Play yakuza kiwami 2 now!

by Nasdaq401. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    10

The New Zealand location trick works! Installing now! Go get em kiryu fans!

In settings on your console, change your location to New Zealand, then click restart console. Once it boots back up, search the store and be amazed and enjoy y’all!

I know there are some others out there that are dying to play this like I was, so if one of y’all was helped by this post, mission accomplished!



Once it starts downloading or downloaded you can just switch back. Nah, I’ve been playing other games while it downloads



obiwan1227 2

No and no


Found another pretty cool game I’m installing called the tourist too

Danistar34 2

Annnnd it's not One X enhanced. Oh boi, it run on a regular ps4 at 900p, I hope they optimized it a lot for regular One owners, would suck if they downgraded it to 720p as it already had bad anti aliasing. But definitely better playing it that way than not playing it at all I guess.

  Nasdaq401 1

I’ve already noticed quite a shitload of input lag/ low frames during the first battle. Something doesn’t feel right at all, especially coming from how smooth the first two played. It’s disappointing to say the least

Danistar34 3

Something? You must've noticed this game runs on a new engine and features improved graphics, physics and no loading for indoor areas, while 0 and Kiwami were enhanced PS3 games. They easily ran at 1080p60fps while Kiwami 2 runs at 900p30fps on a base PS4. The input delay difference is normal when jumping from 60 to 30fps (at least to a certain degree), but the framerate and resolution are the much bigger problem and we all know the PS4 is objectively stronger than a base Xbox One.

After 3 games (Y6, Kiwami 2 and Judgement) they finally achieved decent image quality with acceptable framerate, but their first game on this engine (Yakuza 6) ran at 720p 30fps, which is disappointing considering the fact that the PS4 was literally their only target platform.

I wonder how much effort (if at all) was put into the Xbox optimization.

  Nasdaq401 1

Oh it is 30fps that explains it, wasn’t positive about that. I’m on a one X, and like someone had mentioned since it isn’t x enhanced, it won’t matter I guess. I’m sure if they spent even a fraction of time making it enhanced it would’ve ran much better atleast on the X model some of us shelled extra money out for. The game does look pretty though, not sure if it matters that I’m on an X model at all since everything that isn’t 4k is upscale either way. Definitely not HDR enhanced though.

Batmans_other_butler 2

Not sure if it still works but if you’re getting it through GamePass you used to be able to simply go to settings in the phone app, change location, hit download and it would start on your console without having to sit through the few minutes of restarting the console.

  Nasdaq401 1

Good stuff man, great tip!

hyelyte 6

I can wait until tomorrow. 🤷🏽‍♀️