Rainbow six siege

by YTJUSTLUKE. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    6

I can't buy rainbow six siege on the Xbox store and don't want to have deluxe just the standard game but why is it not sold separately can someone help pls?



Best game this gen.

Wrinkliestmist 4

I believe you are forced into buying the deluxe at this point in its lifecycle.

geoslyma 6

If you want it cheap just wait a few weeks for a ubisoft sale. They happen all the time and deluxe will be under $20.


Ubisoft just had their sale when they revealed FarCry 6.

TokinN3rd 12

They don't do standard version anymore because the game has over 50 operators now. Deluxe is the new standard version and comes with the first few years worth of operators unlocked.


Thank tho