Please, can we share wards during picking phase before someone has picked their hero...

by someth1ng_au. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    9

It's just annoying having to wait to drop the two tangoes and wards on your mid, just because they're picking...



There is something called strategy time. Why nitpicking smallest details to complain?


That's...a dumb response. The vast majority of changes to the game are minor.


It wasn't a dumb response. You just didn't like it. There is a difference. Your suggestion is a very very very small quality of life feature. There are tons of things more important.

Also: "the vast majority of changes to the game are minor".

No. Just no.


Lol, you're full of shit. Most changes in any software are small fixes that won't affect most people, ever. If it's a small quality of life feature, why not change it?


No need to get all defensive. Chill.

1) We are talking about gameplay changes not software fixes. If we go by your logic we can count language updates as well. Pls get real.

2) Software companies don't work like that. BEST CASE scenario is that they thought of your suggestion and put it on hold until someone has time to implement it. That's of course if we assume they have someone that monitors low quality posts like this. And they don't have someone to do that. I assure you


People complain about typos in item descriptions and they do get fixed. Don't bullshit. Thanks.


I don't bullshit. You are either too young or too stupid to understand how real world works. Have a nice life. Good luck


Take a chill pill.. what’s wrong? Sub 6000 behavior score? Everyone’s entitled to different opinions, no need to call people out


My behaviour score is equal to yours, at worst. Thanks though.