Problem with 4k tv colors

by DippinDotDave. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    13

So I have this non hdr 4k tv and my xbox does not seem to work well with it. Some times when i turn on my xbox the colors look weird. Green looks blue and I don’t know why. And sometimes it looks normal. It seems random if i get the normal colors or not. The colors on everything else on my tv are fine but when I’m on good ol hdmi 4 on my tv my xbox the colors are wonky. Please help. Note: I upgraded to this tv from my old 1080p tv and had no color issues ever


Daojunior 1

I have a LG tv 4k UJ6525 and after One year and half the tv image become darker and blue, then I discover that a lot of people have the same problem with that TV because they made this model with a poor quality led. Dont know how It Works in your country, but I was able to repair for free.

Xandoortje 1

Buy a 2.0 HDMI cable,
I had many issues with my Samsung 4K TV with different new 1.4 cables,even the one that came with my X console.
After i bought an 2.0 HDMI cable i never had anymore problems

  DippinDotDave 1

my xbox came with a 2.0 cable and im using that cable rn. idk if that the problem.

Xandoortje 2

I don't know if the Cable that comes with the Xbox X is a 2.0,but in my case that cable also had problems.
A good 2.0 cable is around 10 euro 😉

NotFromMilkyWay 1

I experience the same thing from time to time, I think it's because of the Insider program. I can typically fix it by turning the TV off and on.

It's not the cable, that works perfectly fine.

  DippinDotDave 1

ok thank you i knew it wasn’t the cable cuz i used it on my old tv and it worked fine

davedogg2k5 2

Do you have access to a different 4k TV yo can try it on and a different HDMI cable

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davedogg2k5 3

To be honest it could be the console the cable or the TV, without more info there isn't much to go on

  DippinDotDave 1

actually there is more info. when i go to video fidelity and overscan and under display and overrides i select dvi and go back and select 1080p cuz it cant do 4k for some reason the colors are normal but this isn’t a fix cus it cant go to 4k and there is no sound

Big_Red_Husker 1

Always use auto detect. I dot know what the reason is but if i select HDMI on my Xbox it's all messed up

davedogg2k5 3

It doesn't really narrow things down any, try different hdmi ports on the TV and if that doesn't help at least try a different hdmi cable

spidey555 2

My guess you have a bad hdmi cable.