by MrVibezTV. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    4

So my PlayStation controller shows as an xbox controller and i don't know a fix, at first it showed as a ps4 controller but then switched to an xbox one and i dont know why, is there a fix? i also removed ds4controller thing.


windowsphoneguy 1

As For Honor has native Dualshock support, you should turn off Steam Input for that game by right-clicking it in your library and going to properties.

CottonCandyShork 2

Not many games support DS4 natively. Steam's controller support takes any controller you have plugged in and emulates Windows' native (and well adopted) XInoput controller API (which is what Xbox controllers use)

Skaner 2

That is actually working correctly. Steam tells windows your ps4 controller is an xbox controller with a mouse touch pad. Not sure why it still needs to do that, but that's up to steam to fix.

  MrVibezTV 1

Ok nice, well another thing is when I play for honor I notice stutter even tho I get over 150fps max setttings like everything feels slow and my controller always keeps unlocking L2 when I’m pressing the aim button