Question about gifting games and summer sale points.

by ___NoNSenZ___. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    1    7

Hi. My question is weather the gifter or the reciver of the game gets the summer sale points when buying a game for a friend.




Lurus01 1

The sender gets the points since they are the one paying for it. The recipient gets a free game but no points from that game.

Ast0lfo12 1

My friend gave me a game just so he can have the points lol

  ___NoNSenZ___ 1

That's fair, but I wanted the receiver of the gift to get the points. It would be cool if it let you decide who gets them haha.

Awesome1games 1

My friend just gifted me a game and he got the points

  ___NoNSenZ___ 1

Thanks for the reply!

EightBitRanger 3

You're paying the money, you would get the points

  ___NoNSenZ___ 1

Thanks for the information!