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JohnStamosAsABear 2

What are some lesser known grand strategy games?

I'm wanting to look into some of those complex strategy games that can take hours to play. Doesn't necessarily have to be a war game but games like TI4, Dominant Species, Through the Ages, Dune, Forbidden Stars etc. Ideally plays with 3-5.

FabioFLX 1

I think strategy games are the one more easily become famous when they are grand, so it's difficult to me to write down some big game which is less know.

So, I can list games I personally didn't see much playing this days but they're great, as like Root, Tzolk'in, Lisboa and Caylus.

Mattdehaven 2

Eclipse? Pretty well known game but perhaps you haven't heard of it.

dleskov 8

18xx games, John Company, Pax games, Bios trilogy, Roads & Boats.

Vz-Rei 1


Urzas_Fictionry 3

They don't play 5, but for 3-4, the COIN games by GMT are excellent.

Starting with Cuba Libre if you want an easy entry point, trying Fire in the Lake if you want the heaviest.

murmuring_sumo 2

We played our first game of Cuba Libre yesterday with only two and two bots and both thought the game would really shine with 4 players. Highly recommend it.

dleskov 2

The recommended by some way to play it is with three people and a bot controlling Syndicate, as the latter is somewhat less interesting to play than three others. We tried that by chance on our first play due to a no-show and almost lost to the bot!

flyliceplick 3

Struggle of Empires, Here I Stand, Virgin Queen, Pax Renaissance, Democracy Under Siege, Cataclysm, Quartermaster General, Triumph and Tragedy.

dystopianview 2

Aww, I wish you were in my board game circle :(

Other recommendations are good: COIN games, Here I Stand. If you like WW2, the options are infinite, but there's Unconditional Surrender if you want to spend a day, and A World at War if you want to spend multiple days. And if the hex-and-counters haven't turned you off, there's Space Empires 4X as well.

If you like Axis and Allies, the next step up from there is War Room (same designer), and that's a REALLY fun one.

Star Trek: Ascendancy is another one.

I don't care much for them personally, but the Vital Lacerda games (Gallerist, Lisboa, Vinhos, etc) are dripping in theme if that's important to you.

LevyTheMachine 2

Roll Player: how long does a solo game take? What is the setup and tear down time? I love solo gaming but a lot of my games take a long time to play. I have One Deck Dungeon Forest of Shadows, and that is great for a relatively quick solo game.

I was also looking at Race for the Galaxy but it seems you need an expansion for solo play.

Any solo game recommendations that take 60 minutes or less including setup and tear down? I am not interested in Friday or Onirim.

MiOdd 2

I love the solo mode in Tiny Epic Tactics, my games are generally about 70 minutes, including setup and tear down. For something very quick, like 15 minutes, try Sprawlopolis.

TensioneConcettuale 1

About Roll Player solo: not much time for setup and teardown, can get longer if you think a lot every turn because it's a very puzzly game. The actions of your "opponent" (a die) are very fast and simple.

15jthomson 2

For those of you who have backed the Bloodborne board game, I had a question.

TL;DR - I’m afraid that combat is extremely random due to the fact that you can never prepare or anticipate to counter specific enemy attacks, meaning that you landing your staggers/blocks, or properly holding onto dodge cards is 100% random at actually working.


Yesterday, I had a worrisome realization after reading Update #99, Queen Yharnam’s update. Over the course of the shown bosses, most all of them have at least 1 attack that essentially outright oneshots you (or just about). The articles often talk about how you can “prepare” for these attacks by holding on to specific cards to deal with them, like a stagger card for the BSB pin move, etc. Here’s the issue... you can’t. I.E. enemy attack cards are drawn AFTER you select an attack card, meaning there is literally (not exaggerating, I mean it in the literal sense) no way for you to play an attack that counters the enemy moves. I just have to hope on the off chance that me playing this stagger card will play into an enemy attack weak to stagger. While for normal enemies, that might not be as big of an issue (I lied, it is. Look at the Scourge Beast for example), but against some of these boss moves that require you to play a specific attack to avoid or deal with the attack, you can’t prepare and counter it. This is exacerbated by the fact that while you technically can keep track of the attacks as they’re drawn, and narrow down what moves are left in the deck, this isn’t effective in practice. Due to the fact that: A. Decks are randomly shuffled, meaning for the first 2-3 attacks, there is no way to anticipate what attacks the enemy will do, and B. Enemy attack decks (both normal and boss) are shuffled after you go through it, meaning you can’t even memorize the bosses attack pattern to prepare for attacks.

Take Queen Yharnam for example. Her Telekinesis attack will unequivocally one shot a hunter from full health, more so if you’ve already (likely) taken damage. Also, this attack cannot be dodged, meaning the only way to not get immediately killed is by you either luckily playing a stagger card at the right time, or by pure chance playing a card that blocks enough damage. Imagine you enter her boss fight, and she immediately flips the Telekinesis attack, and you on the off chance didn’t play a stagger before her attack. Boom, your dead. Now, you go back to the Hunter’s Dream, advance the round marker twice (once for dying, once for the actual round progression), and lose all your blood echoes. Then, you need to spend multiple turns of actions just to move back to the boss arena (not considering the likelihood of her regaining all her health due to you hitting a round reset space on the time tracker). You finally make it back, and then the first attack she flips again is Telekinesis (because both boss and enemy decks get shuffled every time they’ve been completed).

For all of it’s flaws and problems, at least the Dark Souls board game got the fights right in the sense that you always knew what the enemies/bosses were going to do, and you could plan around that, incorporating your skill in that sense. What’s ironic, is one of it’s biggest complaints by people (the randomness of combat being tied entirely to dice) ends up being at least the same, if not better than what Bloodborne appears to be offering.

Everything outside of this issue in the board game is great. Super duper excited to explore Yharnam, face off against varied bosses, etc. etc. But I’m considering canceling because this seems like a major issue. Am I missing something though? I just reread the rule book a few days ago to make sure I have them right, and from my understanding, this is how the combat works.

Vz-Rei 2

Will have to get back to this. I played it at Gen con 2019, and the random was basically very slim. It was easy to anticipate moments of stagger and you can have up to 4 players who can stagger. If you scatter those for 4 rounds in a row, that slims chances immensely.

Steve-Urkel 1

I am new to the Kickstarter aspect of boardgaming. I often see “pledge $1 for access to the pledge manager.” What exactly does this mean?

Additionally, do some campaigns provide access to the manager even if you missed the primary window?

Specifically, I’ve recently fallen in love with Spirit Island and I’m super interested in the Jagged Earth and promos. I missed pledging, but received an alert recently that the Backer Kit is officially closing on June 30th. Does this mean I can still back it? Is there any advantage/disadvantage to pulling the trigger now (misprints/balance/etc....)?

Thanks for any help!

murmuring_sumo 3

Sometimes people pledge $1 if they don't have the full amount right away or if they are concerned about the game in some way. In both cases you then have a longer period of time in which to make a decision on the game. If you are not a backer generally the only way you can access the pledge manager (backerkit or game found or whatever) is through a late pledge. Some kickstarters will put up a message that they are accepting late pledges and you can enter your details and get the game shipped to you when it ships to original backers. It's good to do this if there are kickstarter exclusives or if the game is not likely to be sold at retail. They will often tell you that a game will be more expensive at retail, but that's not always the case. I don't know enough about Jagged Earth to know if it's worthwhile to try and get it now or if you should wait until retail. Also I don't know if you can still back it. The closing of Backerkit generally is just a warning to all backers to make sure they have entered their addresses and paid for shipping because delivery will start soon.

kr_sparkles 2

You can order Jagged Earth through the backerkit (click the pre-order now button on the Kickstarter page to get there) before June 30. You won't be able to "back" it because the campaign is over, but you'll be able to receive the promos by ordering it this way. They won't be included in the retail copy but will be available on the publisher's website.

Dissatisfied_Feline 2

On the fence about Roll for the galaxy. Is it still worth it? Thanks!

Nestorow 2

100% and that's coming from someone not good at the game

olander4 3

Roll for the Galaxy is a wonderful game. This game and its sibling, Race, are both games that I can confidently say if you enjoy the game and it’s mechanisms, then it will hold up for hundreds or more plays.

I do enjoy the Ambition expansion and always play with it.

Dissatisfied_Feline 1

Thanks, I bought it along with ambition!

mynameisdis 2

I love the game, but it really needs an expansion to feel balanced and it's expansions are pretty expensive. ~$25+

Also, the game can be a bit opaque on first play. So if your group isn't the type to explore a new game with repeated plays, it could end up sitting on the shelf if the first game goes particularly poorly.

Dissatisfied_Feline 1

Thanks, I bought it along with ambition!

DebuPants 2

If you've played and like Race for the Galaxy, then I think you'll like Roll. I own and love both, but Roll gets to the table more because it's a bit more tactile and other players enjoy the puzzle of what to do with the dice.

murmuring_sumo 1

I am going to be playing a 4 player game of Twilight Imperium 4th ed. tomorrow. What faction should I choose? I have played twice before and won both times. I played as Naalu Collective and the Arborec previously. So far the new player has chosen the Universities of Jol-Nar, her husband has chosen Xxcha Kingdom and my husband has chosen the Winnu. We like choosing interesting factions so I don't want to play as Sol or the Hacan (I beat those factions in my previous games). I am looking for a solid second tier faction that will still give me a chance of winning, although I think a third win is unlikely. I am leaning towards the Barony of Letnev or the L1Z1X Mindnet.

DebuPants 3

I'd say either Sardakk N'orr or L1Z1X if you want a fighty faction (Sardakk start slow though), or Embers of Muatt if you want something challenging, imposing on the map, and just fun... I mean, who doesn't want warsuns.

LintLicker722 2

How to scratch my pandemic itch ?

So basically my introduction to pandemic was through playing legacy season 1. I have never played the original or any other version of the game . Unfortunately my group never finished season 1 we got about 4 months in maybe ? And even though we have plans to one day finish the game it seems like we won’t get too it for a while . So basically my question is is the original good enough to play to scratch my itch ? Is there any expansions or other versions that give the same complexity as the legacy version ? What are the differences in versions such as fall of Rome that I hear recommended very often ? Thanks for the help!

mynameisdis 4

Are you the owner of your group's copy of Pandemic Legacy? I'm not too precious about things so, after finishing Legacy, I was able to easily peel off all the stickers and have a very serviceable copy of base Pandemic. You can also just play base Pandemic ignoring the legacy stuff whenever even mid campaign.

As far as spinoffs go, Iberia and and Fall of Rome are the general favorites. Iberia adds a lot mechanisms that reward forward thinking and planning. Fall of Rome adds a bit of fighting and dice rolling.

LintLicker722 1

I am the owner . I guess your right we could just play the basic pandemic using the legacy board. I think I’ll definitely check out Iberia and fall of Rome tho I think they are exactly what I’m looking for from what you described. Thanks for the input !

JenaMV 2

Not in the Pandemic universe but Horrified game me a Pandemic feel. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I just thought I’d throw that out there since it may not be something you’ve thought of.

GoneAtSea 2

Mainly for solo, would you rather have Feast for Odin, Mansions of Madness or Terraforming Mars? Edit: Need a good replayability, and a good thematic :)

sjwillis 1

What kind of experience are you looking for? Thematic, puzzly, etc.

GoneAtSea 2

I like thematic games! But it need a good replayability :)

mynameisdis 3

Terraforming Mars is probably the most replayable of the three. Also the cheapest.

juststartplaying 2

Feast for Odin (with Norwegians, in my opinion) is my favorite solo of those 3

handsarethehardest 1

Yep, excellent expansion.

SteoanK 3

I think TfM is probably the best for solo. With AFfO you have plenty of room to play around and try different strategies, but TfM has so many cards that I feel like you'd have even more variability in plays.

qret 3

oh by FAR odin

handsarethehardest 1

I play both A Feast for Odin and Terraforming Mars solo and I recommend AFfO.

teamzissou00 3

I finally acquired my last Ticket to Ride Map Collection. Any ideas / guesses on what the next few could be?

My guesses :

  • South America
  • Alaska
  • Texas
  • Russia
  • 13 colonies (US)
dleskov 1

There is a fan-made Russia map that you can print.

Destr0p 2

Hey everyone! Due to current events, I find myself without work.

As a side deal while I look for a new job, I'm considering doing a podcast on boardgames!

Any thoughts on what people would like to see or anything in general?

SteoanK 4

There's a lot of them out there. I would enjoy seeing a different take on it than "couple who plays board games together" or "three white guy friends discuss games".

alwayscromulent 5

I think you should podcast about what excites you about boardgames instead of chasing some demographic or perceived demand from the audience. That passion will carry through much better than trying to please others.

And if you aren’t sure what you would podcast about, it’s probably a sign that you aren’t ready yet. Good luck!

AegisToast 2

My advice, as a certified random internet stranger, is to talk about things through your unique expertise. There are literally dozens of podcasts and YouTube channels that are basically “We review and talk about games because we want to and it’s fun”, and that’s fine, but they become so generic and forgettable. It’s hard to care about yet another voice being added to the crowd that’s saying basically the same thing.

But if you can find an angle that’s unique to you, and that makes people interested, it could be great. As an example, if you were a psychiatrist, maybe you could talk about how particular games trigger neurological responses that make us crave them. Or if you were a school teacher, you could talk about how certain games relate to or mirror social interactions that young kids or teenagers face every day. Those two podcasts would absolutely pique my interest.

PanchoRavine 1

I am wondering if anyone has thoughts about Sheriff of Nottingham. I have heard a few people mentioning this game recently but they are all similar to, "I haven't played it, but I hear it is great." If you have played it or own it, how do you like it? Specifically, how is it's replayability?

Mkwdr 2

Played it. I thought it made a nice change from the other sorts of games we had - being about bluffing and bargaining. Thought it was really good. Would play again.

SteoanK 2

Played it a lot. It's a fun game, and one of the better more unique bluffing games. I like that everyone gets a chance to bluff and be the one who has to determine if someone is bluffing. A second edition is out/coming out soon and if it's interested you definitely grab it.

AegisToast 2

It’s a fun time if you’re in the mood for it, but doesn’t see much play in our group because any time we want a light, hilarious bluffing game we pull out Skull. If your group prefers something with a little more going on mechanically, it might scratch that itch.

poriand24 4

Anyone excited for Fort?

mgrier123 1

There a KS for that coming up?

poriand24 2

Coming right to retail. Pre orders are July 21

mgrier123 1

Oh huh, interesting.

LardCream 1

I dont know much about it other than its published by leder games. I know it reimplements SPQR. But I dont know much about that either

flyliceplick 2

Yep. Annoyed at the retheme, almost completely needless, but the designer is happy, so I am happy. Pleased with the rules changes too.

spidey555 1

Best dungeon crawler that is not Gloomhaven that you can play solo?
Sword and Sorcery, Decent 2ed, or any others?

flyliceplick 1

Legends Untold.

AegisToast 1

> Best dungeon crawler...

Oh! I’ve totally got this one.

> ...that’s not Gloomhaven

Dang it.

Maybe Mage Knight, though I’m not sure that it is a dungeon crawler in the strictest sense.

dystopianview 2

I don't have a lot of experience with it, but Descent is the one that my circle would recommend for this. There's Imperial Assault + app if you're ok with the star wars theme.

JenaMV 1

I’m thinking of preordering Curious Cargo. Has anyone played Pipeline? Could you tell me a bit about your experience with the game and how you think Curious Cargo might compare? I haven’t seen too much buzz around this one.

warder57 1

I'm also thinking of preordering it. Last I checked (a few days ago) I still couldn't find any rules for it so I don't know a ton about it.

I've played Pipeline a fair bit. It's a very well balanced game that takes a few games to really get used to. It's definitely a game about opportunity cost because you have a ton of things you want to do, but you really only have the time/money to do a fraction of them. But it is a solid game that I recommend to anyone who likes mid-heavy econ games. It also has an interesting mechanic based on laying pipe tiles which is an important *part* of the game (but just a part).

Comparing that to Curious Cargo: The pipe tile laying is supposed to be the same/similar. Other than that, the main thing I know is that it's meant to be a lighter experience for only two players.

I'd say I trust Capstone Games to develop a solid game, since they've been doing a fantastic job the last year or so. Ryan Courtney did a great job with Pipeline but it's hard to say he has a track-record after only one game.

JenaMV 1

Thank you for this :) I’m hoping this game gets more coverage soon.

OuKeRen 1


I am looking for anyone's suggestions for 5 player boardgames....however they must be suitable for 8 + year olds

Splendor, Stone Age, Carcassone, Camel Up, Ticket to ride, Memoir 44, Risk, Pandemic, Forbidden Island, Escape, King of Tokyo...are already in our collection

Am I missing any gems?

Big Thanks in advance

skorporos 1

betrayal at mystery mansion is coming out in five minutes

OuKeRen 1

Nice, have you had chance to play it yet?

lazzerini 1

Cartagena is one of my favorites - it's a clever race game with a pirate theme, and plays well up to 5. Short and easy to learn.

Through the Desert and Ra are two Knizia-designed favorites that play with 5, and aren't any more complicated than Stone Age.

Medici is a great auction game that plays best with 5 or 6.

And definitely check out Zooloretto, great theme, each player builds a zoo and populates it with animals. Won the Spiel des Jahres in 2007. There's also a more abstract card game version called Coloretto that's very good.

OuKeRen 1

Wow...these sound excellent! Thank you so much for detailing these out...much much appreciated! 😁

lazzerini 1

Sure! Apologies if any of these are out of print... they've been in my collection for a long time.

OuKeRen 1

Nah, they're all possible to purchase, bar Cartegena...it seems

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