ps4 vs xbox controllers for pc gaming

by Wamort. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    7

I've never had any of those controllers (neither the prev gens). I want to get 2 controllers so that I can play with my bro but I don't know which controller should I get. I read that you need to download ds4windows for ps4 controllers and Xbox u can simply connect with Bluetooth and play. also is it possible to connect 2 Xbox controllers without the wireless adapter



For me the Xbox controller is superior (I use usb so don't care about batteries), unless you're playing fighting games, in which the directional arrows are far more comfortable in ps4 controllers. I have both controllers, the ps4 one came with the console, and the xb1 controller I bought exclusively for pc.

Steam recognizes ps4 controllers without need for any other software (only for games that you have in steam).

2nd gen Xbox one controllers (released with the xbox one S) can connect directly via Bluetooth to your pc without the wireless adapter. The adapter is only needed for 1st gen xb1 controllers.

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but can I connect 2 ps4 controllers or more?

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Yes you should be able to, steam recognizes every controller apart.

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yoo thanks man. hope this works

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I cant speak for the PS4 controller as to its usage but i would personally say lean towards xbox.

More games support showing the Xbox control schemes then PS4 buttons and such.

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battery life in ds4 really suck, but they're rechargeable. For the xbox controller, u gotta spent extra money on rechargeable AA batteries, almost any AA batteries have much longer battery life than the ds4.

Both can connect via bluetooth (the newer xbox controller). If I'm not mistaken you can connect up to 4 controllers via bluetooth.