Payday: Crime War Maybe Re-released this year.

by SammySam7273. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0

Payday: Crime War was released in August 2019 in the US as a limited beta version (Also expanded to 10 other countries around that time) but soon it was pulled back, and the servers of the game went offline on 16 Dec 2019 due to issues between developers and publisher.

However, there is still hope for Payday fans. The game can still be launched if they find a publisher as soon as possible. Various sources have already said that developers have already struck deal with new publishers and are currently working on the game. Some sources are in the notion that the game might release by December 2020. Hope the wait pays off. [Source]

About The Game:

Payday: Crime War is similar to the popular PC game version of the same name. It is an online PvP game, where you can choose a team/be part of a team and act accordingly. You can either represent the gang of bank robbers or gang of the police officials. It is a first-person shooter game where there are four members per team waiting to complete their respective tasks.