Ori and the will of the wisps.

by TheMajesticSausage. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    6

This is just a formal opinion on my experience with this game.

I’m not an Xbox fan but I know good games when I play them. This truly is a remarkable game. I have enjoyed every moment through it so far.

Combat is fun and challenging. Exploring the open map as you play through uncovering new exploration tools to assist you.

And the story is pretty compelling for a platformer.

I know this post is late to the party but if you’re on the fence about playing it I highly recommend you give it a try.


bomb447 1

I loved the original. Waiting on the SX to play the sequel, for that 120fps goodness.

LeDLightz 1

A fantastic game, though it had a rough launch with plenty of bugs. Still powered through and beat it. Should be much better now.

anakin1138 2

"I’m not an Xbox fan"

You say that like being a fan of something is a bad thing. It's not.


No no, not at all. It’s just not my preferred console. They both have their good and bad games. Ori just happens to be one that I enjoy on the Xbox. 🙂

bleachspot 3

The original game was amazing too. They're both visually stunning with simple mechanics yet challenging game play. I haven't finished Will of the Wisps but I can already see it has plenty of replay value.

bandwidthsloth 3

The first game made me tear up a little at the start. These games are fantastic.