Question about the market restriction

by pristit. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    1    5

My account is 10 years old, I've got 50+ games, and I've spent over the course of those 10 years at least 200$ on steam for those games.

Now I got no cash in my steam wallet and I wanted to buy something in a game, so I decided to sell a skin I have in csgo (ak redline) to buy said item, lo and behold I'm told I'm restricted unless I bought something in the last year.

Is this restriction supposed to be for people with accounts that actually have past purchases? It seems kinda stupid that I have to pay AGAIN to unlock the market, to sell something in order to buy something.

Is there something to do about this other than buying some random game I won't play then wait a week?


Reddit5484 2

10 years and only 200 dollars...I wish i had that kind of restraint.

15 years and 1500 games, spend....well probably enough for a good used car.

  pristit 1

I meant 200$ in the steam store alone.

I also bought games from green man gaming in cdkey form.

I thought that much would make sure I'll be able to use the market, for as long as I play on steam.

satoru1111 3


Market restrictions are in place for financial fraud purposes

Your account age is irrelevant as by that logic older accounts could be hijacked and then used to defraud the market

  pristit 2

I see, fair enough.