Opinion: The new Point Shop extend the distance between the Rich and the Poor.

by Throwaway2312094yb. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    6

Back then, people who paid a lot to buy games and people who don't pay looked the same. Same profile, same border, same background. The only difference was probably the rich showing off their CSGO inventory in Showcase and the game counter badge. Then the Summer sale 2019 gave the rich a massive XP pool, which then create an XP gap between the rich and the poor. But people who craft badges also have high level too. So this summer Valve made sure the rich are super uber highlighted. Golden profile, border, animated background, animated stickers and chat effects, all to show off how much money you spent on Steam. Some people like me only spend 5-10$ a year to keep the account afloat and buy some indie games, trade on market so we cant afford cosmetics like people who spend 1000$ a year. This just makes rich people feel good, and the poors feel bad. Valve is not respecting people who spend less. I'd rather see a Steam where everyone looks the same, everyone has animated profiles, everyone is equal, so there is no bullying about levels or limited accounts, private profiles.


BigWillyHaver48 3

if you have money to spend, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to spend it to make your account look better

umbopet 4

rich people get better stuff. life sucks, is this really news to you?

Jondycz 4

I don't care. If people want their profiles flashy and distracting, go for it. I'll stick with my vanilla looking profile

EightBitRanger 5

Welcome to real life. Nothing is fair.

Kozonak 6

> bullying about levels

What the fuck

IcyyWizard 8

Steam is a business. They aren't obligated to give you anything beyond what you pay for. And in general, things like levels, backgrounds, etc. shouldn't matter to you anyway, as it's all just cosmetic.