by Rogue_Ryuk. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    13

Hey all the mathematicians out there, i have 16 treasure 3 and currently at level 396. Whats the probability of getting a 50 level drop? Will u get atleast 1?



No one can tell u that, treasure ain't out yet, the odds of getting it r different each year. I checked my crystal ball tho, it says u ain't getting any...

lightning200000 1

Aren't the odds similar to each rare for every treasure or is it different for the 50 levels ?

  Rogue_Ryuk 1

Bro☹☹dont say this, i have been grindong since level 1 i bought no bundles and kept playkng 9 to 12 hours a day since the bp release 😔i really want my queen

borhen48 2

Grinded 395 levels ?

  Rogue_Ryuk 1

Ya bro😎 got 4 cache from 8 level from cache....otherwise grinded😅😁

ryankun93 1

Atleast 1

  Rogue_Ryuk 1

Thanks Bud

TheLeviathan- 2

relax dude, with 16 you’ll most likely get one

  Rogue_Ryuk 1

I hope so.

tkkno 2

i have 20 and i hope for 2x for finishing wr arcana without more money

nirmalya07 2

90% chance you'll get 1
Considering you also recycle some you get

  Rogue_Ryuk 1


ruknvdruimvdtik 3

how can anybody know if we don't know the probability of dropping 50 levels?