PowerA controller doesn't vibrate?

by Meister_Freundlich. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    2    3

Hello all! Thanks you for helping out. A while back I got a PowerA wired controller straight from gamestop, however to my dismay, when I plugged it in, the vibration didn't work, and that throws me off so much in games because vibration of the controller is something we have been conditioned for ever since we were playing CastleMiner Z and forever before that.

Is there any settings I'm supposed to turn on? Any buttons I am supposed to press? I never found any instructions on the box, it seems like the vibration is supposed to work straight out of the box. Can I get any help with this? Thank you!


fons383 1

Most likely doesn't have it. The ones I had for 360 all had no vibration.


First off castle miner z SLAPS HARDDD!!! And also power a sucks it probably didn’t even come with a vibration feature