Recommend me a couple games please?

by Aesthetic87. Posted on May 23, 2020    0    11

Hey guys,

I recently decided to build a pretty nice PC for gaming. I haven't gamed in about 10 years and played mostly CS/WoW when I did game back then. I'm playing a lot of CSGO as of current but the game seems really toxic. Too many cheaters running rampant, etc. I've also considered getting back into WoW but I don't want to get sucked into playing as often as I used to and it's really difficult for me to play that game casually. I'm wondering if you guys wouldn't mind suggesting me a couple new games to try out based on the information below:

Looking for FPS games plus anything else (ideally 1 FPS and 1 other game that involves PvP)

- games must have a lively community and not be dead

- games must have some aspect of growth, achievements etc. I really like that aspect of gaming and I want to be rewarded for accolades, time playing, etc. I understand most of this is about money and I don't mind investing some money in things like skins etc. but ideally something that I can earn just from playing and doing well.

- games that also have a PvE aspect. My gf and I are looking to get something that we can play PvE together

- ranking systems

I really like the format that CSGO has provided, and if the players weren't so toxic and cheating was more controlled then that game would be ideal for me.

Feel free to offer up some suggestions you'd think I'd like! thanks


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Also try r/gamingsuggestions

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thank you!

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Halo MCC

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Gears 5 and destiny 2. Both are shooters with pve and multiplayer. Also borderlands 3, the outer worlds.. Dark souls 3 was really fun beating with a friend

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Almost all shooters are toxic, Rainbow 6 was good they're just drawing ideas from a hat to see what sticks.

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Sea of Thieves

unred 2


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If you don't already have it, Rocket League is a great game to play casually or to take more serriously. Climbing the ranks is difficult and requires a lot of practice in various areas, but that practice is rewarded with improvements in all aspects of your gameplay. There are even loads of community workshop maps available on steam.

In addition, cheating is pretty much a non-issue, with only smurfs and carried players to gum up the works.

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Warhammer Vermintide 2?

Basically is a dark medieval Left For Dead

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Monster hunter World