PS5 will make PC games more optimized for NVMe m.2 high speeds?

by jump_in_the_caac. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    0    10

The Nvme m.2 port has a higher read speed than conventional SATA SSDs. If you by a m.2 that has a speed higher than a SSD you will notice this just during the transference of files and things like that, games are not optmimized to that speed, is not hard to find m.2 SSDs that are 5x faster than a SATA SSD but the loading times are generally just a tinny little fast, when it's not the same. The PS5 has a NVMe on it that seems to have 5Gb/s reading speed. Now that technology has come to consoles, do you guys think that this kind of SSD will become a lot better on games?

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They can also just make 4k and 8k textures optional download so we don't need that 5gb/s speed. But that's just me.

MobiusCube 1

I'm not sure if there's that much optimization to be done, moreso that faster tech is just flat out better, and more people using better tech means lower prices in the long run, and thus wider adoption.

darthlincoln01 2

Consoles are really leap frogging over nvme m.2. Previous generation was 5200rpm HHD drives and next generation is something similar to DirectStorage.

Piti899 3

finally a true next gens

xxkachoxx 2

Yes. Most games are currently designed around low density 500gb 5400rpm drives. With both the PS5 and Series X/S having fast storage we will see games making use of the fast storage speed.

ElderEpidemic 9

I don’t think any optimization from ps5 will affect PC. We need to wait for directstorage and then developers to use it

mtarascio 4

The new consoles having similar tech in this regard will trickle down to PC games for sure.

Same with the game state storage.

I think you'll find Windows supporting that in a more user friendly state in the future.

Anxious-Dare 2

There's some serious follow-on questions, some of which apply to the console side too.

When MS get it out to developers next year how fast will they integrate it into projects, how long until the client/end-user version is final, how long before a trailblazer developer uses it in their game, how long before most developers use it as the standard way to load things, how many bother to dive into what it offers and make great use of it, what proportion base their game design around relying on fast storage, how long before they're prepared to exclude slower storage tiers as it would be a miserable experience or just break the game.

My prediction is that you'll get a handful of trailblazers like Ratchet and Clank (even then, the portal may as well be a disguised loading screen), most who use it will be to make things in the game just generally more snappy. I'm not expecting many to flip their game design on its head any time soon.

And remember that most big games take 2-3+ years to make, if they were making extensive use of fast storage they'd probably need to account for it from the start.