Red Dead Redemption 2 has to be the most beautiful game Graphically currently available.

by [deleted]. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    0    49

Just look at it, absolutely phenomenal.



I think red dead is overrated, all you do is look at trees 90% of the time.

LittleJohnnyBrook 1

Recognizing different types of tree from quite a long way away is one of my favorite things to do in this game.

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Well if you go to the little markers on the map, you'll not be looking at the trees so much.


TLOU2 has better animation and character models

Eluvyel 2

A linear story driven - and mostly not open world - game has some graphical advantages over a game with one of the biggest and most detailed game sandboxes to date? Say it ain't so!

Dr_Mobius1 11

We are on a pc gaming sub. No one cares about TLOU2 here

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I won't be his champion.


RDR2 is gorgeous, but Flight Simulator has it beat imo.


Can't even compare. Flight simulator has really good graphics when it comes to clouds and hurricanes and storms, but as soon as you land a plane on the ground it is a blurry piece of shit that looks worse than Google Street view back in 2008.

Unless of course you are talking about the hand-picked five locations that are carefully crafted.


It's as beautiful as it is shallow. Typical overrated Rockstar crap.

5w7nX3Y4ghpVdK5o 2

Rockstar games are typically the most detailed games. all of the small details in Grand theft Auto v for example completely make the game. The water only makes you wet as far as you walk into it. Flip-flops actually flip-flop. when you drive a car for a while and then turn it off you can hear the engine clicking as it cools down. Cars have interior lights that turn on and off when the door is open.

I think you should watch a YouTube video to show how detailed Rockstar games are. You can even go back and watch how detailed GTA 4 is. these videos tend to be over an hour long because there is just that much detail in the games to show off.

However, Rockstar as a company is pretty shit these days and the fact that they focus on their online services instead of their single player games is bullshit. Their games however are not shallow or overrated

Van-Goth 2

I actually agree to what you've said when it comes to details, the worlds they can build are great in that regard. But when it comes to gameplay it's nothing special imo. Just my 2 cents anyway, best regards.

MetalGearMk3 1

To dark

BOS_Veronica 1

I'm playing it since I got my 3080 a few weeks ago and its incredible.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has entered the chat.

DukeofIbanez 7

As much as I love MSFS2020, the textures are awful flat and lifeless the closer you get to them.

Boge42 3

Not just still pictures, but the detail and animations in the game also play a HUGE part for the visuals. It's a wonderful visual presentation that raises the bar above all others, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it makes it more difficult to enjoy other games as they seem so mechanical in comparison.

fsm20132 2

I remember my first solo night ride. I was camping on a hilltop as the milky way slowly spun in the darkness and just thinking 'holy crap this is beautiful!'

Flanelman 4

Idk the textures up close even on ultra are blurry. The landscapes are great but imo something like Battlefield 5 is better looking because of the texture res.

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I smoothed out some of the AA blurring with adaptive sharpen and clarity with reshade.

Flanelman 1

Are we talking up close textures or distance textures? I kinda like the blur in the distance but it's the rock and ground textures that really get me, makes 1st person unplayable.

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The up-close textures, you can instantly tell the difference once you toggle them on, The best place to use it to see the difference would be as you said, looking at a rock on the ground :) and i promise you, it'll look a lot better.

If you have an Nvidia GPU, you can also Enable experimental features in Geforce Experience and in-game Press Alt + F3 and then on the left-hand side it'll show like 4 numbers click number 1, click add a filter, add the one called "Details" And then tweak it to suit you.

Pleby_Potato 4

I know, it's like whopper commercials, the graphics are ruining earth for me

idledad 8

Death Stranding has some pretty great shots..

Dekonstruktor 2

Yeah I think Death Stranding has RDR2 beat. There were so beautiful vistas in that game.

allyc4t 5

Great looking game. Wish it had DLSS and Ray Tracing.

styx31989 3

I would love to see raytracing in the game but the lighting system is really good as is. DLSS is a huge miss though.

airnlight_timenspace 7

It is beautiful. My only complaint is that no matter what I do it always appears soft and blurry, even at 1440p


Have you tried installing reshade, Download the Legacy profiles and enable Clarity and Adaptive Sharpen, it'll smooth that out for you like in my image :)

I'm running at 1440 also

Amaurotica 1

> it always appears soft and blurry, even at 1440p

nvidia sharpening, you are welcome

PrettyMrToasty 2

What type of Anti-Aliasing are you using? Its probably what's causing the bluryness.

airnlight_timenspace 1

TAA. FXAA looks overly jaggy to me

Scruffiez 1

Uhm TAA ads blur and fog. So change it and it Will look fine

PrettyMrToasty 1

And TAA looks blury. Try another AA mode, I believe there's an option to have both TAA and FXAA at the same time, however I would suggest using MSAA if it's available, it's the best Anti-Aliasing method out there

Eluvyel 1

> owever I would suggest using MSAA if it's available, it's the best Anti-Aliasing method out there

MSAA is extemely performance intensive and does NOT give a temporally stable image in a deferred rendering engine. It hasn't been the best AA solution for the better half of a decade. Forward rendering is dead.

PrettyMrToasty 1

What would you suggest then? Cause I'm definitely not using TAA in any of my games.

Eluvyel 1

Literally the only choices you have in deferred rendering are FXAA, TAA and SMAA. DLSS, obviously.

Just do what everybody else does and sharpen the image back up after using TAA. It isn't perfect but counters 70-80% of the blur.

BOS_Veronica 3

Try some adaptive sharpening.

drakenftw 6

A lot of that blur is gone for me at 4K, itโ€™s weird, it was blurry for me at 1440p then when I switched to the 4K monitor it was pretty much gone. Not sure why.

scorchedneurotic 22

Could use a better shot if I'm being honest.

PcChip 1

I looked at it and made the Jim face

scorchedneurotic 2

>the Jim face

I beg your pardon?

PcChip 1
scorchedneurotic 1

Got it, thanks ๐Ÿ˜†

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Probably, but The lighting on the housing and the rain falling with the muddy tracks just had me feeling good at that moment and i just took a moment to take it in so i took a screenshot, it's not often i do that :)

-NamelessNPC- 1

it's completely ruined by compression.

scorchedneurotic 2

Oh I know that feelling. :)

Flat6Junkie 3

I think night shots are better for the player, and just don't make as great stills. Regardless, I got the feeling from this image that I would have whole playing, which was always "wow."

SpacePistachio 3

Saint Denis is beautiful