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How important is it to you to have matching peripherals? I started off with Corsair everything. But just switched the mouse to the Logitech gPro witless. I don’t think I’ll ever mix razer and Corsair though. That’s like coke vs Pepsi to me.


NickDrivesAMiata 1

I think it can be important but a lot of it is based on personal preference. Keyboard and mouse are very subjective to what is comfortable/ergonomic for you. Light or heavy clicks, stroke length, how the mouse fits your hand, etc. You want to find what is best for you, not what is best for everyone else. As for a monitor I do think that is worth it to invest more in. It's definitely worth the money for high refresh rate and high quality colors. 1080p and 1440p is fine imo and I don't see a reason to go for 4k personally. Also a quality monitor will last longer and have a smaller change of dead pixels and such. In my opinion I do think quality peripherals are worth the extra money because they can completely change your experience.

Averen 2

Zero importance unless you care about it or unless they share a software

littleemp 4

Literally doesn't matter; Pretty much every mouse manufacturer has no idea how to make a good keyboard.

Creative_Sock7206 1

Most of them have no idea how to make a good mouse.

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I'm just curious, who do you consider to be the best keyboard manufactures right now?



read their wiki

jgfjbcfhbb 3

I don't care too much. I currently have a corsair k95 keyboard and a corsair scimitar mouse.

I'm going to switch back to a razor naga after I'm done with this mouse. If logitech releases a 12 key mouse, I would probably buy that.

I'm so picky that I kind of can't NOT mix and match.

oomio10 2

> If logitech releases a 12 key mouse

like the G600?

jgfjbcfhbb 2

Oh shit. I didn't know of that. I'll probably get that next ty

oomio10 1

just my two cents as someone who had naga for a couple years and just recently switched to g600. it has a 3rd button to the right of your traditional right mouse button. I'm having a hard time not resting my finger on it all the time. otherwise I slightly prefer it to the naga.

VgnFit 1

You can disable that button to prevent accidentally clicking it. First thing i did.

jgfjbcfhbb 2

Good to know. I hate to say it, I will probably just buy the g600 and if I don't like it ill just buy a naga and give my neighbor the g600

I love everything about the naga. The only problem I have with it is the last one I got (I owned two) had multiple keys brake

oomio10 1

I've owned 3 razor mouses in my life and they all retired relatively early for that same reason. its the reason I went logitech this time.

jgfjbcfhbb 2

The first razor mouse I owned lasted 3 year and the most recent one only lasted a year.

I hear that from a lot of people. I think theyve decreased their quality over the years.

I hate how the new nagas are modular. It just makes me think it will break faster

GunplaGud 2

Do you find that you make decent use of the enormous amount of buttons on that mouse? I've always felt that 2 shoulder buttons on a mouse isn't enough, but the Scimitar and Naga have too many for me to wrap my head around.

I have a cyborg rat 8 with that rolley thumb wheel, but it's useless for most things aside from Windows shortcuts.

jgfjbcfhbb 2

Yeah I do. It's pretty addicting once you get use to them.

I mainly hate arpgs (like poe) with a keyboard. So I literally only use a mouse.

I like it a lot with building games too for hotkeys.

I am addicted and will never go back now that I'm used to it