Pendulum review embargo lifted - initial reviews are out

by Shaymuswrites. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    33    38

The review embargo for Pendulum is lifted as of July 29. There's a collection of reviews on the official Pendulum website now, including Rahdo's final thoughts.

For the record, I haven't looked at a single one. I have no clue if they are positive or negative. But I figured there would be some interest either way.



I don't mean to sound crass, but the name of this game always reminds me of dicks.

Especially if they do a simpler variant, will it be named My Little Pendulum?

Callidor 27

The word pendulum reminds you of dicks?


Yes; a pendulum is a hanging weight that swings freely from wherever it is tethered from, and so dicks are probably the most common type of pendulum to exist.

[deleted] 1


Joepancreas 1

Help me understand how the question posted is homophobic. Honestly, I don't understand.

Themris 9

Do a lot of things remind you of dicks?


🤷‍♂️ mostly just when something is described as being pendulous would it come to mind, and as that originates from the term pendulum it makes for unexpected word association for me

Siliceously_Sintery 7

I hear pendulous breasts much more.

Maybe we are Freudian slipping.

No-Egg-2586 3

Oh, you've slipped. Off the deep end.

forthemame 37

You're just obsessed with dicks

reniseus 1

Can’t wait to preorder this! Worried a bit about sticky timers


I'd be more worried about Vassel's issue where the 3 minute timer runs 20s long.

fweafwe 10

Yeah the sticky timers are a little troublesome. Especially with how many reviewers have ran into the issue. However, Stonemaier has a strong history of replacing components if there are issues. Jamey did comment on a BGG that sometimes sand timers can clump and need some usage to break those down into the individual grains and that if that doesn't seem to happen, you can request a replacement part. If it was most other companies, I'd be much more worried about defective parts like this could potentially have.

reniseus 1

Yeah I’m going to get this game and be a huge advocate regardless I’ve loved all the attention and effort Stonemaier puts into their games. I just don’t want this to create a negative perception or experience with people I invite to play with.

weaver787 3

FYI Jamey brought this up on the Pendulum Facebook. The TLDR is that Jamey heard about this and asked the factory about it... the factory did another QC check on the timers before they went out for the full print run. Regardless, he did mention it was a problem with “new” timers that did not have much usage. The problem, if there is one, will go away after more usage.

reniseus 1

I saw this, very excited now


Looks like another meh Stonemeier release.

TaoGaming 8

So, this is basically just worker placement + timers? Like Space Dealer or TAMSK? (Not that there's anything wrong with the idea, but from the reviews it seems like the sand timers not being good is a dealbreaker).

NocturnalAllen 4

Yes, but you can also play without the timers.


Oh cool, there's not enough worker placement games already!

NocturnalAllen 1

Well, there is still the timed version.

Siliceously_Sintery 4

I hear you, there should never be a single extra copy of any game mechanisms.

Stone Age or bust!

Fleshy1537 1

You mean Caylus or bust.

russkhan 1

Bus or Bust!

raged_norm 1


White-Elephante 3

The releases a statement saying there was a problem with the early review copies, but it was caught and fixed before completion of the first print run. So, the timers should be fine, but if there are issues they will send a new timer.

Gastroid 12

I have a feeling the initial reception to this game would have been wildly different if it got exposure at GenCon. Opinions from watching and reading about the game versus actually sitting down and playing it seem so split. Pendulum may be the definition of a "you have to give it a try before you buy" game.


I think you're giving it too much credit. It's a normal resource conversion euro but with a timer. It's not that out there.

Gastroid 8

That "with a timer" bit is a huge variable. It's the entire point of the game, the thing all impressions will ultimately rest on.

NocturnalAllen 6

You can play without the timer, though, and that's what Rahdo prefers.

BionicBeans 14

Too much credit? Didn't seem like they gave it any credit. Just said people's opinions may be split. Pretty neutral.

daFunkyUnit 59

So you can say that opinions on this game may swing one way or another...


Hour you going to bring puns into this? I don't think now is the time for this kind of talk. Give it a second thought and save such silliness for TikTok.

Siliceously_Sintery 16

Wow pretty positive, and with the embargo, as Rahdo said, neat that they were generally forced to play it a bunch.

Interesting he preferred it turn based.

Looking forward to trying this.

Dragonheart91 1

Rahdo usually plays single player controlling both players or with his very non-confrontational wife. I could have predicted he would prefer it turn based the moment it was announced.

NocturnalAllen 3

He's more non-confrontational than her, and there's nothing confrontational about timed vs not timed.

Dragonheart91 1

Sure, Rahdo is also super non confrontational. Timed games are definitely more stressful though which I feel like Rahdo would hate.


Those 2 concepts are mutually exclusive, though. He loves Kitchen Rush, Escape, etc. I think that the fact he prepares the non-timed version is a sign that the game holds up despite not including that unique implementation of the sand timers. I can't wait to try both.

crdpa 2

Let me guess... Rahdo loved it?