OG vs FTM game 2

by Letzkus. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    66    11

so if you arent watching this game, dude go watch it NOW! this shit is crazy


vysevysevyse 2

Bruh the final fights were amazing, but anyone remembers the 5-man tornado near the rosh pit? chef’s kiss

lyancor29 2

Mercedes-Svenz was hilarious and scary to see, but obviously ended up way too far from his team's reach and help lmao

It was a really bonkers game, stalled mainly by the lack of Rage-Piercing control from OG, that Lifestealer was out of control!

seanfidence 2

anyone have a link to the channel / vod? what league was this for?

  Letzkus 8

OGA Dota Pit Season 2 Europe-CIS lower bracket R3, vods on youtube "OG vs FTM"

seanfidence 2


BeerBatAIDS 16

Best funnellers in DOTA.

They really make their carries go hard.

And it helps that Topson is just an incredible invoker player.

I gotta get my stack to try this shit. Regardless of how it goes it looks like so much fun!

Twin_Fang 2

Try Slardar instead of Sven. The MS should be insanity.

miksimina 17

Love Midone on pos1, but he needs way more training.

FTM played like beasts this game, it was really tense to watch.


You can expect a Chinese Malaysian to push himself very hard with the training. It's in our upbringing

pukseli 25

The most OG game in a while.

Midpolyth 11