Political ads on videos

by cdaddy811. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    6    10

I can't be the only one. I watch our videos off of YouTube and I don't see any political ads. Every time I open up a game grumps video, I see a Donald Trump ad play before it. I'm wondering if it's just me.

Has anyone else been getting these ads before the videos?



I get them too unfortunately. I live in mostly republican state. They can usually be skipped before they start getting to annoying. The worst is during voting season. Ads from both parties. Ugh politicians suuuuuuuuuck.

garboooo 1

I get the same thing, Trump ads before every video. I live in California, but those ads started right around the time I had to move out of a very Democratic city and into a very Republican rural garbage heap. It does happen more on Grump videos though for whatever reason

polymorphicshade 1

uBlock Origin: Firefox Chrome
You can also try Vanced for Android (has built-in adblocker).

master2873 1

I'd say, Brave browser for Android. It has a built in adblocker, and is all around more private browsing in general too. Not to mention, they have a desktop browser too.

kwil449 1

I think it's the advertiser that chooses what channels or specific videos to run ads on. I've seen channels sometimes complain about an ad in a video and tell the advertiser they don't want their money. It also somewhat depends on what Google analytics wants to personalize for you. Haven't personally noticed.

MasterOutlaw 2

Bring it to the Grumps' attention. I believe it's the advertisers themselves that get the ads on the certain channels, but there should be a way for content creators to block specific ads if you let them know about it.

Deadanubis8 3

The Donald ones I get on videos that usually wouldn't be associated with stereotypical Republicans such as climate change and scientific vids

risoulatte 1

I’ve only been getting them on more liberal videos

Mrunlikable 3

The ads are based on region and target audience. I don't get any trump ads in Canada for example.

Deadanubis8 1

Yes I know that, it's just funny how I got them on those videos lol. I know it's just the psychological trick- I cant remember the name of it, but its where you notice the answers on your test that were right that you changed them to be wrong, but not the ones that were wrong and changed it to be right.