Part of the fun of Grounded is exploring the world and running into easter eggs, but I can't scroll through this sub without people posting them all first.

by onexbigxhebrew. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    7

Any thoughts? Could we mandate spoiler tags or something? I would have loved to be surprised by some of these.


[deleted] 2



You don't have to click. The title and thumbnail shows it. "Battletoad in Grounded" plus spoiler image. Etc.

I literally want to have to click on it to find out what it is. That's exactly what I'm saying. I'd be happy not to click.

blastinglastonbury 2

Just stay off the sub, bub.

I_Love_Boar_Snouts 1

I kinda both agree and disagree on your point there, on the one hand avoiding them by staying off the sub would work but wouldn't it be great if people that wanted to post that sort of thing would use the appropriate place?
Like a gaming Easter egg sub?
Not like they exist at all.............

ji-high 3

Well people won't do that so staying off the sub is the safest bet.

Obamasamerica420 3

Meaningless internet points are far more important than your sense of discovery

jlhromeo 5

When new games drop that I don't want to be spoiled by, I stay off places like reddit.

Same thing gonna happen when cyberpunk drops, I'm gonna have to go dark.

ThisKidErrt 1

Oh god yeah when Halo Infinite and Cyberpunk drop I'm definitely going MIA for a good couple months lol