Randomly Disconnected

by HopefulExploration. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    3    2

In some online games I’ve been playing recently, I will get randomly removed during matches and then told that I can’t connect to the games online servers. Once I try to reconnect, it works fine, but then a bit later the cycle will continue. Anyone have any ideas on what this bug is or how I can fix it?


Fangs129 1

This has been happening to me. I actually intentionally searched this to see if anyone has been having this issue. I suspected it could be my Xbox or my internet but when it happens, it happens to all of my friends at the same time. So I assume it has something to do with Xbox services. The only problem is that every time this issue happens, I check the service status and it seems everything is fine. So the bigger issue would be that this issue isn't really known.

  HopefulExploration 1

Thank you so much. I was worried my internet was bugging out or my Xbox was having trouble. If it’s a Xbox service issue, then I hope it’s resolved soon.