here for. Yes, the combat should be good. It should reflect your character's progression and specialization, but I see so many in this sub focusing on the combat exclusively, like this is DOOM or something. Most everyone can agree that the Witcher's combat was ... serviceable. Reasonably fun and rewarding with some nice finishing moves and just enough variety and strategy to stay engaging (but only just). No one really raves about it. We rave about the Bloody Baron Quest, Novigrad, Skellige, random side quests that have more thought and care put into them than most other games' main storyline. THAT'S what I'm looking for in cyberpunk.

The shooting looks fine. I'm itching to see more of the characters we'll get to know and how we, as players, get to make decisions and interact with the characters. I'm desperate to get more of a sense of what night city feels like and how the story will be told through the environment.

Yes, I would like for the combat to feel good. Is it a top priority? Not at all.

canstaff 56

This is an awful take. For a first person game, it should be a high priority. The whole point is immersion.

Orfez 9

Their every video shows lots of gun play and melee fights. Obviously it's a big part of the game, just like sword fighting in The Witcher.

TwoBlackDots 56

I highly doubt that improving the combat would move the priority of the story or world. Unless the same people are somehow doing both for some reason, it’s fine to criticize that one part and have the rest be just as good. Besides, is it really our job to prioritize for developers, instead of trying to get a game that doesn’t compromise on one major aspect?

WindiWindi 11

I feel like action combat will always conflict with rpg systems. Looking at assassin's creed where you can't assassinate unless you have enough of the assassinate stat...(I think they patched this?) I would rather have designed encounters that give me tons of options but that's super hard to design for.

T_Gracchus 20

I thing the game play is so focused on because it feels like it's the biggest unknown with CDPR. They've never made an FPS before so people don't know quite what to expect, whereas with the writing of quests that's something that more directly translates from their previous work.

xChris777 7

Spot on.

Also the gameplay of TW3 was okay but not great, so they are rightfully more concerned about it than the story, which they know CDPR already nailed before.

animalbancho 48

“Why do people care if a major aspect of the game is good? It doesn’t matter”

Wtf even is this comment

happyfestivusgeorgie 17

Looks pretty good. Nothing special in the gameplay but as a whole it might be a fun game.

I am hoping the writing is good. Its a hard thing to market (or even want to market) but thats the thing i have high hopes for.

I dont think it is worth the amounts of hype it has though. People are going over the top again...

TreChomes 5

Driving and combat look pretty meh and dialogue options seem sparse. Also the menu ui is pretty bad, especially the inventory. Still getting it though.

Iintendtooffend 5

So, I'm very late to this initial post, and I guess I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm also hoping this is a game that is the start of a great universe, not a trilogy, but just a fantastic setting.

Honestly if this game is a solid 8/10 I'm in for the next installment because I'm sure they've been going hard to make it become realized.

My only hope is that they didn't kill anyone literally or metaphorically to make this happen. I'd rather the game be slightly less perfect than people put the game before their health.

stenebralux 4

I'm the same as when we saw that big gameplay trailer, really hyped, but very suspicious.

Basically, I really doubt how well this game will run on a PS4 pro and I'm not buying a 5 until at least next year's holidays. The graphics on that trailer already looked like bullshit.

I'm waiting the reviews and first impressions to see how bad the downgrade will be and if the game even works properly.

HonestNorth 9

I’ve been a bit worried since the Keanu cameo. I can’t help but compare it to similarly hyped Death Stranding that also had celebrity appearances and turned out being a huge disappointment for many people.

After the recent showings, I went from “can’t wait” to “wait and see.” Gameplay itself seems a bit sterile and story alone can’t carry me through a game if I don’t enjoy playing it in the first place.

Overall I’m still looking forward to it, but my excitement and expectations have been brought back to reality. It won’t be a day one purchase, but if the general player sentiment seems positive after release I’ll likely dive in.

animalbancho 30

Honestly, it looks kind of bad.

The world and visuals look... cool? They’re all well-done but they’re all stereotypical Cyberpunk stuff. I can’t remember a single character design, environment, anything, and I’ve watched all the newest promos of it. The characters seem completely boilerplate. Can not stand the protagonist, he comes off like satire of a video game protagonist.

The combat, especially the melee combat, looks flat-out Elder Scrolls Oblivion level terrible.

Jahsay 16

Tbh the world and visuals don't even look that cool imo. Doesn't even look that futuristic.

KCBassCadet 15

There is nothing in those gameplay videos that makes me think that cd projekt has learned any lessons whatsoever from Witcher 3. More stiff, stilted, and generic gameplay. If that's your bag, cool. Not for me.

skocznymroczny 32

I'm still confused about the hype. I haven't been hyped from the beginning and I am not hyped now. It looks like a solid game, but doesn't look like a masterpiece or anything. It reminds me very much of Watch Dogs, which also had amazing graphics and trailers, and then couldn't match its hype.

DocSwiss 10

I think most of the hype is "It's made by the people that made Witcher 3"

noxav 14

I'm very excited about the game being dense with details and interactivity. I prefer dialogue over repetitive shooting.

The only thing that worries me is the driving. I don't want this game to feel like GTA where you have to drive everywhere from mission to mission.

ChromakeyDreamcoat 47

Yup! I'm excited to play a more RPG-like version of GTA with a far more interesting theme. I read a few posts saying people were hoping it to be more like Deus Ex (in terms of gameplay). While that's the dream, Deus Ex is Deux ex because of very carefully crafted/detailed environments. It's really no feasible for a company to fill a GTA-sized environment with that much detail.

Radulno 23

> I read a few posts saying people were hoping it to be more like Deus Ex (in terms of gameplay).

I mean there are dialogue choices with consequences, gameplay variation (you can go hacking, stealth, guns,...), RPG systems (there are stats behind most things) and everything. It's far more similar to Deus Ex in an open-world than GTA with a cyberpunk theme IMO. Is a game GTA just because it has cars and an open world?

ChromakeyDreamcoat 10

It's a mix of both games but the thing I kept reading people were pumped about was "every building enter-able, talking to every NPC, etc". It's not an immersive sim.

officetime1 44

>Deus Ex

Honestly, I'll be happy if its just close. So few games are in the same genre and fewer more reach it.

I actually really enjoyed DE:Human revolution but found DE:mankind divided lacking.

ChromakeyDreamcoat 18

Agreed completely. MD was super disappointing to me thanks to everything being centered around a single location. HR was insanely great though.

Braquiador 24

Really? I found Mankind Divided’s Prague to be the most fascinating in-game world I’ve ever played.

It’s full to the brim with details, you can access almost every house/establishment and there’s always something interesting inside them, be it a small puzzle, some kind of prize or the start of a side quest.

Also, it looked, and still looks, fantastic. Definitely the best looking game city at the time of release.

garliccrisps 16

>Really? I found Mankind Divided’s Prague to be the most fascinating in-game world I’ve ever played

Same, easily the best map & level design of anything I played this generation of consoles.

pidgerii 5

No. I don't buy into the hype of any game until I've had a chance to play it myself.

I feel like all the praise we've been seeing is coming from the same people that were hyping it when was just that teaser trailer. It comes off as people having already hitched their horse to this wagon because it's CDPR. So until I actually try it for myself I'm not interested in what 'influencers' are saying about it.

EDMorrisonPropoganda 10

If I'm able to stealth my way through the majority of the game (and the game doesn't fall into the you have to brute shoot your way through boss fights), I'll be happy with it.

I never finished the Witcher 3 because I'm not really interested in the medieval fantasy genre... but anything sci-fi/futuristic is totally my jam.

The original 48 minute trailer definitely seemed muddy in places, but I really think CDPR took the critical feedback from that gameplay to polish their game better. The gameplay now looks better and I hope it plays well.

I just hope I get the same level of enjoyment out of it as a lot of people did with The Witcher 3.

Bujakaa92 9

I think they said at some point, you could play and finish this game without killing.

MrMarbles77 22

I'm getting less interested the more I learn about it. I really like SciFi and I've enjoyed cyberpunk games like the Shadowrun RPGs and Deus Ex series, but I think CDPR's ambition is to be much more mainstream. One of the founders of the company said that Blizzard is the kind of company they idolize.

The dialog and characterization are really unappealing to me, though I will admit there's been other games where I haven't liked the characters in the first few hours, then changed my opinion when more depth was revealed over time. The writing and voice acting feels aggressively dumb and without much nuance. Seems like it will have skill trees, levels, loot, and all the usual RPG stuff, nothing very revolutionary.

My rankings of the Witcher series are 1>3>2 so I don't automatically assume this next game is going to be the greatest game ever.

I also still doubt the game is even coming out this year, though I'm probably going to wait until a complete edition with all the dlc is released.

dishonoredbr 101

My expections are low.

Most of the gameplay seems okay at best , janky at worst.
The city and clubs are pretty empty and there's barely any cars at least in these gameplays.

V voice actor is trying way too hard and i barely anything RPG until now. Seems more like a Shooter with RPG elements than a RPG. It seems there's no dialogue options that uses your build stats until now.

The games looks freaking great when comes to visuals and teu cyberpunk aesthetic. Also the weapons looks really cool.

I not gonna pick day one and i'll wait until all dlcs are out to play.

PontiffPope 63

More cautious optimistic, if I may say. Most previewers seems a bit tad disappointed with the combat aspect, which is a shame considering the combat of Witcher 3 was decent and serviceable but compared to the other RPG of that year, Bloodborne, but made it clear that combat gameplay was not really CDPR's alley.

CDPR seems quite invested in the game's universe with lots of outer-game media (comics, anime, e.t.c.) involved. Overall, I think it will be a good RPG, albeit the world itself will be up to task to see if it will use it's cyberpunk aesthetics to make the world interesting, or if it will it just appear to look pretty but otherwise have a bland universe. I say this because my favorite cyberpunk settings are those that deal with very high end concepts such as transhumanism (Deus Ex: Human Revolution), environmentalism (Shadowrun: Dragonfall) or integrating real life cultural traditions and beliefs interpreted in a cyberpunk futuristic setting (Shadowrun: Hong Kong).

Cyberpunk: 2077 have so far not teased much in those elements, as it seems like a regularly mystery regards of a dead man switch (Something that, coincidentally, was the main plot in Shadowrun: Returns, which is also the weakest game in the franchise.) with a Keanu Reeves-look alike just asking you to burn a city down. There isn't much so far that grabs me like how the Deus Ex: Human Revolution-trailers had Adam Jensen's monologues and renaissance imagery used to pinpoint the setting as the golden period before the first Deus Ex's more "cynical" setting. In other words, 2077's setting seems like it has alot of interesting ideas and concept (Trauma Team being essentially your private military integrated health insurance is rad as heck) but nothing so far that seems to bind it all together.

EDIT: Some clarifications made in regards to CDPR's combat in Witcher 3.

dishonoredbr 29

One of my favorites parts of Shadowrun Hong kong , it's the mystical aespect after magic returns to order legends and myths becomes reality and becomes way important.

I love the misson where you need to mess up feng shui and after fight to kill elementals or the one you to restore one of your companions lost memories. It's such constrat. The ultimate mystical and ultimate techono quest.

PontiffPope 25

I think the real life unfamiliarity with Hong Kong's societal culture and traditions helped. My issue with alot of cyberpunk settings being set in the U.S. is that when too many fictional works have been made set in the same nation (Seattle, New York, San Francisco are somehow really popular.), they kinda blend together into one banal setting. Shadowrun: Dragonfall had Berlin and was fascinating from a Euro-centric setting for the same reason that Hong Kong was for an East Asian-setting.

Like, U.S. is a big nation, and the only sci-fi game that I can remember that was set in, say, Alaska, was in Fallout 3's DLC Operation: Achorage (and even then it was just a simulated environment.). Where's cyberpunk Hawaii? Or cyberpunk New Orleans?

Anxious-Dare 3

I think this is an important point, when you're using a real world setting you can (and probably should) draw from what it offers, the locations, its history and its inhabitants can be a rich character. If you're going to roll your own for whatever reason, you need to build up a lot yourself, but it lets you make something that doesn't exist.

dishonoredbr 8

> .
> Like, U.S. is a big nation, and the only sci-fi game that I can remember that was set in, say, Alaska, was in Fallout 3's DLC Operation: Achorage (and even then it was just a simulated environment.). Where's cyberpunk Hawaii? Or cyberpunk New Orleans?

I would love to see Cyberpunk south america because while it's cool to see all those first world countries , but i would like to see less developed cities. What's happening in São paulo/Rio de janeiro or Buenos Aires now that world is full of orcs , elves and dwarfs

LegoGuy23 7

It would be an awesome setting.
In the Shadowrun Universe, Aztlan (think neo, mesoamerican civilizations) is a major world power, and the lore pulls heavily on indigenous beliefs and culture, for Aztlan's culture.
It would be awesome to see in a game.

giddycocks 8

Going through Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Prague is probably my favourite hub in a while. It's familiar enough it reminds me of actual Prague, and it's dystopian but not necessarily threatening. It feels like some people really tried to make a welcoming city, it feels lived in but at the same time it's oppressive.

JoeyT500 30

Voice acting is pretty mediocre and the streets look completely empty. The city doesn’t look lives in.

[deleted] 127


Helphaer 3

Outer was done by a studio no longer equipped to do AAA games and Fallout 76 was a cash in.

I think the opposite. When we saw Mass Effect 1 an rpg with shooting elements and then had Mass Effect 2 a shooter with rpg elements and then had ME3 a shooter with some dialog hub areas, we really see a degradation of rpg components and story focus the more we get away from 5he rog component. But when the shooting is not the main component we do better.

There is melee but this seems more like one hit kills and hacking and hopefully a lot of non confrontational killing.

bapplebo 12

> I mean how much build variety can you have if youre just shooting people

From what I can remember, Eye: Divine Cybermancy had some pretty wild and varied stuff, but otherwise I agree with you.

SynthFei 124

>I mean how much build variety can you have if youre just shooting people

I suppose that comes down as to what you look for in RPGs.

Stuff like build variety or generally 'meta aspects' of RPG are the least interesting part for me. Flexibility of approach from story/quest point of view, interesting characters and immersive world is what im looking for.

[deleted] 31


favorscore 55

Same here. When I play RPGs combat is usually lower on my totem pole of what I look for.

Soyuz_Wolf 31

Ditto. But you know people are going to turn on the game for the “average” combat. They’re already doing it based on one trailer lol.

2077’s greatest downfall is going to be its hype. People expect more than it’s promised already.

I just want a good story and immersive world :( combat that doesn’t suck is just a bonus.

E: I mean look at Skyrim. That games combat sucked even when it launched. And yet if you ask many people they’d call it one of the best RPGs of the decade. Probably because combat is really secondary to the genre in many cases.

ceratophaga 13

Skyrim was on of the best RPGs of the decade because it was a decade lacking of good RPGs.

Or, to be more accurat: A decade where RPG was more and more defined by being as cinematic as possible without a care for RPG gameplay, with the genre label slapped on everything without it being even remotely fitting. How many first person RPGs where there in the decade, Skyrim, Dishonored and Kingdom Come?

GiganticMac 14

Yea it’s not the most important thing, but it still needs to be interesting enough so that it doesn’t make you question what the point is of even having it there at all. If the combat is so uninspired and repetitive that it starts to feel like I’m just performing a chore in order to get to the actual interesting rpg parts of the game, then it makes me lose interest very quickly

CutterJohn 16

Its still something you're going to be spending probably 50% of the game time doing, so it needs to be pretty solid.

mad_hatter88 13

I'm a little worried about the writing. Looking at the designs of all the characters, and what we've seen of the interactions, almost everyone in this world is some sort of "punk" asshole, taken literally, doesn't feel like there's nuance to people, there's no "normal" people in this world, and the breathing space for reflection and the pacing of something like Blade Runner/Ghost in The Shell seems lacking, in favor of something a lot more bombastic and too afraid to lose your attention. I hope I'm wrong, and its still my most anticipated game, but the recent previews have me worried in that regard, specifically, tonally.

VermilionAce 37

What they presented of the open world looks like a boring pointless GTA open world. I expected Deus Ex but bigger, which seems silly now.

Also the dialogue is obnoxious and I haven't been sold on an interesting main narrative.

There seemed to be actual level design in the encounters which is cool, and I'm sure it'll do good stuff with roleplaying. Overall I'm sure I'd enjoy it but I'm kinda underwhelmed. They probably have more interesting stuff to show though, hopefully.

Anxious-Dare 59

I need a good story hook, something for me to feel like I want a stake in it.

Witcher 3 had the premise of tying up the Wild Hunt which had only really been a background element in the previous 2 games and a mysterious threat hanging over you, finding Ciri and Yenn who had also been referenced before, and a capstone to all the other ongoing threads in the trilogy.

For most people including myself CP2077 has to start from scratch, so far there's weird phantom cyber Keanu and the some immortality chip thing you steal in the prologue. So far what I've got out of the trailers is that it'll be a general edgelord cyberpunk tour, but I've been on that tour before with other games.

inthearticleuidiot 29

I think all the edgelord stuff comes from them showing the early game where you're a wannabe gangster who ends up getting smoked. The only hint of more is that Keanu stinger where he says they're gonna "Burn the city to the ground" or something to that effect.

Seems likely we'll get shitty vapid GTA characterization in the opening, but I'm still hoping that line of Keanu's from the trailer is pointing toward the story actually diving into the Punk part of Cyberpunk (actually taking the fight to the system) after you die and get resurrected or whatever.

The game's official account doing dumb shit like funning around with Elon Musk on twitter does not give me much confidence though. Hopefully, the thoughtful writers of the Witcher combined with Mike Pondsmith's influence will produce a game with something to say over what I'm sure will be a lengthy playtime. It would be hugely disappointing if they end up just using the Cyberpunk universe as a flavorful backdrop for a story we've seen a million times before in open world games.

NixAvernal 10

Disclaimer: I am someone who doesn’t like Witcher 3 - storytelling or gameplay, so things that CDPR did back then don’t really count towards my current view.

Personally I’m cautious. My view on Cyberpunk 2077, as in the game that I want to see is based on the 2018 48-minute walkthrough, which shows more of the city and the connecting ways between missions. However as of late, they’re only really showing isolated snippets of missions and prologues.

As a friend of mine stated, it’s odd that they’re showing so little of the game this late, no recorded walkthroughs by the media or such. I know that there might be bug fixing and polish going on, but at least can we see more of what you have?

On the VA side... geez it’s edgy. I know it’s technically part of the genre but right now it just feels like they’re trying a bit too hard.

And the gameplay side of the thing doesn’t really show that much improvement, still probably going to be bullet sponge enemies and awkward melee.

hollowcrown51 3

> As a friend of mine stated, it’s odd that they’re showing so little of the game this late, no recorded walkthroughs by the media or such. I know that there might be bug fixing and polish going on, but at least can we see more of what you have?

To be devils advocate here isn't it good that they're not "spoiling" parts of the game or keeping it to the beginning? I don't remember a lot of gameplay being shown for The Last of Us 2 which is a similarly high profile release. Breath of the Wild also only showed gameplay from the Great Plateau (the tutorial area) and The Witcher 3 only did a few vertical slice gameplay demos.

allubros 152

That trailer made it look a lot more boring TBH. I really wanted a Ghost in the Shell/Blade Runner-esque experience, not sci-fi GTA

SoulCruizer 23

Countless people who have played the game said don’t expect anything like GTA. It’s nothing like it. Seems to be much closer to witcher/Skyrim/fallout

Kaael 51

Bear in mind the trailer is only the prologue. I'm hoping for transhumanist, existential and all sorts of sci-fi themes too but presumably they're wrapped up in story content.

Plus trailers aren't designed with die hards in mind, they're designed for the average consumer.

reyntime 8

Yeah I hope the delve deep into the philosophical implications of themes like transhumanism, bioethics, artificial intelligence, etc. But that's more about the writing. And I haven't seen much in the way of amazing writing from what we've seen so far. But then we haven't seen much of the game I'm sure.

Thetallguy13 76

The voices sound a bit iffy to me, it seems like every character says a line and waits for another character to say a line and it goes on and on. Sounds unnatural and boring, I just hope the writing is good and we get some interesting personalities.

Danald-Tramp 23

Unpopular opinion but even in The Witcher 3, I felt the dialogue writing and its delivery didn't get up the level of Naughty Dog or Rockstar games.

noah2461 103

Not to be deliberately contrarian but I've never felt quite the same level of excitement for this game as others have. I love The Witcher and think CDPR is a great developer when it comes to games that rely on strong world building and deep, narrative storytelling...but to echo what others are saying, the gameplay has me a bit concerned. I'm generally not much into the FPS genre, but that's just my personal tastes. And typically I overlook it if the game is interesting enough. I'm still going to buy it and play it but I don't think I'll be preordering.

Nomorealcohol2017 24

I'm on the same level

The game looks alright and I will buy it eventually but I'm not excited for its release or anything

I hope it lives up to the hype for those that cant wait though

RedFaceGeneral 394

Actually I'm more excited for it. I know quite a few people thought the braindance thing to be boring but I always enjoyed this kind of detective work.

CrystalGaiden 7

While I can see it getting old, I really like the way they dressed it up. And I will definitely enjoy it at least the first few times if just to roleplay Rick Deckard while doing it.

JRockPSU 41

I just kind of roll my eyes at braindance being sold to us as some kind of revolutionary never before seen type of gameplay when detective mode has been used a bunch of times over the years. Hopefully I’m wrong and it actually is a cool unique twist on that mechanic.

nocimus 10

The comments made during the tutorial do make it seem like it has way more depth than we saw in that very brief clip. They talk about augmentations impacting it, for example. But also literally every triple A game has hyped their mechanics.

Danald-Tramp 5

The comments made the whole thing way too hand-holdy and monotonous, imo. I hope that they don't have those in every braindance sequence or I think I'm going to dread them lol

Jonny398 3

To me it just looked like a tutorial, which was a very wierd choice for a showcase

asdaaaaaaaa 85

I mean, as long as it's actual detective work and not just brain dead "Focus on the orange spot/item/person", a la Witcher 3. I enjoyed the idea of Witcher sense and stuff, but I never felt particularly challenged with it. Half the time I didn't even "need" it to find stuff of interest either way, due to a lot of the design.

Hopefully they don't go too hard on the lowest common denominator and make it brain dead gameplay for accessibility sake. Seeing a hard trend where it seems like developers feel like it's not okay for a player to get confused, have to figure things out, or get stuck for a bit. It just results in fancy eye-candy or gameplay elements that end up being incredibly shallow with a low skill ceiling. Hopefully it'll take a bit of work and thinking, but not holding my breath.

the-nub 69

Witcher sense/Detective vision/survival instinct/etc. is a crutch in world design. It removes the need to actually think and investigate, and it removes the need to design visually distinct items and objects to interact with. It was one thing when Arkham Asylum used it to follow scent trails or whatever, but increasingly it became a shortcut to highlight a thing that was just sitting around.

ooo_shiny 4

Do you think it would be a good idea for games to offer essentially 3 levels of investigative help? Full help being like current but highlighting a lot more including things you don't need and making it so you need to decide what is important. Second level not highlighting but giving indication things are interactive only when specifically looking at it. Third being have to actively select to look at something and internal thought popping up on if it is completely irrelevant or requires the player determining relevance.

stunts002 26

It also made it kind of hard to not use Detective Version in Arkham asylum. I found I was afraid to have it off in case I missed something.

  Rob_Cram 102

Braindance actually reminded me of an advanced version of what you see in Bloober Team's >_Observer fused with Batman's detective modes.

RedFaceGeneral 26

Never played Observer before(is it good?) but yeah whenever the game switches to detective work like in Batman or Detroit Become Human, I just get more interested.

Soyuz_Wolf 9

It’s a good story and atmosphere game. The actual gameplay is lackluster. I really wish it had stuck wholeheartedly to the walking simulator and not tried to throw in arbitrary “gameplay” segments. Because they’re not good. (Imo obviously). By that I mean segments that don’t really contribute much to the story and only serve to have you actually do some random gameplay objective like run from the monster in an unrelated segment or red-light-green-light ‘puzzles’.

It’s still very much worth playing if you like atmospheric games or the dark gritty dystopian sci-fi genere.

Skylight90 6

I just recently played it, it's a fantastic game if you're a fan of cyberpunk and detective work. However, I found the mind hacking sequences a bit too long and tedious, I wish they were more puzzle-oriented rather than horror/walking simulator style but that's just personal preference.

TempHumble 32

Game has an amazing atmosphere. Theres a constant sense of surreal dread, that really immerses you. However the gameplay is in the pointy clicky / walking sim / text choice puzzle area which most gamers won’t like - though it sounds like you might! Its basically a cyberpunk horror detective game.

Pulp_NonFiction44 366

I like most of what I see, but the dialogue is so jarring or, for lack of a better word, cringy. Every few lines something makes me roll my eyes - all the characters come off as trying too hard and edgy. Stuff like "news as big as my balls" and "are you ready to get your cherry popped"...

ChernobylChild 5

I noticed this too, but I think it's just the trailer effect and won't be as pronounced when playing the game itself.

Groundbreaking-Ad630 18

Witcher 3 was the same way and everyone just kind of gave it a pass.


returnsfourohfour 4

>Stuff like "news as big as my balls" and "are you ready to get your cherry popped"...

This is the same style with which the board game is written. It's meant to be cheesey/pulpy/over the top. Like crappy action movies from the 70's and 80's. There's a clown gang that calls themselves the Bozos, Barbies with chainsaw arms, etc. CP2020 and thus 2077 is not the somber depressing world of Deus Ex, Bladerunner, or Ghost in the Shell, it's basically a world made up of "rule of cool".

Kriss0612 56

Just FYI, 80s style Cyberpunk is quite cheesy in its nature. Just try reading Neuromancer

Danald-Tramp 26

I'm not saying tone it down with the swearing or the over the top "news as big as my balls", but if the characters talk like that all the time, even to people they are close with, then they have lost me.

It's about depth. V and Jackie are so close that they can drop the tough guy act when it's just them talking. This is demonstrated beautifully in that classic Pulp Fiction burger scene which demonstrates depth in Jules and Vincent - they are criminals and they can put on a tough guy persona when needed, but when it's just them they talk just like normal people, about normal things. I get that the world of NC is bad and bad things can happen to you if you show weakness, but around each other V and Jackie can let their guard down and be themselves.

Otherwise the characters do feel like they belong to the world of Cyberpunk, but also kinda one-dimensional?

cyvaris 15

Nueromancer is not cheesy, long stretches of the book are very self-reflective, with the finale basically being an extended therapy session.

Snowcrash on the other hand is pure, undiluted cheese.

varroth 41

This youtuber that played it early says it's not like that all the time:

PunishedChoa 30

That's good because that was one of my potential concerns with the writing. It's a lot easier to be cynical and edgy and if you want that kind of thing, that's cool, but I don't want the whole game to be like that.

Though to be fair, those kinds of lines probably play better in marketing.

MaleficMarengo 179

Plus they fucking swear so fucking much. I mean shit man, it’s a lot of fucking swearing. Those sons of bitches swear way too goddamn much. It’s not fucking normal. Rule fucking one of swearing in your goddamn writing is don’t jam swears all over the shitting place in without a good shitting reason. It’s really fucking jarring.

apocolyptictodd 4

“If I can’t smoke and swear, I’m fucked.”

  • Ricky Cyberpunk 2077
Writing_Throwawayman 42

I had to make a project’s script fro R to PG-13, so I only got to use the word Fuck once. It completely changed my view of swears. If you just say fuck all the time then it has no weight by the time it matters. This game seems like swears will mean nothing in five minutes. Could be a fucking good thing that they fucking pull off fucking well, or be sub-par. I trust CDPR to do the first half.

israeljeff 18

I remember one of my favorite bands put out a retrospective before splitting, and one of the liner notes said swearing is like salt. A little bit adds flavor, a lot ruins the whole meal.

Oddly, my favorite potato chips said the same thing about salt and potato chips on the back of the bag for a very long time.

MaleficMarengo 55

The show Bojack Horseman used a rule where they could only say “fuck” once per season. As a result, they saved it for the hardest hitting moments, and it became a brutal tool to increase the impact of the scenes it was in.

Hell, Grand Theft Auto of all things is actually a great example of cursing used well. You can learn a lot about any character’s background and personality just by what swears they use and when. Franklin’s foul mouth is very different from Michael’s, which is very different from Trevor’s.

dragonbringerx 67

I mean fuck...right?

MaleficMarengo 30

Fuck yeah it’s fucking right

itsdrcats 11

The whole conversation that just happened here reminds me of this

DoktorSoviet 102

I agree, the writing (at least what they've shown off in the promos) comes off as bizarrely juvenile.

pm_me_some_kitties2 65

The whole writing style comes off as 15 year olds trying to seem like they're adult and mature.

PaulFThumpkins 212

I really can't stand the main character and a lot of the NPCs. They seem more like how every video game character was at the tail end of the PS3/XB360 era, rather than anything that fits into cyberpunk as a genre. Too much power fantasy and too much shallow quip-iness among other things. It really impacts the atmosphere and makes me feel like I won't be able to identify with the story. I could be wrong. Customizability could help.

jsosnicki 63

I feel like a lot of the dialogue is reactionary toward the cyberpunk setting which would be the normal for the characters. It’s like the characters know the player thinks it’s cool. I’d rather have the setting speak for itself and the characters act like they actually take the world for granted in a sense. I feel like Ghost in the Shell had that balance if I’m trying to think of an example.

mad_hatter88 45

Or Deus Ex for instance. Characters feel very grounded in that world, augments exist, but not every single person is augmented and "hip and cool", there's still a grounded realism and space for noir punk atmosphere in those games, something I haven't seen in any of their previews.

perkelson 6

> and space for noir punk atmosphere

Cyberpunk 2077 theme is not noir. Cyberpunk is one of franchizes where PUNK has as much to say as CYBER unlike most of franchizes where Punk is replaced with Noir like in Bladerunner.

SoloSassafrass 44

I think some of that is a tonal disconnect in what some people are expecting from 'cyberpunk' as a setting. Stuff like Blade Runner and Deus Ex establish very sombre, dystopian worlds. Cyberpunk's world has always been... well, the rulebook goes to lengths to state that "style over substance" is the rule of the world. If a player does something awesome you're encouraged to let it slide as a DM simply because it's awesome. Very much leans into being Cyberpunk.

Detsuahxe 143

I gotta admit, I'm getting really tired of quip-centric writing. It's been a problem in all kinds of media and I'm always looking for stuff without it. I don't need characters constantly trying to show off how funny and relatable they are. That should arise organically from the way they act and think. Not one-liners.

GeneticsGuy 3

Yes... I still can't believe The Last Jedi went the route of quips Marvel style and your mamma jokes right off the bat. It felt so out of character for Star Wars. Sarcasm is ok, but joke quips can really be overdone.

It's wo overdone now by so many franchises and they pass it off as smart writing...

F7Uup 26

They killed Cayde-6's character with this in D2 and then had to literally kill him off to make people care again.

pm_me_some_kitties2 123

I blame the MCU for this honestly.

hooahest 13

Saw a small snippet from the newest Mission Impossible. So many fucking quips, completely ruining any tension the scene should've had

Smashing71 15

Joss Whedon makes it work because he understands timing.

Then it gets imitated to hell and back.

TheMagistre 577

I'm still hyped, but the actual gameplay itself still looks a little iffy to me.

The role playing, story, and cutscenes itself seem fine, but the driving seems off (the city itself seems weirdly empty when you're driving too, but that could be for any number of reasons), the melee combat seems a bit janky too (the quality of dismemberment is kind of humorous), and the gunplay looks like it has the feedback down (the trailers don't show it well, but the actual gameplay footage put out showed more of it), but the reactions of enemies being shot looks...weird? Maybe enemies receiving bullet damage is too stat-based? It looks serviceable, but still just looks off to me.

I'm sure the game will still be great, but how stats affect my interaction with the world in combat may end up being a negative for me.

smileyfrown 8

I didn't check out the video till this thread, but I just checked out the gameplay section and wow there was a lot of pop in in some sections.

Like maybe it's just a demo build but for a game only 6 months out, seems to be chugging. And I think this is a 2080 card with DLSS 2, so the game definitely needs to be on next gen.

And yea some 2ndry enemies animations seem not so great. I hope they're not just rushing the game out because costs were skyrocketing, and this is just from a older demo build.

02Alien 13

Supposedly, the streets are emptier when you're driving in order to make the driving experience less of a pain in the ass. So you don't have to worry too much about collisions/traffic.

Vinny_Cerrato 11

My concerns as well. The combat system in TW3 was serviceable at best, and kind of bad in comparison to other melee/magic third person games like Dark Souls.

I’ll have to try the gunplay myself in order to form an opinion, but it doesn’t look bad from what they have showed. The one melee combat instance I saw looked bad though. That has me a but worried.

Cupcakes_n_Hacksaws 14

The consensus seems to be the same for reviewers regarding the driving, of how it feels not that great. Your main car sounds like it handles fine, so I'm left wondering why you'd want to use anything else voluntarily

acetylcholine_123 183

This pretty much sums up many own thoughts. I think people expected Cyberpunk to fully reinvent the wheel and be some crazy RPG that we've never seen before, when in reality it's shaping up to be a pretty normal, but very good first person RPG as we already know them.

I think density of the world in things is always oversold, it's impossible without a ridiculous amount of time more so than money to make a world so truly detailed that every interaction feels unique.

Gameplay wise is probably the most lacking part but the other facets look to make up for it. I was surprised to see it as sort of basic as it seemed but then I remembered the combat/movement in Witcher 3 was pretty crap all things considered. Gunplay looks adequate which is most important part imo. Braindance I was surprised they put so much emphasis on given how much people love to hate on generic open world game features like detective mode.

I think it's been good in tempering expectations, now we know more about it being just a pretty standard first person RPG. I don't have a problem with that if I expect it to be that.

fizzlefist 24

So long as the writing and quest storylines are as good as in Witcher 3, I can forgive quite a bit. That's what really left me hanging with Outer Worlds.

ThreeStep 14

Man, Outer Worlds was...strange. The environments are beautiful, but NPCs seemed generally interchangeable. Corporations didn't differ all that much, companions didn't differ all that much... I guess the fact that they all came from the same colony ship doesn't help, but still.

SoloSassafrass 10

I made the mistake of starting up Disco Elysium shortly before Outer Worlds came out. Dropped Outer Worlds on Monarch and just went back to Elysium. Never came back.

itskaiquereis 4

At least you made it further than me. I left once I realized that the power plant or water plant quest didn’t really mean anything to the world; everything remained the same after it.

Seenbo 16

I was incredibly hyped for Metal Gear Solid V a few years ago and also was involved with various fan communities and it was crazy how out of control hype can get in such environments.

In such circles people just like dreaming up these insane better-than-reality concepts of a game where you don't have to worry about how such things actually would be possible because of course, it's the next big thing, somehow it will have figured out how to be that great.

I don't mean to talk too badly about it because for me personally it was fun to get involved and talk to people but yeah, if they do that they should at least subconsciously get ok with the idea that they will most definitely not get what they want.

SoloSassafrass 3

I think MGSV was the game that taught me how to be hyped without going crazy. I absolutely got swept up in the insanity of that game and had it come crashing down when I realised the story was... not what I had hoped. I've been hyped for releases since then, and Cyberpunk is one of them, but I've never run away with the idea it'd shatter my world and ruin other games for me or anything.

This looks like it'll be great. The world looks dense and really interesting, there's a lot of dialogue and player choice even if it's in small ways with the conversation trees, customisable protag is cool, and if the writing is on the level of the Witcher 3 I'll be a very happy fan. I'm hoping it'll be my GOTY, but I'm not calling that it will be already.

chasethemorn 33

Shooting seems on par with mass effect. Which isn't the best but is adequate

crypticfreak 52

shooting looks to have gotten a downgrade and some journalists have echoed that. Wonder if there's a reason for it and if it'll be fixed before release.


Can you link me those? Most of the impressions I've read and heard mentioned the gunplay being good enough. They did complain about the driving and melee though.

gixer912 28

I heard that the gunplay is built in to your character's skills so if you have a low skill with pistols then it will feel like it

Confuddleduk 6

Oooo. I haven't heard this. Now that is interesting.

_kingofcomputer 13

And came out a decade+ ago, so hopefully they'd have learned some lessons from that

SamStrake 118

> I think people expected Cyberpunk to fully reinvent the wheel and be some crazy RPG that we've never seen before

Because that's what every journalist was saying after the first E3 demo.

acetylcholine_123 58

That's just the nature of the news cycle.

Those responses were coming after the 48 minutes E3 2018 closed doors demo for journalists which we got to see in August that year and it looked pretty much as you'd expect. Nothing in that August 2018 demo gave me the impression it was doing something insanely unique. This latest demo was just further cemented that.

randy_mcronald 3

Games that reinvent the wheel often come out of nowhere. Return of the Obra Dinn is probably the best recent example I can think of for the detective genre. I'm personally mega hyped after the recent gameplay drop. Its shaping up to be a large scale rpg with immersive sim elements, not something you ever really see to be honest. Interesting combinations of ideas, tons of options afforded to the player, rich attention to detail in world building. Those are things that really get my hype juices going. Even if there's a fair amount of jank (which so far in not seeing in the footage shown), so long as it pulls off these things (and is of course fun to play) then it'll live up to my hype as far as I'm concerned.

WindiWindi 15

I always thought at best it would be a better fallout game with a cyberpunk skin and good story content like witcher 3. I think there are limitations to what can be done with the control schemes we have that need to also release on consoles. As for the crowd density it is better than a lot of games that can't afford to put resources to it (look at how empty disintegration looks). I've learned to temper my expectations very well so I never expect this to blow me away. The next thing will probably be VR games like half life alyx bridging the gap with depth and content of rpgs like witcher 3 and possibly cyberpunk2077. My anticipation has gone moderately up cause I'm getting to see more actual game play and it has basically met my expectations. I don't think it's fair to just say it's just a pretty standard first person rpg. The amount of detail in the world is crazy compared to alot of other rpgs. I think braindance would be far more interesting in VR as a very in-depth detective mode. I feel like it looks very boring because of what was shown off as very hand holding but it looks like an actual puzzle instead of the standard okay... look here look here tada~ stuff we usually get.

Honestly the bar for interesting gameplay is very low. games like cyberpunk we have now. fallout 4 prey and deus ex. I think the most exciting thing I see about cyberpunk is just the density and the options even if they really aren't very in-depth routes in the larger scheme of things.

From what we were shown it's a little too dense and a little too fast. I hope we get more time to breath and get to know the characters.

brimmafe 43

I hope those damage numbers can be toggled. Really brings out the janky feel of combat imo. A specific jank - a little too smooth/fluid, akin to shadow warrior 2.

Gefarate 25

They can be in most games so, probably.

I turned off almost the entire HUD in AC Odyssey, makes it more immersive. If you play on PC you can sometimes get more options with mods too.

Hellknightx 118

Yeah, I'm surprised at how empty the streets look in some shots. I wonder if that was done just for the demo, for performance gains.

dontcallbymethat 141

That demo footage was at 4k 30 fps no raytracing on a pc with a 2080ti and high-end cpu. It's very concerning if they had to compromise with zero npcs and 30 fps on that machine. The game comes out in 5 months after two delays.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't run on current consoles. There were rumors that the Xbone version was performing so badly it couldn't be used for marketing, which was a problem considering they have a marketing deal with Xbox. They likely delayed it to launch with next gen, so it can be marketed and considered a next-gen game. The PS4/Xbox version running poorly or being heavily dumbed down doesn't look as bad if it's branded as a next-gen title.

katamuro 5

I doubt they would have taken out all npc's just for one demo. 2080ti IS the high end gpu. Unless you meant cpu.

InTheAir15 19

According to PCGamesN optimization work is still being done on the base consoles. No definitive details were given by CDPR, which leads me to believe that not even the developers know what the game will look like on current machines.

loconessmonster 14

Honestly I'm not even considering playing this on a Xbox One. Maybe the X1X but considering I don't own one of those that I will either upgrade my graphics card or get a Series X.

CP2077 and Squadron VR are the reasons why I'm considering upgrading from a rx580 and xbox one.

Hellknightx 46

5 months is still enough time for optimization, assuming the rest of the game is finished.

FTWJewishJesus 68

It might be, or it might not be. Honestly what I'm expecting is a nice chuckle at people pissed when they preordered and took a week off work in November if it runs terribly.

Advice is the same as always. Don't preorder, wait for reviews, etc. People only have themselves to blame if they get burned here.

iamboedefeld 27

People will never learn, only complain

dontcallbymethat 33

It'll be well optimized for PC and next-gen consoles. The weak CPUs in the PS4 and Xbone, which the Pro and X also use, are probably a big issue.

Another issue is that the aesthetic seems reliant on a lot of post-processing and lighting that will get gimped for base consoles, which impact the presentation and stylized cyberpunk look of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if the review copies are for PC and next gen.

VermilionAce 25

Yeah I doubt marketing will show the current gen version or even give current gen versions to reviewers. I'd be pretty skeptical about playing it on current gen hardware.

TheHeroicOnion 40

One preview mentioned that there's more cars on the road when you're on foot and less while driving, because they don't want players to have to get stuck in traffic.

TheMagistre 13

I figured it was something like this. That makes total sense

TheRoyalStig 331

The game looks exactly like what I expected and have been excited for. So yes I would say if anything my excitement is a little higher after seeing some more of the combat(looks like the RPG stuff is very heavy in the combat and i love that) and seeing the world a bit closer with some of the side content options is giving lots to look forward to.

I was looking forward to a modern open world Deus Ex type game and it looks like I'm getting that and a little more.

Watertor 77

Those are my own thoughts as well. I'm really quite perplexed as to what people expected so as to be disappointed. It's CDPR, they're superb at worlds and stories, they're most definitely not superb at gameplay. And the gameplay looks fun to me, so I'm as hyped if not more the closer we get to launch.

Anxious-Dare 69

> It's CDPR

I know what you're trying to say, but gaming history has tons of "I'll buy anything they make" or "sure thing" studios that went on to be anything but. Trust can and should only go so far.

intothe_dangerzone 3

Blizzard awkwardly avoids eye contact

Drakengard 37

When they breach that trust, that's when you re-evaluate. Nothing so far has made me see any need to do so.

Seantommy 37

I'm not sure you do know what they're trying to say, because their whole point was that they don't trust CDPR with gameplay, so they weren't expecting much from that aspect of the game and don't understand why people would be disappointed in the thing that has always been weakest in CDPR's work. Your comment doesn't really have anything to do with the comment you replied to.

JW_BM 1231

Basically, yeah. The world looks fascinating. I'm sure I'll get lost in its many little stories, tech trees, and relationships. The gameplay looks fine to me, and I bet I'll enjoy a bunch of it, but my hype is really about the atmosphere, narratives, and people in it.

telesterion 4

I just hope the game is optimized and doesnt run like jank, the LOD pop in was insane. I also hope the branching narrative is compelling as well.

PolygonMan 22

Yeah, have people here not played the Witcher? Or other large RPGs? The game will never feel as mechanically good as a non-rpg action game. It simply isnt possible, because there are competing concerns where the RPG side must win.

My anticipation is exactly the same.

CollinsCouldveDucked 12

I think the setting does a lot to set it apart, I think genuine cyberpunk is something that hasn't really been explored that much in regards to triple A releases.

It has been touched on over decades and there's been a few titles in the indie scene but generally it hasn't been used and over exposed the way generic cyber future, fantasy or post apocalyptic settings have.

I also feel there's a growing appetite for this kind of stuff with the success of stuff like watch dogs which I see as a cyberpunk lite.

giddycocks 120

If it's a more action driven (aka doesn't make me feel bad I went guns blazing instead of stealth) neon Deus Ex, that's already a win in my book.

Gotta say, the tone feels strange though. I'm not usually one to notice this sort of stuff but I've been going through Deus Ex lately and it just feels more grounded and mature than what we saw from CP so far. Again, this is just conjecture.

danstu 7

Definitely is. The TTRPG is mostly about playing street-level thugs. For most campaigns, you're trying to make enough money to survive, not save the entire world. It's also a setting obsessed with the appearance of power. The first rule in the book is literally "Style over substance"

Helphaer 30

Deus Ex feels more like theres hope of change. Cyberpunk is already far gone. Nothing will ever change.

CrazyMoonlander 5

Hopes of change? The story is basically "the world is fucked" and you pretty much only run into homeless people gathered around burning oil drums hooked up on drugs.

Helphaer 4

I was more referring to HR and Mankind Divided though MK kind of reverses itself from Cyberpunk to straight dystopian in process.

xp3000 10

Maybe in Human Revolution. In the original it basically feels like the world has completely degenerated.

VannaTLC 31

While true, that's also a defining characteristic of the genre.

Helphaer 9

Yeah deus ex only really blended cyberpunk in it more at rhe end it was a near sci fi dystopian in the original. Cyberpunk 2077 is entirely set in the artistic style of the genre at least. I imagine thematically as well.

underpaidgamedev 43

Cyberpunk is definitely a more humorous/silly universe than Deus Ex. It wears that on its sleeve.

There's literally a clown gang called the Bozos.

SheltemDragon 62

If you look at it deep though, its a more insidious dystopia. Corporations run everything, down to the local government and beyond. The reasons for there being a clown gang called the Bozos is the the corpiforcation has touched *everything*. The Bozos are a crime *brand*, easily recognizable while allowing its members to remain anonymous. They buy shares in its power with the currency of being the brand and giving the public its expected version of crime. And if you don't have a brand, your a nobody.

In Cyberpunk there is nothing innocent and fun anymore. Everything is branded, exploited, recycled, twisted and monetized. Even your memories and dreams are for sale to you second hand. There is no hope of changing it, nearly everyone has bought in or been sold into the system since before birth. If your one of the few who doesn't want to play ball, you scramble at the edge society, pushed even farther out of play then the bums living on the street.

underpaidgamedev 31

Oh yeah, absolutely. There's some really humorous/"janky" stuff but it's really more of a facade.

Deus Ex is more serious but it's dystopia is much "lighter" than the place Cyberpunk is at. Jensen actively wants to try and fix the situation, and depending on your choices he can be relatively successful at improving it.

Cyberpunk essentially has no hope of improving, not any time soon anyways. Society has degraded too far thanks to capitalist megacorps.

kumarakrooked 18

>Cyberpunk essentially has no hope of improving, not any time soon anyways. Society has degraded too far thanks to capitalist megacorps.

Ah just like real life then

Homawk323 70

I'd say Deus Ex is more grounded in the sense that it paints a more realistic depiction of our future, whereas Cyberpunk is extremely stylized. As for mature, I guess we'll have to see what themes they tackle and how they do it.

professor_molester 4

bingo, cyberpunk 2077 is almost a future fantasy game.

TRS2917 29

>As for mature, I guess we'll have to see what themes they tackle and how they do it.

Bingo, you can have something that seems over the top and heightened but have real thematic depth.

BastillianFig 6

My biggest concern is the game won't deliver on that

But tbh When the pr team is interacting with musk on twitter and all the gamers are like OMG WHOLESOME 100 makes me wonder if the general audience even would appreciate it

Final-Solid 4

That’s prolly just the PR team and has no effect on the actual writing. And yea like you said, all this marketing, memes and being all buddy-buddy with Elon is probably just to grab the attention of the initial wave of fans. I definitely think there’ll be a lot of thematic depth in CP2077 just based off of what they’ve done with Witchers 2 and 3.

sleepydogg 125

Off topic but I think we need to come up with a better nickname for Cyberpunk than 'cp'

Edit: I vote for 'CPunk,' but there's also something about 'I just got out of a coma and Cyberpunk2077 is still delayed.' It just rolls off the tongue.

Lame_Games 15


C-P, C-P 2077, Cypu, Cypunk, Witcher With Guns, Keanu Game, Genitalia Sim, I just got out of a coma and Cyberpunk 2077 is still delayed, CPunk, or we could just spell out Cyberpunk.

PricklyPossum21 21

Imagine getting into a coma in 2013, waking up 7 years later and Cyberpunk still isn't out.

Edit: or Star Citizen.

ahundredheys 55

I think you would have bigger problems if you woke up from a coma in 2020.

Cedocore 6

Oh my god imagine waking up to all of this... What a nightmare that'd be. I'd ask to be put back under.

enotonom 28

Cheese pizza 2077

ToeFondler 13


Takazura 4

If CDPR doesn't discount it at exactly that price point in the future, I'll be disappointed!

brotatoe1030 91

I vote for 2077 as the nickname. Let the fbi keep the cp part

tommytwochains 6


5M4CK3N 250

Cannot agree more. The bar they sat for The Witcher universe has me speculating on the possibilities for an even deeper experience this time around.

basketball_curry 23

Exactly. The combat in witcher 3 didnt do anything for me, but I still loved the game. As long as the gunplay and driving are tolerable, I'm sure itll be a fa tactic game.