Play what you want

by Blue-Jessup. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    127    40

Don’t feel like there’s any game you have to play. Don’t be afraid to let a brand new, $60 game sit in your library for a few months because you had the urge to play something else 10 minutes into watching it slowly (or maybe not so slowly) download. Play whatever you want, whenever you want, regardless of whatever anyone says, even that annoying voice/demon/angel thing we all have sitting on our shoulders. Ignore that little subconscious voice in your head that says you have to play a certain game to get the most value you from it. Play what makes you happy and eventually, you’ll stumble upon one of those games you bought on sale many, many months ago and you’ll press “play” with excitement rather than compulsion. Don’t let these companies manipulate you into thinking that fun is a “limited time” only thing. Take your games by the balls and play what you want (and what you have, be grateful for the video games you do get to play and abuse) and smile every second of it.



I feel like i have to play skullgirls 2nd encore why? Because its one of the fighting games i saw as a kid and now have the opportunity to play

Chungus-p 1

Wrong, everyone has to play metro

TerribleSupporting 1

Haha, little problem, I've never spent a single cent, so all the games I can play are shitty.

Now, my steam account IS level 6 but that's a haha thing called: "friend gives me steam wallet gift, friend accidentally buys and plays for 8 hours ori and the blind forest"

Blackeagel 1

Thanks, needed to hear this

wiwey 1

Don't be afraid to cleanup your steam library! Recently I deleted roughly have my games licenses off my account that I had zero interest in ever playing, why did I purchase them you may ask? Because there was a time where I placed a lot of value on having a lot of games in my library, and also steam sales used to be dank let's be real. I now only have games that a) are multiplayer b) I have already beaten the story or c) I want to beat the story and or the game is a multiplayer game. It is quite liberating I must say, I compare it to a console owner getting rid of old or unwanted games at gamestop. Sure I don't get the money back, but I don't really mind it! Quality over quantity folks, fall in love with your original steam accounts again today!

Knucled 1

Simply beautiful. I couldn't agree more!

dryhuskofaman 1

Games from my backlog I've finished since covid quarantine: Deliver Us the Moon, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Observation, Carrion, Detroit: Become Human, Hyper Light Drifter, Dishonored, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Far Cry 5, Blasphemous, Yakuza Kiwami, FEZ, Mirror's Edge, Grand Theft Auto V (second playthrough), Horace, The Messenger.

Only 195 more to go (many not worth it)! All of this because I stopped playing online shooters like PUBG and Warzone and because I got laid off and have been stress-playing.

reddragon3316 1

I haven't played anything in a long time

Lazy_76 1

That's why I have installed 100 games and play only CS and SF

Benaxle 2

counter strike and?

Lazy_76 1

Shakes and Fidget

harry_horse69 2

I really needed this. Thank you

Cobalt74 2

Thank you.

ukillmeurgay 2

Thanks for the message

This makes me want to try out other type of games

i-like-to-be-wooshed 3

I need this, thanks:)

RoebuckHartStag 12

Remember everyone, there are more games than just Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Grand Theft Auto V


those are best ones available atm though

DemonLivesMatter 1

I would much rather play Doom Eternal than any of those games tbh, it really depends on what you’re looking for in a game


If you are that shallow go ahead

DemonLivesMatter 1

Or we just don’t give a fucking shit and just want a video game that has a fun and engaging gameplay loop, since if for some reason we need a super philosophical story or something like that we would just open a book. Ever considered that?

Oh wait no you wouldn’t have, your head is way too far up your own arse for that.

ErronCowboy4522 17

I don't think you've played very many games if you consider a few specific games from 5+ years ago [excluding RDR2] the "best ones available". Is it the open world aspect that draws you in?

If so I think there's a few suggestions I could make.


I like open world but above that I desire full games with a lot of detail/enviroment a well thought-out story rememberable characters/quotes.

Im not the type to play empty and generic open world games like fallout,mad max.

So If you are a connisseur of games like me you would know that Im right to call those games best in the market by a long shot

ErronCowboy4522 1

>So If you are a connisseur of games like me

Nevermind. There's no point in trying to talk to you.

Especially saying that games like GTA V have a lot of "detail/environment"...

DemonLivesMatter 2

They’re only the best if what you want out of a video game is what these video games you listed offer.

They aren’t. Witcher 3 had pretty memorable characters especially those in the two DLCs but the combat is honestly nothing to write home about. I didn’t find it to be nearly as replayable as more gameplay-focused games like Doom Eternal.

Also calling yourself a connoisseur in games, lmfao


I desire full games with a lot of detail/enviroment a well thought-out story rememberable characters/quotes

Since you are not as experienced as I am

all you think is shooty shooty bang bang
you are lucky though you get hundreds of games for your own inferior liking every year

DemonLivesMatter 1

Another 300 IQ gamer who jerks off over how much better he is than everyone because he enjoys different games than others.

Also seeing as how you deride Doom Eternal as just “shooty shooty bang bang” and refuse to go into the nuances of its combat design, its pretty clear to me that you’re an ignorant troglodyte. You’re fucking pathetic and no amount of jerking off over how you play certain games will change that.

You are not smart for liking certain games, all you have really achieved here is to show off just how much of an asshat you are and how actually unironically stupid you are. You have not convinced any reasonable person that you’re a “connoisseur in video games”, quite the opposite, you’ve only convinced everyone that you are cringe incarnate.

ErronCowboy4522 1

Calling Doom Eternal "shooty shooty bang bang" and then saying you're a "connoisseur of video games" shows just how little you understand about game design.

DemonLivesMatter 2

But according to him you’re just inferior if you prefer more gameplay driven experiences in video games, it’s literally impossible to argue against his 300 IQ logic because he’s a self-proclaimed connoisseur in video games (he can’t even spell that correctly for Christ’s sake) and we should therefore treat him seriously


Im completely against replaying story games

It's a zombie attitude to play/finish the same story game more than once

DemonLivesMatter 2

A well designed game is supposed to draw you back and entice you to play some more though.

This isn’t about me having a zombie attitude and replaying games for the sake of replaying them, it’s a matter of whether or not I find a video game’s gameplay loop to be engaging enough to want me to try the whole experience again.


Kiddo, you are so low that you think doom is a competitive game and even follow that mini scene axaxax.

If you want competitive games play actual competitive games

ErronCowboy4522 1

Genuinely calling someone "kiddo" on the internet in 2020. That explains it - you must be a teenager.

DemonLivesMatter 2

I mean the structure is basically old school Quake and UT except adopted for single player but whatever.

I’m also pretty sure Zero Master has been playing shooters since the 90s and has a ton of FPS experience under his belt.

Also boomer/cancerous emojis don’t make you look any more enlightened, you just look like a complete clown.

MrBlackPriest 3

Fallout isn't that bad, New Vegas is good, 3 is alright and 4 is alright. I agree with you on Mad Max.

In my opinion, GTA V, is pretty mediocre in terms of story and characters, I personally prefer GTA IV.


In GTA V story might be mediocre but It's told excellently and characters feel alive

except the slaves of course.

enviroment differs a lot depending on where you are on the map random encounters are interesting.
Rockstar is just the emperor of AAA games even new games have hard time beating 5-10year old rockstar games in many areas

I love gta IV but unfortunately It is a horrible console port even though characters were solid and enviroment design fantastic story itself was rather classical GTA and not exactly novelty

Fallout in general is boring,generic they don't offer anything new and since It is wasteland theme there are almost nothing for miles which is really easy for developers.
New vegas was really good for its time I have to agree on that.

FreyjaSanders 9

username checks out.

bugrahangureel 1

Yeah first two Witcher games are awesome too.

masganteng0 14

Also, its all right to play that same game over and over again even after thousand hours especially if you still enjoy every second of it

TheFoxMaster17 21

Thank you

Yeah, I think I should play one of those 80-something games instead of the same ten all the time lol