Reconnect + win should not count as abandon!

by yurakol. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    23    21

My shitty net provider got me disconnected. I reconnected thru a fking smartphone hotspot (200 ms ping), but it took me a split of a second more than the smartasses from the enemy team spamming F9 to unpause.

Bottom line: I still reconnected and we won! Why am I still penalized?

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I saw a better solution, in the end of the game your team should have poll to decide whether to punish you or not, so reconecting after intentional leaving dont get abused

Arhe 2

They would always say yes. I guess unless its safe to leave.

fast_turtle04 1

Imagine someone flaming team, destroying items, leaving, then coming back, 30 seconds before enemy throne falls, thats fucked up, so hes team would say no

Arhe 1

People arent rational. That system is good if people werent such bitches.


Idk, if I'm on the enemy team (or ally), i think I would consider the game ruined after 5 minutes + pause time of waiting. 5 minutes is plenty to give a chance to reconnect. Penalties are there to deter.

Arhe 1

I got disc today bcs dota runs so bad since bp. Got 4 games low p. Game was safe to leave and i rec the moment everyone started leaving the game sadly.

lagiacruxx 1

how did you get penalized?

i had to abandon a game recently because IRL stuff and i didnt get any penalty. no low prio, no behaviour score drop. what happened to you?

shrotty 1

If you abandon one game you don't get low prio instantly, that will be only if you abandon multiple ones inside a specific amount of games (don't know the exact amount). Behavior score should have dropped internally by 1000, but the "conduct summary" only updates every 25 games.

you can show the actual score:

Open console

Type "developer 1"

Type "dota_game_account_client_debug"

Mireska 8

Still ruined the game. 5 mins of no teammate and you come back with no gold is a huge loss.

I_Breed_Spiders 4

For real, these people who come to complain about these things shouldnt even be playing dota. The game requires minimal pc specs and internet speed. If you cant even get the requirements youre just wasting others time.

bathsaltsy 3

I mean Xfinity high speed internet will intermittently go down for maintenance. Sometimes you just get unlucky even with a strong setup.

I_Breed_Spiders 1

Those aren't the people i'm referring to. Im talking about the people playing on a laggy toaster with middle of nowhere .1 mbps speeds that have to download patches overnight.

bathsaltsy 2

I've never heard of anybody dc'ing mid game cause of their hardware though. Issues with long installs and and long load time at the begining of the game, fine, but never a problem with them dc'ing mid game.

bathsaltsy 2

I feel like it should count as an abandon, even if it is a bit harsh. I feel like it should count as a win and an abandon if you reconnect and win tho.

mintyfreshmike47 9

Without pause, you have about five minutes to reconnect without being considered abandoned. I don't think this is really a Valve problem tbh because if everyone could be patient and keep it paused there would be no issue. Valve can't make people act civilized.

Snoweyman123 3

You being gone for a long period of time was still probably very frustrating for your team, whether it was your fault or not. Also it has always been this way. Everybody knows the rules. I know when my internet is sketch I either don't play dota or i play unranked where it doesn't matter as much.

adiley_ 20

They should let your teammates decide if you should be penalized or not

claudiubru 1

This may be abused. However, maybe at least make it to not lose mmr (either keep the curent value or get the +30, but that would be a bit too generous) but still get the abandon penalty.

shashlindos 5

Good idea, would be nice to put it next to "did you enjoy your game" window so if a player actually had net issues he could've gotten away with that, but if a whining crybaby left and reconected when your team made a comeback you could punish him.

akiman132 10

that leads to gold abuse

GIadlator 1

I agree that in cases it could be abused but it can't get worse than right now. It only CAN lead to improvements