Quick question about the series x

by BushBro456. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    9

When I sign in whit my microsoft account into the series x, will all the digitally paid for and downloaded games transfer over, cos I've got quite a few digital copies of games that I love and wouldnt like to buy again


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Just a tip, but if you have your games stored on an external drive, then all you'll do is simply plug your drive into the Series X and they'll all be ready to play so you won't have to download them😊


When was this stated?

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The Series X will play all your existing Xbox games, therefore having them on an external drive simply allows you to take your games with you. In the same way as taking your external drive to a friends house, plug it into his/her xbox, log into your account and boom..your games are ready to play😊


Yes, it will play everything. But you dont know that, it could use a different file structure. Dont count on just switching a drive over with your xbox one games on it and having it work, it may require a format of the drive for it to work with the console.

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Haven't got an external drive yet, but hoping to get one

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Yeah..it'll save you a lot of time and hassle when you get your Series X. Just 'Move' your current games from your Xbox onto the external drive and your set. Recommend either a 7200rpm HDD or better still an SSD

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Yes they carry over

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Cool, didnt fancy paying for the rdr2 ultimate edition twice