Raccoon Madness: English is clearly not the creators' first language. Anyone know how to play?

by thedeadwillwalk. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    13    11

My daughters bought me this card game for Father's Day and we busted it open. There's like 7 different sheets with rules in different languages. Unfortunately, I don't understand the English one at all. It seems a little like You Gotta Be Kitten Me, but there's some different stuff. Anyone played this?


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Ok I think I figured it out based on what I saw on the kickstarter. This is a bluffing game like Cockroach poker.

Shuffle and deal main deck cards to all players.

Shuffle and place action deck on table.

First player places 1-4 cards on the table, then states the card placed and amount. For example: “Two Ironcoons”.

Play then moves to the next player who can choose one of two things:

Play more cards (whether they're the same or not) and claim they are the same. Example ("I play 2 more ironcoons") then play proceeds to the next player.


You can guess whether the previous player told the truth or not when they played their cards.

If you guess they told the truth, check the cards. If they are the cards the player claimed, remove them from the game.

If you guess they were lying, the player who played those cards takes all the cards played back into their hand.

Then you play a card from the action deck.

If you guess INCORRECTLY, you get all the cards played on the table.

Play continues until someone runs out of cards and they win.

Does this sound close to what the game is trying to do? Or am I missing anything?

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Okay, this is how we tried to play it but we were confused on a couple things.

1) Can you play more cards than you're claiming are the same (up to 4)? Example: can I put down 4 cards and claim 2 of them are Ironcoons? I didn't think so but my daughter seemed to think this was the case.

2) If multiple people bluff, and then someone calls it, does each person who bluffed take back what they put down, or only the last person takes everything?

3) The rules seem to indicate in a couple places that people sitting out of the game can be brought back in. Does this mean that there's more than one winner and only one loser?

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  1. No. All the images in the rules, every image on the site, as well as the promo video, show a matching amount of cards: https://raccoonmadness.com/rules Furthermore, the German rules mention that you must name *the* number of cards, not *a* number.
  2. The last player takes everything. The Dutch rules explicitly mention that the previous player (the one who was called out) takes all the cards on the table.
  3. Maybe? The German rules say "Players without cards at the end of the game win." However, the end of the game isn't defined anywhere. On the other hand, the German promo video on the site (same link, switch to DE) refer to a singular winning player. To me it seems that the only way for the evil raccoon card to make sense is to keep playing until only 1 player remains, with everyone else winning.
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I don't have the game, but since the rules are on the kickstarter page I checked them out. The Dutch ones aren't much better, but the German ones seem good enough to decipher. If you really have no other options, I could translate them later tonight, though again: I haven't played the game so no guarantees they'll be correct

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That would be amazing and much appreciated! My daughters feel bad they got me a game we can't play/understand.

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It seems u/eddwardl has already done a write-up of the rules. While I can translate the remainder, it seems like that's enough to play, and almost everything else just isn't mentioned in the rules. Anyway, let me know if you still want it I guess

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If you can figure out any of those burning questions I still had, let me know!

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I've added a reply to u/eddwardl's comment, if you have any other questions I can take another look

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Seems you're not alone. Most of the comments on the kickstarter are about being unable to play due to unclear english rules. Hopefully someone can help you out

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Thanks. I appreciate people upvoting even if they can't help to get it out there.