PSA for anyone looking for a great controller for Xbox and doesn't want to break the bank!

by ieatshotslike50. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    2    8

Today is Prime day on Amazon and Razer has deals on both the Wolverine ultimate and wolverine tournament.

As someone who has owned both Elite controllers and 2 generations of Razer controllers, I have had much better playtime and dependability out of the Razer controllers. They are also great if you own multiple systems (PC, switch, PS) as they are wired and can be used directly with PC and with an adapter on other consoles.

I HIGHLY recommend the wolverine ultimate as it has 6 programmable buttons on 2 different profiles that can be changed on the fly and carry over to any system. You also will no longer bump your paddle since the back buttons are triggers. This allows for a better grip on the controller in my opinion.

If anyone has any question or input comment below.

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Officially Licensed Xbox One Controller: 4 Remappable Multi-Function Buttons - Hair Trigger Mode - For PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S - Black

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed Xbox One Controller: 6 Remappable Buttons and Triggers - Interchangeable Thumbsticks and D-Pad - For PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S -  Black


imthejoosman 1

Don’t want to encourage anyone to not buy it, controller itself is great.

One gripe I had with it was using a wired headset with it (3.5mm connection). Because the controller is wired and must be plugged in at all times, electromagnetic interference becomes a problem in party chat. I could not hear the low hum myself but everyone in my party could hear it non stop.

However, since the XSX is close to release and I understand it should support usb audio - wouldn’t be a bad option in some cases. I was using Steel Series Arctis Pro (wired) so if you’re in a similar situation with a wired headset being able to directly to connect to the console rather than the controller itself, go for it. Much better value over the elite controller.

  ieatshotslike50 1

Good to know. I have a50s so I never would have guessed it had interference. Wonder if that's common with wired headsets

Exceed-0320 1

Nah, it’s only an issue when the controller is plugged onto the console

wigg1es 1

I have an OG Wolverine (PS4 version actually) and while it has some great functionality, it's just really uncomfortable for me. I think it's the trigger position. They're too far back or something and it makes me feel like the whole controller is tilting forwards in my hand.

It is a really nice controller though. It feels very solid and the back paddle options are great. I would still say give it a try, but just know it isn't going to sit in your hand thr same as an Xbox controller does.

Bring_Back_Jet_Moto 4

That actually looks awesome but I couldn't pay that much for a wired controllers. Wondering how back triggers feel compared to the Elites paddle though.

  ieatshotslike50 1

For me they are perfect because I don't have accidental inputs when holding my controller tightly. When I use the elite it's like the controller is resting on my hands instead of being gripped by them.

Is being wireless really worth $50-75 more? Would you be any further from tv with wireless vs 10ft cable?

I guess I'm also used to wired controllers from halo 3 events in the late 2000s so it isn't a big deal to me

smackythefrog 3

Damn, I didn't know it was wired. I saw the wire but the description said "detachable" and I assumed it meant it was a USB cable for flexibility between wired and wireless usage.

Yeah, wired is a no-go for me. I don't own an Xbox One and was looking for a value controller to use on a One as well as for PC gaming on both Windows and Mac. Guess I'll have to keep looking.