PSA: Blade Mail's new active STACKS - DO NOT QUEUE RANKED 'til this is fixed

by Pwnage_Hotel. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    5    10

If you buy multiple Blade Mails, the active damage reflect % will stack additively i.e. if you have 3 blade mails, you will reflect 2.4x the incoming damage back at your opponent. It is game-breaking and will hopefully be patched in the next hour or two - until then avoid ranked (or really any mode).



That doesnt seem like that big of a deal

xmyco 3

lmao wait til you Q in one xd

Krissam 1

> you will reflect 2.4x

How did you reach taht number?

  Pwnage_Hotel 1

If you have 3 and activate one then they will reflect 3x 80% = 240% = 2.4x.

They share a CD but the damage instances stack atm.

Krissam 1

Oh, you were saying the active stacked? Yea, it didn't, it was the passive.

AVerySpookySkeleton 1

The active did stack, but it was removed very quickly. Very frustrating for that first game though.

7uff1 1

maybe he thinks the passive 20 + 20% is a 40% total and not 20 flat dmg

CantIgnoreMyGirth 2

I think he's talking about the blade mail activated ability which now returns 80% of the damage you take. So if you activate 3 of them you'll return 2.4x the damage you take(actually it's probably more because of the passives)


i dont think that works because if you activate one of them they all go on cooldown