Redeeming UK game code in EU

by Vitsjech. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    0    9

Hi guys,

I want to buy a game(code) (with 50% more discount) in Europe. The problem is that the gamecode is UK only.

I was wondering if I could change my region on my Xbox one to UK to redeem it and then change it back again after I entered it.

Will this work? Or do I need to do it another way?

Thank you, and sorry for my crappy English.


RyanLloyd1 1

I just redeemed a US code on my UK account using the Xbox app and TunnelBear on my iPhone

NotFromMilkyWay 1

Have to use a VPN.

totsla2020 1

recommend widevpn

Silent_Palpatine 1

The code SHOULD be ok in Europe. SHOULD. it won’t matter which region your console is set to though as you’re not buying from a foreign marketplace. If it isn’t then if you go to the Xbox website, sign in, then change your region to the U.K. before putting the code in. I bought a code that was US only and while it didn’t redeem on the console, it did on the site.

  Vitsjech 1

Thank you very much man, you're a huge help!!!

Silent_Palpatine 1

No worries. Codes tend to be regional such as Europe, North America, etc. rather than limited to specific countries within that region. There’s always exceptions but you should be good.

jdobem 2

So UK and Europe codes ARE actually different, I'm sorry to say.

It might work, it might not.

However, it is possible to redeem via VPN and a browser, no need to change anything on your console.

  Vitsjech 2

Alright. So I'm gonna redeem it on my laptop with a VPN.

Great! Thanks!

redlegend96 1

Can you let me know if that works? I’m in a fairly similar situation