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Moogy_C 2

edit: Wow, lots of great suggestions. Please keep them coming, and feel free to provide further input on those already mentioned. end edit

Guys, I bought SmallWorld for my wife and she actually confessed to liking it, and thanked me for doing some homework to pick out a good game for her. I need more, halp!

I think the appeal to her is its simplicity and lighthearted tone with a certain depth to its randomness. She likes being able to gamble with the die, while also feeling accomplished when she uses a race/power combo efficiently.

I think a game time of around 30 minutes or less suits her well, and the option to play with more than two people would be nice, but not necessary. She also likes Pandemic, but I think the cold realistic tone keeps her from enjoying it as much. Spirit Island is a little too much for her. I think she would like a solid co-op that doesn't let me quarterback, or a competitive game with a very light tone.

Anyone have a good lead here? I'd appreciate it.

edit: Deck builders are off the table. Also forgot to mention Carcassonne; she enjoys it, it was kind of the jumping off point for me to eventually find her SmallWorld. Maybe she just likes tiles.

edit 2: If my post is somehow triggering for you and you can't keep your comment to board game recommendations, then please don't comment.

Games to look into so far:

  • Horrified
  • Circle The Wagons
  • Quest For El Dorado
  • Arboretum
  • Cyclades
  • Fox In The Forest
  • Cartographers
  • Castles Of Burgundy
  • Res Arcana
  • Unearth
  • Space Park/PARKS
  • Menara
  • Istanbul
  • Keyflower
  • Inis
  • Sagrada

    Games not on the list because of reasons stated in the comments:

  • Azul
  • Codenames: Duet
  • Clank!
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Sushi Go!
  • Blood Rage
  • Kingdomino
seanightjar 3

Horrified - Coop
Circle the Wagons - 2 player only competitive
Azul - Competitive tile layer 2-4 players
The Quest for El Dorado - Competitive 2-4 players
Codenames: Duet - Coop 2 or 4 players

Moogy_C 1

Thank you. I think Azul would be too abstract, and Codenames: Duet is too simple, but I'll check the other ones out.

johnious23 3

Please reconcider Azul. I was also totally against of abstract games but I gave it a go and it is simply amazing. We both loved it.

Other games that we both found very enjoyable are Targi and Res Arcana. Res Arcana is a bit more complex though and it needs a few tries to shine so you mighr want to try it after your wife becomes more experienced.

Moogy_C 2

Thank you. I showed her a video on Targi once, and she was decidedly uninterested though I'm not sure why. I may just pick it up because it's cheap, and hope it's a pleasant surprise; I don't think I've ever heard anyone say a bad thing about it.

The hang-up with abstracts for her is that she loses interest quickly after their initial attraction. Qwirkle and Abalone are good examples of this. She had a little bit of fun and got over them within a week. I'll open up to a little more research on Azul, but do you happen to know how it compares to those games?

Never heard of Res Arcana, so I'll look into it.

buckleyschance 3

Don't assume you should shy away from something a bit competitive unless she's said so. Lots of people who are only slightly l into games like a few competitive ones and find co-ops fiddly and boring.

It sounds like Clank! could be up her alley. Arboretum maybe. Ticket to Ride is usually a safe choice.

I'm struggling to think of another similar lightweight thematic area control game surprisingly... my top picks in that space are the Academy Games historical wargames, which are kinda like Risk but better, but the themes are straight history. Cyclades could be worth looking at.

Gotta say, it makes me sad to see things like "she actually confessed to liking it". I understand that a lot of cultures teach women that games aren't for them, so your surprise and delight are understandable, but y'know, try not to reinforce the idea that it's weird. It's not that unusual in a lot of places.

Moogy_C 3

Thank you. She has played Ticket to Ride and it didn't really engage her. Clank! is a deck builder, if I remember correctly, and I should've crossed those off in the original post; she definitely doesn't like those. I've heard good things about Arboretum, so I wil study up on that. I've never heard of Cyclades at all, so I'll also check that out.

>Don't assume you should shy away from something a bit competitive unless she's said so.

I didn't think I should, but it just has to be light in tone.

>I understand that a lot of cultures teach women that games aren't for them, so your surprise and delight are understandable, but y'know, try not to reinforce the idea that it's weird.

It's absolutely weird for her. I play many games and we play with friends (she sits out many times), she just isn't particularly fond of them. She wouldn't be a great candidate for breaking a stereotype, lol.

cicerunner 2

>She wouldn't be a great candidate for breaking a stereotype, lol.

And you?


What are you talking about?

Placentaur 2

>I'm struggling to think of another similar lightweight thematic area control game surprisingly... my top picks in that space are the Academy Games historical wargames, which are kinda like Risk but better, but the themes are straight history. Cyclades could be worth looking at.

Condotierre perhaps?

Urzas_Fictionry 1

Quarterbacking is a you problem, not a game problem. Keep repeating that and it will make your life a lot easier. It's a Zee Garcia classic.

I think Horrified is a good suggestion. I'd also add Dead Men Tell No Tales to that list. It is pirate fantasy but feels very "Pandemic-esque". It won't be under 30 minutes though.

If game time is a key component, you are looking at party or filler. I think Just One is a great option, but it doesn't play at 2. Pandemic: the Cure would work if you can get over the theme. One Deck Dungeon might work, but it feels more like 45 minutes rather than under 30, so I'd be a bit hesitant to suggest it if time is of the essence.

Moogy_C 3

>Quarterbacking is a you problem, not a game problem. Keep repeating that and it will make your life a lot easier.

I never said it was a game problem, and my life is fine, thanks.

gorillapancake 1

Circle the wagons is free to play on happymeeple.com if you want to try it out. Sushi Go and Fox in the Forest could be worth looking into as well.

Moogy_C 1

Oh, thank you, it would be great to try the mechanics online, what a cool idea. I've heard of Fox in the Forest, but don't know anything about it, I'll look into it. She tried Sushi Go with her friend's kids a few times in the past and didn't seem too impressed, lol.

Mr_robit 2

Fox in the Forest is tremendous. For a game with only 33 cards I'm pleasantly surprised to still be learning new tricks at game 30. Keyflower is about an hour at 2. It's a step up in complexity over, say, Carcassonne, but it's been a joy- it packs a lot into a single game.

Moogy_C 1

Thanks for the further insight on Fox In The Forest. I swear Keyflower rings a bell, but I don't remember so I'll add it on. I think a more complex version Carcassonne would be up her alley, though I'm not exactly looking forward to it, lol. Thanks again.

laleluoom 1


Castles or Burgundy has dice, but is slightly longer than 30 minutes (especially the first few times you play it). Best at 2, good with more

Carcassonne has randomness because you choose which pile of secret tiles you draft from. No dice tho. Best at 2, good with more. Consider the Big Box 6

Cartographers is light in tone and plays quickly. No dice tho, but randomness is there. Good with 2, best with 3 or 4

Cartographers and Carcassonne are both light in tone I'd say

...now that I think about it, any game that starts with "Ca" will do.

Moogy_C 2

Oh, Carcassonne, I forgot to mention that. We own that one, and she does like it. That was kind of her acceptable intro into gaming, and what lead me to finding SmallWorld (very different games, obviously, but that's where the train of thought left the station).

Castles of Burgundy always looked stuffy to me, but she may well enjoy it if the mechanics are right; as long as the visuals aren't dark fantasy/war/etc., she'll give it a shot.

I'll also check out the others you mentioned, and start searching more alphabetically, lmao. Thank you.

Probonoh 3

Re: competitiveness. I used to worry about games being too competitive to play with my husband. Over time, we realized that it's not competing with each other that makes it difficult to play together, but rather two other things. The first is "take that" mechanics where the way to get ahead is to knock the other one down. (Risk, chess, etc.) The other, which often shows up in such games, is knowing the outcome of the game long before it's over.

Your wife may be one of those who agrees with us on what makes for an unpleasant experience. In that case, it may be worth trying simpler non-coop games. Wingspan is one she may like. Basically, look at negative BGG reviews that complain about "lack of interaction" and "multilayer solitaire."

twinlifetwo 4

Unearth It has tile placement and dice rolling, the art is beautiful, it’s pretty quick, and good for 2 players.

Moogy_C 1

Well that just sounds right up her alley. I'll look into it, thank you.

laleluoom 3

Don't mind the unnecessary-advice-giving comments. Had you said that it was your male friend who usually didn't participate in boardgame activities and that you were pleased to see he liked it after you tried it, but wanted to take it slow to stay within his growing comfort zone, they wouldn't care. But since she's female, suddenly there are problems, you are a problem, quarterbacking to any extent is a personal issue and you are denying widespread hate towards women in the hobby. There have been posts about it that attracted some attention, so I guess it is an issue here and there in more local communities? Definitely not where I live or in the communities I participate in. I think it's great to see that the community is willing to stand up for the cause. A bad side-effect is that some are seeing signs of it everywhere. Makes me wonder how bad it must be at some places. If she appreciated you doing the work, you could also "integrate" her into the selection process. Pick a few games, maybe even a few more complex ones, and just describe what they look like and what you do. Good theme is a great way to introduce newbies, at least it was for me

Moogy_C 1

Thanks for the insight, it's always strange to me when people jump to conclusions without even asking questions. I'll think on your advice when choosing, but may just make it a surprise. I tried the idea with three last time - SmallWorld was the only one she didn't even want. I ended up just buying all three, and it ended up being the one she clearly liked the most, so who knows. She's very busy, so the idea of setting time aside to pick out a boardgame has to be well-timed or completely delegated to me, lol.

tyrannus1115 5

A word of caution on Arboretum...while it's a gorgeous game it is absolutely, unashamedly mean and nasty. That might be fine for you two, but at least for me and my wife we tend to do better with games that aren't as prone to causing hurt feelings.

Some of the games my wife and I enjoy are:

Unearth, a pretty light combination of set collection, dice rolling, and tile placement...plays in 30 min or less with 2

Space Park and/or PARKS, these two are by the same designer, and PARKS is a slightly deeper evolution from Space Parks, but Space Parks plays more quickly. They are gorgeous and lightly competitive, as you are progressing along a path taking actions and strategizing how best to achieve your goals while blocking your opponent from taking a crucial action.

Menara, a dexterity co-op which helps mitigate quarterbacking because ultimately each person is responsible for their own hand stability and column placement. It can be very exciting and tense, and has fantastic table presence.

If your wife likes Pandemic but the theme is a bit too cold, you could try Pandemic: Fall of Rome which switches the theme from racing to cure diseases to trying to save the Roman Empire from barbarian invasions, and you get to conscript legions and build forts to aid your defence.

Moogy_C 1

Oh man, I didn't even think to look into different versions of games. That probably opens up a whole bunch of options. I'll look into all the games you mentioned, I haven't heard of any of them. Good recommendations and good insight, thank you very much.

And thanks for the note on Arboretum, I'll probably watch some gameplay on YouTube or something to get a feel for the tone. If it's pretty enough and it looks like I won't win every time it could be a good idea. She's very proud when she beats me, so a cutthroat nature may actually serve as a boon in the right circumstances.

Miguelito-Loveless 3

Quest for El Dorado is a deck builder, but no one in our group likes deck builders, and we all adore El Dorado. So it is a deck builder that might appeal to people that really don't like that mechanic in other manifestations.

Horrified is an easy game to like, and doesn't have the "cold tone" of Pandemic.

Cyclades may be a bit much. Blood Rage might work as a better introduction to the dudes on a map genre.

Istanbul might be worth looking into as well.

Moogy_C 2

Good insight, thank you. Our friend has Istanbul, but I remember literally nothing about it, so I'll slap it on the list.

We own Blood Rage and she is really not into the atmosphere. She's not a fan of viking themes and hates the name "Blood Rage" lol. The complexity level is just about perfect, I think. She's missing out.

Thanks for the further info on Quest For El Dorado. That may bump it to the bottom of the list, but I'll look into it. Any insight on what sets it apart from other deck builders? She doesn't like being the one responsible for building.

Miguelito-Loveless 2

In other deck builders you are trying to build a deck that is "optimum" and that often means a deck that generates the most victory points.

In Quest, you are racing (not trying to get victory points) and there is no such thing as a perfect deck. You have to go through rivers, forests, and villages. A deck that helps you get through forests fast, will slow you down on water or in villages. Since the terrain keeps changing, all the players will have cards that are suboptimal at each stretch of the path.

Also, many games of Quest end with a thrilling finish (e.g. the 2nd or 3rd place person zooms ahead to win at the last moment).

Finally, Quest is different from other deck builders in many of the cards don't have any complicated text and there are only a small number of cards in the game.

Moogy_C 2

This is awesome info, and I can see what you're saying, thank you. The pressure of building the "optimum" deck is exactly the reason she's turned off, I think. The changing dynamic of the terrain is very promising. This might end up being a hot take that pays off. Thank for taking the time to get back to me.

Mr_robit 2

Haven't played Cyclades, but I've heard that Inis, from the same producer, is better at 2. I can confirm that it's very good at 2, takes about an hour, and is beautiful. It's also great with 3 though quite different (more table talk and negotiation), and takes a bit too long at 4 IMO.

Moogy_C 1

Great insight, thank you very much. I'll add it on. She's into table talk, so that's a good sign.

rasmusdybro 3

Kingdomino is a great option if she is into the tile laying. It plays 2-4 players (but I have only played at 2), and takes 10-15 minutes to play. Also Isle of Skye is a tile placement option. I haven't played that one myself though, so can't really vouch for it.

EDIT: Oh, also Sagrada. Beautiful game of dice laying, so may scratch some of the same itches. Plays up to 4 as far as I remember, but is great at 2 due to shorter downtime.


I've seen Kingdomino played, and it's a bit too simple for our tastes right now. I've looked at Sagrada in the past, but I wasn't personally interested so I never followed up. She may enjoy it for the reasons you mentioned, thank you.

Cardboard_Junky 5

You should give Quaks of Quindleberg a look. Its mainly a push your luck game with a bit of combo and strategy.

shmaugaline 5

I am looking for any recommendations. We are a board game group of 3 and are looking for any games which work best for 3 players.

We are currently playing Root and loving it.

Other games we play and enjoy are: Catan, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Pandemic

We have just purchased Spirit Island as well but haven’t played it yet.

We don’t want anything super heavy but medium complexity and a long run time would be absolutely fine for us.

Miguelito-Loveless 5

Azul, Carcassonne, and The Quest for El Dorado are all gateway games (easy to learn, easy to enjoy) and they are all good at 3 players. They are considerably less complex than Spirit Island and in the same general ballpark as Ticket to Ride.

Viticulture works great at 3, but also is nice at 2 and 4 players.

lazzerini 3

These are great suggestions. I'll also add Stone Age, Dominion, Splendor, and Clank!.

Probonoh 1

My husband and I prefer it at three. We manage that by adding the Automata as a third "player."

MoveOnToWhat 2

If you can find it, Tikal would suit your requirements. Part of the Mask Trilogy of games, it used an action point system in which the players acts as expeditors as they uncover the forests of Tikal.

Do check it out. It generally is considered to be the heaviest of SDJ winners but the rules are pretty easy to learn. 3 player games generally last 90 minutes.

White-Elephante 3

Raiders of the North Sea, Wingspan, Architects of the West Kingdom, Tapestry, and Circadians: First Light all play good at 3p.

KingsElite 3

Race for the Galaxy is one to check out.

Urzas_Fictionry 2

If you like Root and want a step up, I'd try Cuba Libre or Falling Sky. COIN has a ton of other games that you can graduate to if you want to go up from there even further.

I'd also take a look at Three Kingdoms Redux. It is a worker placement/bidding game specifically designed for exactly three players. I think it is fantastic.

ThrowbackPie 2

I'll add that Keyflower is a great game that seems to work at all player counts.

Innovation is great too, if you don't hate take that! mechanics.

flourishersvk 2


Sorry if this is a super stupid question but I don't know much about board games.

I've been playing battletech which can be played solo too if you really want. And that's what I love. I don't live in English speaking country and its near impossible to find people to play with. But when we meet with my brother we play battletech sometimes.

So what I'm looking for is maybe a board RPG game which I can play alone and maybe write scenarios for it too. If that's even possible. Any recommendations are highly appreciated!

Rustysquash 1

I'm not sure if you're looking for something more narrative or more mechanical, so I'll suggest both options.

Gloomhaven - more mechanical than narrative. My top recommendation, there are lots of custom scenarios already and you could certainly make your own (it also includes a random scenario generator)
Many people seem to recommend starting with the smaller Gloomhaven game, Jaws of the Lion

Imperial Assualt - Star Wars, has RPG systems and narrative, can be played solo with an app

Descent - very similar to Imperial Assualt, but a fantasy theme instead, also needs an app for solo play

Arkham Horror LCG - it's a Cthulhu card game with a narrative campaign and you level up your investigator over time, would be a bit hard to make custom scenarios for

Legacy of Dragonholt - very narrative focused, it's sort of like a choose your own adventure book with some RPG systems, it would be difficult to create custom scenarios for it

There are plenty of other adventure and RPG games out there, but I don't know if that's exactly what you're looking for. Some of those games that I've played are: Mage Knight, Kingdom Death Monster and Runebound.

Hope that list helps!

ChesterAndTheMeeps 1

This is not totally and RPG, it's more an adventure game. But Legends Untold has a great story and you can play it by your self. Different scenarios and difficulty levels :)

PanMearBig 3

My significant other and I have pretty solidly settled into 2-player games due to the pandemic, and vastly prefer co-op over competitive games.

We’ve played all of Mansions of Madness 2e, some Eldritch Horror (didn’t really care for it), all of TIME Stories, and are currently into Maximum Apocalypse.

We started Gloomhaven JOTL and haven’t gotten through all the tutorials, but find it kind of a slog to get it to the table and all set up.

Currently looking at getting Spirit Island once we’ve gone through Maximum Apocalypse and the Gothic expansion we got for it, but any further recommendations are also appreciated!

Acanthaceae_Signal 1

Chronicles of Crime, Aeon's End, The Lost Expedition.

TheCrimsonBlades 4

Table Top Simulator improved the enjoyment of Gloomhaven for me! The narrative and the lore are wonderfully immersive so I feel the journey is worth it but I agree setup of the physical board game is a chore.

PanMearBig 1

With co-op, it’s not so much the narrative that pulls us in, it’s the sense of getting our ass kicked by the game so it feels good to win. That’s why Eldritch didn’t really click; it felt too easy and anticlimactic

Srpad 1

We really like Horrified but find it more fun if we each play two heroes (essentially a four player game with two players).

ManWith_ManyCheeses 1

JOTL is definitely worth it, especially if you’re looking for a game that gives a challenge. The setup gets easier the more you play. And you definitely should download the gloomhaven helper app. You won’t have to setup the monster decks anymore and you can use the app to track monster health, status effects and to draw cards from the modifier deck. It makes a huge difference. Spirit Island is also amazing if you’re looking into it. Definitely one of the best co-ops out there IMO, but it is also a pain to setup.

TrinityBomber 3

What are some must have boardgames for two players? I mainly play worker placement, dungeon crawler, and engine builders but I'm open to anything

Srpad 2

We play almost exclusively two players. Some of our favorite games are Res Arcana, It's a Wonderful World, Port Royal, Carcassonne and Carcassonne South Seas.

White-Elephante 2

Our favorite games to play at 2p are Paladins of the West Kingdom, Circadians: First Light, Viticulture, Wingspan, Yamatai, Arboretum, and Heaven and Ale.

Escherichia- 1

Hive, 7 Wonders Duel, Raptor, Jaipur, Lost Cities, Fox in the Forest are all great 2 player exclusive games. I'd agree that Wingspan is great at 2 as others have said. Some others that are also great at 2 but a little heavier than the previously mentioned ones are Aeons End, Raiders of the North Sea, Spirit Island, and Robinson Crusoe.

Some other games that are good at 2 but aren't as heavy, are Santorini, Century: Golem, Dice Forge, Azul, Hero Realms, and Clank!


Istanbul Dice Game, Paris Cité de la Lumière, Sagrada, Jaipur, Kingdomino, Copenhagen, Photosynthesis, Optimus, Azul.

ManWith_ManyCheeses 3

Race for the Galaxy, Patchwork, 7 Wonders: Duel, Jaipur, and Targi are all great games at 2! There are plenty though. Did you want games specifically for two players? Or any player count?

TrinityBomber 2

Any player count works!

[deleted] 4


peer-pressured 2

Played this literally last night and a friend had a similar experience. You’re not alone. It’s not you - there are just games out there that aren’t for you. I know that there’s lots of games out there that you’ll enjoy discovering the strategy for. Not every game is for everyone.

The only other trading game I’ve played is Catan, so I’d avoid that if you don’t enjoy having to think of offers on the fly. There are tons of games out there that don’t have elements like this - you might even think about playing a game solo first so that you can get a grip on the strategy before playing with others. Best of luck.

[deleted] 1


peer-pressured 2

Your friends may have told you that Bohnanza is super simple but that’s not really the case. What you trade and when is pretty important, and if you don’t like trading then it won’t click nearly as easily. Finding a mechanic in another game that you enjoy mastering will be way more fun for you.

LevyTheMachine 3

There is nothing wrong with you. Not all games are for everyone, and some people just don’t really like any board/card games, and that’s okay! I have friends who enjoy hobbies that I don’t like at all. So I find other things to do with them. Life is too short to spend your free tome doing things you don’t enjoy.

lazzerini 6

I found Bohnanza pretty non-intuitive first time too, I wouldn't stress it. And those other folks who picked it up, they're probably gamers. If you don't have experience playing board games, you're going to have a tougher time.

It's tricky asking this in a boardgame forum, because most of us do like games. I've certainly had games that I didn't get at all - I am a gamer but the first time I played Race for the Galaxy I was completely lost and eventually resorted to other people telling me what to do so we could play it out. (Don't play that one.)

Sorry it ruined your weekend. Try to keep it in perspective. Don't hate yourself for it. Game strategy is a special skill that takes practice, not having it doesn't mean something is wrong with you.

I think there are a few paths forward. One is that you frame yourself as "not a gamer." Hang out with those friends if you want, but bring your knitting, cook some yummy food, find another thing to do and just enjoy the company. Flat out identify yourself as "not a lot of experience with games" and see if someone will play with you as a team. Look to play party games, which are much easier to pick up and play. Or prepare in advance. There are websites to practice playing some games against bots, till you get the hang of it. For Bohnanza, I don't know any online versions, but you can find the rules and strategy advice online, even get yourself a deck and play out practice games.

I agree with the other poster that you might want to avoid Catan, but most games don't have real-time bartering so you should be okay.


I played Bohnanza several times, and although I like it, I was never good at it.

I got into board games when lockdown started. I did it so that I could spend time with my oldest, doing something fun and educative. I'm never going back. I haven't played with my wife, though, because she's not into it.
I'm not a great player by any measure, and I probably win because I play against a 6 year old, but I do have fun, and am really happy to see how much of a better math student he has become.

TheZilloBeast 3

Wow, just played Paladins of the wk and it’s really good. Looking forward to playing it more, finding different strategies. Today I built my wall and attacked a lot and lost lol, but it was still fun. What are some of your favourite strategies?

White-Elephante 3

I really enjoy Paladins. My strategy is usually dictated by what Paladins I draw in the first couple of rounds. I try to focus on 3 specific actions so I don’t get spread too thin, and try to make your actions cheaper ASAP.

thejacquemarie 1

Looking for recommendations for large group board/card games (10+ people, in their late 20's/30's).

So far we play cards against humanity, red flags, and secret Hitler. We like other games but none of them are large enough games to let everyone play at the same time. Thanks in advance!

Im_Not_That_Smart_ 5

There’s “one night ultimate werewolf” which could work.

Codenames is a fun team game, so it can work at 10 but I personally prefer it at 6.

Also, have you considered playing in 2-3 smaller groups? Because so many more doors open up at smaller player counts.

thejacquemarie 2

We do! We play a lot of 3-5 players games too and have smaller game nights, but sometimes we have a dinner party and like 8-10 people comes so it's nice to have a few options for that too!! 🥰

I haven't heard of the werewolf game, but we do play codenames in smaller groups!

Miguelito-Loveless 7

Decrypto and Wavelength are great party games that support large player counts. Definitely worth a look.

thejacquemarie 2

Thanks!! I will look into those!!


If you want something that works for many people, albeit not being a game with much player interaction, look at Cartographers. The only interaction, and that's a really cool feature of the game, would be the part where you get to draw the monster cards on your buddy's sheet, thus unleashing chaos on his game.

LEGO_Zelda 1

I like the 12 player Telestrations

thejacquemarie 2

I'll check that one out!

jakethewhale007 1

I've been on something of a GMT Games bender, and I'm torn between 2 of their games: Tank Duel or Talon. Does anyone have experience with these games? If you've played both, which one is more enjoyable? How do they scale with player count?

Tobl4 2

Any recommendations on 2p legacy games? Pandemic Legacy S1 is in the running of course, but I want to make sure I'm also considering worthy alternatives.

Treesrule 1

S1 & S2 are good, Clank! Legacy is good,

SteoanK 1

Seconding Clank! Legacy AI as well. Really easy for two players.

OceansAngryGrasp 1

Charterstone might be a good pick as long as you dont see yourself eventually playing with more people. Its way better with more people, but you can get a good experience at 2p with AT LEAST 2 automa characters.

Aside from that, as mentioned, S1&S2, then Clank! legacy, Gloomhaven (if you consider it a legacy game)!

poriand24 2

For anyone who has played Clank Legacy, how easy was it to learn? Curious for 2p

OceansAngryGrasp 1

I would definitely watch a video explaining the base game of Clank!, the rulebook then tells you which pages to look for to see how some rules might differ from the base game. Its a game that starts pretty light-medium weight and scales to a medium weight. Make sure to get the rules down, its an awesome experience (especially the narrative portion), and messing up the rules might take you away from the experience!!

Small tip: make sure you read everything through during the whole campaign. My girlfriend and I missed a card we were supposed to take at some point, and it kind of messed our game three games later. Also keep in mind that it is competitive, but also cooperation: you want to accomplish all contracts, and help each other doing so!

Enjoy my friend :)

subyng 1

Does anyone have suggestions for 2 player board games that will make you laugh out loud? Can be either casual or more hardcore.


arbetorium 1

Junk Art is nice! Plays up to 6 too.

MyFaceOnTheInternet 1

Klask! It's more a dexterity game then a boardgame but always fun.

Sarkastic_Ninja 2

My grandparents used to have a puzzle game that consisted of a yellow plastic board that had pegs sticking out of both sides and an assortment of black dominos that had holes through them where the pips should be. It was a lot of fun figuring out how the pieces went on either side of the board (I'm not sure if there was a single solution or not).

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? For the life if me, I can't remember if it had a name and I can't even find something as simple as a picture on Google Images.

Legendary_katana6969 1

Looking for board games with anime theme or design preferably made in japan.

ninjasushiiii 2

I think you should check out Japanime and Level 99 Games. I don't know much about them other than the anime style art and themes.

fingerBANGwithWANG 1

There is some deckbuilder out there whose name escapes me, but I think it has some sort of anime art and theme (sexy maids or something? I can't remember). It's supposed to be a really great game, but because of the theme I never looked more into it.

Edit: I always get the game confused with Hansa Teutonica which is certainly not the game I described above. It is spelled similar if I remember.

Cliffy73 2

Tanto Cuore. I don’t know if it’s still in print.

fingerBANGwithWANG 1

That's the one! I always wanted to play it because when it came out everyone would say "it's great if you can get passed the theme", which I never could so I never played it.

Miguelito-Loveless 1

Well if you REALLY want to get into anime theme, then Google "Japanime** games, go to their website, and look around.

ManWith_ManyCheeses 1

Millennium Blades has a lot of art inspired by anime\manga, and it's a very unique game too. It's made by Level 99 Games, which as another poster pointed out, makes other games of a similar art style.

C9_FireLordDodo 2

What are the best murder mystery games out there? My wife and I love murder mysteries and have always wanted to play a game with this theme. Not very experienced so I don’t know what’s out there.

fingerBANGwithWANG 3

Not murder mystery per say, but Letters from whitechapel or its streamlined cousin Whitehall Mystery are about Jack the Ripper killing people and having the cops chase him down. The murder is there and hidden movement is mysterious in a way, so it kinda works. Really great games at 2 (at least LfW is cuz that's the only one I have actually played).

Miguelito-Loveless 2

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is one to look into. Read some reviews/watch some videos about it before you plunk down money on it. It is not a light and fluffy murder mystery game. But if you want a challenge, that might be for you.

Chronicles of Crime is a lighter mystery game that is played with the aid of a smart phone.

Note that these games do not have infinite replay value. They come with multiple mysteries (and you can pay to get more), but I doubt you will want to play a mystery again once you have solved it.

nicku114 1

I’d recommend Mysterium! It’s generally light, and it works better with more people (maybe 4+), so if it’s just two I’m not sure how good it would be.

SucculentFire 1

Quick wingspan question. I have recently got into board games and just want to share them with everyone in my life. I have been thinking about getting my dad a copy of wingspan. He is super into birds. Used to be a breeder and now has arranged his whole backyard just to look at birds and feed them. He also teaches a wildlife biology class at a high school and has a huge portion of his class dedicated to birds.

My question: he's not really a board gamer. He plays lots of games on his iPad and will play games at holiday gatherings. It's not that he's against them per se, but maybe hasn't played a good one? Would wingspan be good for him? Is it something a non gamer could get into if they are super into birds?


Vyltyx 1

The theme is going to help him through the initial slog of learning the game for sure. The designer is an ornithologist and put a lot of love into the factual design of the cards.

For his first game, don’t try to teach him all the rules. I’ve taught the game many times, and the rules flow beautifully when teaching avid gamers, but really is too much at once when teaching someone who is relatively new to modern games.

Curate his opening hand of bird cards and resources. I’d say give him 3 cards and 2 resources, with each card being from the three zones, and the 2 resources that allow him to play one of his birds on the first turn. Maybe give him one of the crows. Have him last in the turn order. When his turn comes around, patiently walk him through what his options are as he asks about them. Also, as people activate brown or red abilities, explain what’s going on (the order of operations of performing one of the actions is generally the most confusing part for new players).

If he’s not opposed to receiving handicaps, maybe allow him to keep both bonus cards at the beginning of the game, or give him an extra egg when he inevitably forgets that he needs it to play a bird. Also, I highly recommend that you play with the blue side of the “end-of-round goals” board. It allows new players to still stumble into objective points, instead of doing somewhat well on an objective but still getting nothing because everyone else did better.

Just my two cents. Really the most helpful thing for new players is to play with someone that already knows the game, as is willing to answer questions as they come up.

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