OLED Black Level?

by HockeyKev90. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    2

I've seen a lot of people say to put it on low or auto but for whatever reason it makes my screen to dark and crushes blacks on low and auto on my xbox, even when doing the calibration where it shows the eyelids without the black level in high the eyelid is completely black and can't been seen at all even with the brightness up. I have my color space set to standard also which I thought would be correct with black level on low.


ShmokinLoud 1

I have my CX’s black level on auto for any hdr/Dolby vision content. And for non hdr games it’s on low paired with Xbox’s standard color setting. Turn the eye motion setting off on the tv.

Having no issues with crushed blacks

lec0rsaire 3

If you have an LG OLED the correct settings are Black Level Low on the LG and Color Space Standard on the Xbox One.

This is the correct black level match. You can also use PC RGB with Black Level High but if you use a receiver then this will create a mismatch with the other devices on that HDMI input.

Also forget about the eye. The idea when setting contrast is to set it as high as possible while still making out the individual bars towards the whitest end of the spectrum.

For brightness what I recommend is playing a 2.35/2.39:1 movie with letterbox bars from Netflix or even a movie trailer on YouTube. Turn up the brightness and then slowly bring it down until the value where the bars turn as black as they’re going to go.

If you play in a bright room the best brightness value may be/will be higher than if you’re doing this in a dark room.

I hope I’ve been clear enough. When your basic TV settings are dialed in well you really won’t have to mess too much with the in game contrast/brightness settings. Of course it depends on the game but for the most part the default settings will be fine.