Ranked choice voting for Role queue

by Spaciousgarden. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    7    5

Can ranked role queue be changed so that when you queue for multiple roles you have to set an order of priority for which role you would rather end up with?

Let's say I queue mid and safe, but I much prefer mid. I would set mid as my rank 1 choice and safe as my rank 2. So if it tries to match two players who queued for mid and safe, and one has mid as his first priority while the other one has safe as his first priority, it will give them the role they want the most.

There would be zero drawbacks to such a system. It would increase the quality of games as people would be more likely to end up with the role they are the most comfortable with.



The whole point of the system is that it gives those options on the front end.

In your scenario what you really want to play is mid. So just select mid.

Ranked choice really only matters in a system when your first option might not be available. That isn’t how ranked roles works. If you queue only mid you get mid.


the downside to this system would be that queue times get even longer than they already are.

Not saying it's a bad idea (personally idc cause I only play 5 anyway), just giving a reason why valve might no do this

pendia 2

I think what OP is suggesting is that it still finds games in the same way, but if two players queued for 2 roles (e.g. both queued for mid and carry), instead of assigning them randomly, they are given a preference (so if player A prefers mid and player B prefers carry, then it will assign A to mid and B to carry).

The problem is that ranked has separate MMR for different roles - if player A carry and player B mid is better than the opposite, then the match could be fair one way and not the other. So either such a strategy only works when the players have similar role MMRs (which means people complain this new feature doesn't work), or it increases queue time.


ranked choice creates jsut another barrier to matchmaking equal skilled games this is a bad idea imo


In theory good idea. In practicality bad idea.