Physical DLC

by pHaNnY-bOi. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    1

So I’ve been getting back into The Force Unleashed and I have the ultimate sith edition so it comes with all the DLC and all that on a seperate disc. I’ve been used to accessing said DLC on that disc but whenever I put the DLC disc in it just turns the game on. I checked the Xbox store and it said I needed to pay for it. Does anyone know how to fix this/play the game on xbox and can tell me what do?


ExtraToastyCheezits 1

With the Bethesda games that come with 2 discs, you have to only use the second disc, both to install the game and all DLC and also to launch the game as well. Just don't even look at the game disc. I assume it works the same way with that game also.

So what I would suggest is delete all of the game and DLC from your hard drive. Then put in only the DLC disc and install everything from there. Then see if it is all accessible to you in the game.