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ippo4ever 3

I am looking to pick up my first worker/euro game to play with my SO. It is normally just the two of us playing. I am considering the following games:

Everdell (is the CE worth it?)
The Castles is Burgundy

We are both relatively new gamers, having played Santorini and The Quest for El Dorado. I have been reading up on games from this sub and the worker-type game has really caught my interest. I brought it up with my partner and she is also interested. As far as I can tell, Everdell is more luck based than the other two? What are pros and cons of both?

darkflikk 2

For me Burgundy has a weak theme and feels a little abstract and is not a classical worker placement game. Everdell might be the most beautiful of the 3 you named but its also only half worker placement with an equal part of card drafting / set collection. And Agricola is heavier but the purest worker placement of those you named. I do think a Feast for Odin is better than Agricola but those games are really heavy and can take longer.

Maybe something lighter like Lords of waterdeep or champions of midgard would be a better start.

ManualPancake 7

I agree with u/darkflikk: there are better first WP games. Lords of Waterdeep is a great choice. Raiders of the North Sea or Architects of West Kingdom are also good. If you definitely want a Uwe Rosenberg game you might look at Nusfjord which is great and also inexplicably dirt cheap these days.

mynameisdis 2

Everdell has quite a bit of draw luck involved. As an engine builder, this can sometimes lead to a runaway leader. However it is quick and pleasant. You're just going to play cards as best you can.

Castles of Burgundy has much less engine building. It's a bit more tactical as you try and fill out your board and use your dice as best you can from turn to turn. The dice also forces you to be a bit on your toes and keep yourself as open to different rolls as possible.

Agricola is the longest and most complicated of the three, but probably still not a problem for people who are enthusiastic about learning worker placement games. It's my personal pick of the three. Lots of replay-ability and a decent amount of tension.

RandomBystanderNo8 2

I can only speak to Everdell as it's the only one of the three that I've played and own. As u/mynameisdis has mentioned earlier, the luck factor can sometimes be a bit much, but I've seen a user-created micro-expansion for two players on BGG (here) that increases the burn rate of the card deck and might alleviate that problem a bit. Haven't tried that yet, though.

As for the collector's edition - I got it because I love upgraded components, but it also brings additional, legendary cards. Some people seem to enjoy playing with those, others are meh about them, so that seems to be up to personal preference. Personally, I can't advise regarding those cards because I didn't play with them yet. You could check out your game store what the price difference between standard and CE is, and what their price of the upgrade pack is.

If you don't mind a suggestion that's not on your list, I might throw in Terramara. We just finished our first 2p game of it, and it turned out to be quite enjoyable. It's a combination of worker placement and what feels like beginner-level engine building. You use your workers to gather resources (and gain points in other areas) and use the resources to pay for artifact cards. These score victory points at the end, but also bring nice bonuses during the game, for example reduced card costs and other modifications. The game brings a modular board for variable setup, and also variable player powers.

TheOrderOfWhiteLotus 1

Castles of Burgundy was our first worker placement too. So I’m a little partial to that. It’s also more of a worker placement than Everdell. This would be my choice.

Agricola might be a bit too advanced as your first one. We don’t own it, but we have Caverna, it’s spiritual sequel.

Everdell is lovely and also welcome to newcomers. We have the regular game and I don’t think the CE is worth it— the main complaint is against the tree... which is the same in the CE from what I’ve read.


Since youre relatively new I would suggest either Lord's of waterdeep or stone age, both are great worker placement games and are pretty easy to jump into.

Also, just an FYI, castles of burgundy isn't really a worker placement game.

Cliffy73 2

Of the 3 CoB is the best IMO, but I would not really call it worker placement. Everdell I’ve played only once. I liked it quite a bit, but it’s really a card-drafting and engine-building game that has some WP to smooth out the resource collection. (I think some of the expansions lean more in the WP aspect.) Either of these would be a good choice for someone looking to start exploring Euro games (Everdell being quite expensive, of course) because they’re good games, but they’re not where I’d steer you if you’re specifically looking for worker placement.

Agricola many, many people love. I am not one of them. I find it too punishing, you’re always way short of resources and get punished for it. (Perhaps I am just bad at the game.)

Lords of Waterdeep is a good first WP game. It’s light but still a good game. Others have suggested Raiders of the North Sea and Champions of Midgard. I would play either of them again if someone wanted to (Raiders is better than Champions), but I found both of them fairly thin.

The thing I’ve been playing on my iPad recently is Caylus. It is often described as a brain burner, but (unlike Agricola), it doesn’t punish you if you make a mistake (well, not very much). The competition is the other players, not the game itself. A revised (and apparently slightly lighter) version, Caylus 1303, came out last year, although I’ve only ever played the original.

The other obvious recommendation is Istanbul. It is WP although it works differently than the classic worker placement. You have a stack of workers that travel around with you, so positioning is important, and you can’t completely block opponents from spaces they want to go to (although you can make it less efficient to do so).

Fabled Fruit is also a good if somewhat off-model worker placement game that works great at two players (a lot of Euros are best with at least 3). There’s a fair amount of take that in the game, though, which some people really dislike. (“Take that” mechanics being ones that allow you to mess directly with your opponents as opposed to just blocking their plans or being more efficient than they.)

Brodogmillionaire1 1

I think CoB is a sneaky worker placement game. You're using workers to take action spaces in a shared pool, blocking the actions or resources from other players. It doesn't seem like WP because it's dice, but Alien Frontiers is WP with dice, so I think it counts.

Cliffy73 2

I wouldn’t say you’re wrong, although I’m not sure I agree. But if OP is specifically looking for the WP mechanic, CoB feels very different than the classic WP paradigm you find in Caylus, Lords of Waterdeep, etc.

FeelingChappy 1

I find it hard to disagree with any of the suggestions, and maybe I would toss in The Voyages of Marco Polo, although I've never played it at two. I have to say that while I agree that Burgundy isn't worker placement per se, it's dice placement, and the theme isn't terribly strong, and the setup is a beast and both versions have crap art.... despite all that it's still one of my favorite games of all time. Champions and Raiders was fun for me too for about two or three plays each before I thought they needed an expansion.

lazzerini 2

I haven't played Everdell, but if you're interested in an intro worker placement, also look at Stone Age, which is lots of fun. Also Lords of Waterdeep, which plays fine with 2 and also up to 5. Agricola is challenging, and personally I find it stressful, so wouldn't recommend it over Castles of Burgundy.

truemt1 3

If you want something easily accessible - I would go for Everdell. Low amount of rules, cards dictate most of the action. Whimsical theme, pleasant art, components, and colors. Does have a big luck element, but that's not a negative, just a trait to know going in.

Agricola is (to me) one of the best games of all times. It will be considered a big jump from Santorini and El Dorado, and if you play with the cards(one of its best aspects) there can be a daunting first impression from analyzing 14 cards before your first action. It works great at 2p, but it can feel "zero sum" where you two will take actions that benefit you, and potentially harm the other(For example, you both need food, one action space has a bunch of sheep, your SO takes it to convert sheep to food. You're now out of luck and your family starves to the tune of -3 to -15 points (in a game where 40 is high) I find this charming and makes repeated plays intense and exciting, but if you're of the "pick a strategy and we both do our own things laterally and whomever did their thing the best wins" variety then Agricola is less ideal.

doomsyrup 2

I'd recommend Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small as a good option if you're looking for something a little more advanced without diving straight into the deep end!

It's a 2-player variant of Agricola which strips the game down to its animal husbandry component but retains all those fun, tricky choices associated with worker placement. It's really cute (animal meeples!), is nicely substantial, and has the added bonus of taking less time than full-blown Agricola.

Miguelomaniac 1

Viticulture works really well as a worker placement game where the theme is very present and does not have a steep learning curve. I play it with the wife and she loves it.

_LeftHookLarry 2

Hi, anyone in the UK know a good place to get a neoprene mat?

Also what's your favourite 1 vs many game?

flyliceplick 1

https://www.waylandgames.co.uk had a good selection last I checked.

There's some great ones. Probably Fury of Dracula? Doom, Days of Ire, Mansions of Madness 1e, Lifeform, and many others are up there though.

snowcrocus 7

Looking for kids' games that have a walrus in them. Particularly interested in games for a 3yo, but older is ok, too.

drosing 5

So that is pretty specific. I did a quick look at Haba games. Lighthouse Ambush has a walrus. Probably not the greatest kids game. You might find a walrus in some better regarded games. Animal upon animal maybe. Ice Cool is very good and one of the expansions has walruses. Good luck!

snowcrocus 2

Thanks! I have been a huge walrus fan since I was 2, and now apparently my soon-to-turn-3yo nephew has turned into a walrus fan, too! :#=

[deleted] 1


Ficus_the_Destroyer 1

I'm looking to get into the Arkham Horror LCG. It's something I think I'll like but my question is two fold:

1) Can someone offer insight into solo play? I hear mixed things about solo. If it helps I have and play Mage Knight solo.

2) If you could only pick one cycle to go with the core game what would you pick? I hear good things about Dunwich and I like the temple theme (based on the art) of the Forgotten Age cycle. But if someone wanted to sway me from one of those two I'd be willing to listen.

Treparcs 1

The solo plays fine, what do you wanna know?

Get whatever cycle is fully for sale at the time.

Ficus_the_Destroyer 1

I guess I was wondering how complicated it gets to play 2 handed. Does it feel cumbersome or does the ability to customize two decks add to the creativity/fun?

Treparcs 1

You can play one handed with one investigator.

onyxplant 2

I pretty much exclusively play solo and I love the game. Solo with one investigator is a little limiting because you have to build the one deck to do everything but it’s definitely possible. There are a few investigators who are harder to play effective one-handed solo.

Two-handed solo offers more options for your investigators and is my preferred way to play. It lets you specialize a bit more for each investigator and opens up some more play styles. I don’t find managing two investigators to be too complicated after I got used to how the game flows.

Hvitved 1

Regarding project elite:
How does weapons with only locked slots work.. If all get allocated does it mean the weapon Can shoot endlessly?

LardCream 1

In Roads and Boats any idea donkey move two tiles if tile 0 to tile 1 is connected by a road but tile 1 to tile 2 isn't.

I know it can't if tile 0 and tile 1 aren't connected but tile 1 and 2 are.

I'm just uncertain and it changes a lot of what I want to do

I did some more searching and found the answer to be no.


Referenced thread if its helpful to someone else

Grimli_son_of_Groin 1

A question about Lords Of Waterdeep:

When someone buys a building, in addition to controlling that building henceforth, do they also immediately gain the benefit listed on the building (the benefit gained in future rounds by a player who places their agent there)? I can’t quite figure out the official rules regarding this point.

I think something I’ve noticed is that there hasn’t been a huge incentive to build buildings, especially if you don’t gain that immediate benefit. I’ve played four times now, but only with one other person.

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