ok i will stop chatting so people cant report me

by gruia. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    14

valve does nothing about false reports .. then i guess ill have to just not chat )
its a bit sad, cause i like telling people what reports are for .. so they maybe can learn .. this way i win, they lose their reports .. but continue abusing them



ya lets be toxic

DogebertDeck 1

i steadily lose behaviour score spamming TI lines LAAAKAAAADDD MAAATATAAAAA....

nelsonbestcateu 3

The world is probably better off with you not chatting.

nohai2 1

Idk in my case I have <3 reports and 21 commends but bs keeps sinking. From 10k to 9.8k in 2 contracts ... feelsweirdman

AdorableLaurie 6

judging from your reddit comment history you sounds like a massive toxic tool and those reports are probably waranted. So by all means, yes please stop chatting

pancake_fetish 9

Judging the way you speak, I dare say you are toxic more than supportive chat.

EG_shartqueefy 12

maybe you should stop chatting since you get reported so much, obviously you have a problem that makes people report you

Ruuhkatukka 2

Have you every played dota? Sounds like you haven't. People report someone every time they lose.

EG_shartqueefy 3

weird how i and most people i know never seem to get muted though even after the longest losing streaks, hmm

IcyBlueberry8 3

Weird, dota 2 is considered the most toxic game, several studies shows Dota 2 has most toxic online gaming community, even casters, pro players, youtubers, and so on, what kind of bubble are u living?

i already made some reddit post about this, its well know that peruvians, pinoys and russians, are the top 3 most toxic communities not all of them are like that but its 90% of the time.

Dota 2 matchmaking works using geolocalization, its not the same your playing on us-east server in Argentina per example u will get south american players on 90% of the time meanwhile if u queue on same server us-east but ur on canada u will get 90% of the time US-Canadian Players.

If you are playing without toxicity good for you it means your player community is polite and use reports the way it should be, but on the other face of this, reports are wasted cause for any reason, i was gonna reply him, it doesnt matter if u mute chat, if people are tilted and u have low behavior score people will find any excuse to report u, i have on the past even been reported cause i put on my nickname (I mute all) of course i didnt mute just in case i dont want to communicate with any of them, and guess what they said... i rmember perfectly: "This is a teambased game, communication is a must since this *insert insult here* mutes all he deserve a report" then he asked all 4 of my teammates to report me even on enemy team if they can report me for com abuse, of course they cant since i didnt say a word. But thats 1 example of toxicity of this game, even report system is broken and i made a post about this yesterday


this is the post: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/hzjl28/from_85k_behavior_score_to_47k_under_10_days/


*update just in case you want proof about toxicity on dota 2: https://win.gg/news/1825/study-shows-dota-2-has-most-toxic-online-gaming-community

EG_shartqueefy 1

are u telling me all players get randomly muted all the time? do you get randomly muted all the time? i havent been muted in years and no one i know gets muted, this guy is a bullshitter if hes just getting 'randomly' reported and muted all the time, clearly hes some toxic shithead who got whats coming to him

IcyBlueberry8 1

on my case since the new report system i think it was a year ago i havent been muted before that system yes i got 24 hours mute, but as i said report system has flaws, i prefeer to be muted instead of being into low prio, but since players acts and think different around the world i cannot say if he is lying or not, yes for me its weird that people use com abuse report over normal reports, i remember in the past that enemy players reported me cause i won my game, maybe just maybe he is getting abuse reports for players that doesnt like to lose, dont know he doesnt show proof of anything.

Also he isnt saying he is getting mute, he thinks he is getting reported for using chat, we are assuming that those reports are com abuse reports only